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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3
As soon as we heard dat voice, we became
alert.. Stiff and quiet.. I was sweating
profusely.. My turgid d–k went down without
delay.. Mama Nkechi’s big butt didn’t even
interest me @ dat moment
“I say who dey make dat kind noise” he
quizzed.. Coming closer to d toilet with a
me dey here” exclaimed mama Nkechi…
“Who dey ask dat kind mumu question?” She
added.. I stood at her back puzzled at d
confidence of a woman who had just had
sex with me..
“I think say I hear noise”
“Yes… Na me dey poo.. E too strong na y I
dey talk to my self”
I almost laffed out loud when I heard dat
funny cover up story…
“w€tin u come chop na?”
” E no concern u abeg.. Liv me..”
Unconvinced, he wanted to probe further but
NEPA miraculously intervened by bringing d
“Up nepa”
“Make I sharparly go charge my torch”
And with dat he took footsteps quick as a
fox.. And left..
Mama Nkechi turned and faced me..
“Precious.. I enjoy u we’ll well”
“But u must not tell anybody about this”
“U dey hear me?”
I knodded..
“Tomoro wen everybody don comot for
compound, come meet me for my room”
” I go dey wait”
With dat she opened d door, and left..
I stood der.. Mouth agape.. Boi was I lucky!
bleeping 2 women in 24 hours.. Both d
subject of my fantasies.. I was beginning to
love sex.. And everytin it stood for.. I zipped
up my fly, peeped to make sure d coast was
clear.. And den I tiptoed to d house, opened
d door and entered.. Lying down like a
saint.. With a broad smile, at peace with d
world and myself, I slept…
The following morning was like every other
normal morning.. Same troubles, same
queues, same chores.. Nothing spectacular…
I had. At this time forgotten all about the
mysterious and bleeding main
problem now was mrs bussy… I knew she
had not told my mum of myexcapdes with
evelyn the french teacher.. I also didn’t
report to her office as she asked me to.. It
was only a matter of time before she would
tell my mum..
I shrugged off d feeling and decided to see
her whenever I had a paper again.. Which
was 2 days away.. Ready for d day’s
activities, I plugged my fake beats by aba
boy’s earpeice and hit my favorite playlist…
an all star CD on my disc man..
“I yo gogo iyogogo”
Onyeka onwenu’s iyogogo was all over my
I dashed out..greeted everybody I saw..and
brought out d 2 gallons I used in fetching
water.. As I turned to face the exit door of
my compound.. I saw mama Nkechi…
My heart skipped a bit.. I didn’t no how to
react considering d excapade of last nyt..
A little uneasily, I greeted her…
“…morning ma..”
“Good morning p.p”
“How are u?”
“Fine” I replied sheepishly
“How your nyt?” She asked with almost a
“Fine” I said it, my eyes met her
husbands.. As if he knew wat happened, he
bitterly eyed me..
My heart sank..
“Good morning sir”
“No go do d work wey dem send u”
“Dey here dey over greet another person
I didn’t
need to be told twice.. I galloped
away into d street and towards the junction
we’re I cud fetch borehole water..
As I got to d junction, I met an averagely
long queue.. I was about to get angry and
leave wen I saw dis extremely biutiful,
genevieve looking, omotola shaped, tonto
dike colored gurl…
Chei.. O boy!
“If I hear say I no join dis queue”
I adjusted my buckets well on d line.. And
walked briskly to her…
My heart beating steadily, I summoned up
courage.. And said “hi”
“Hello” with a smile she replied
“My name na precious”
“Oh.. Dats gud.. Well I’m josephine” she
answered in good english..
“Oh boi dis babe wan fall my hand o”
“I go show am say I speak english pass am”
I thought..
“All ryt.. Are u new in dis area? ”
“No.. I stay here at no 2 ijaiye street”
She replied…
I opened my mouth to say something until I
“Ta ni were yi to je ki omi yi danu now?”
“Ta lo ni bucket yii..?”
It was d voice of iya ghani, the water
“Te mi ni” josephine gracefully replied…
She stepped away from me and was about
to go and carry dis small bucket of water..
As a big boi.. I thought dis was my chance
to get to her..
“Leave it dear.. Don’t worry.. I will carry it
for u..”
She didn’t even decline like she was
expecting me to..
I bounced over there picked up d bucket full
of water with scope as if it wasn’t heavy… I
carried it and looked @ her…
“Ladies first”
“Ok” she said again…
Walking away like I didn’t matter…
I bin wan vex until I see her behind…
My people.. Na so I carry bucket dey folo
dis babe like sheep to d! Na
her yansh I dey folo o..
Dis gurl yansh dey learn for where mama
nkechi own dey.. But for her age mehn… D
yansh dey well.. D tin con muscular again..
Chai.. I dey watch dis gurl yansh sway from
side to side.. Na so I miss leg fall for
ground brekete…
” Oboi see dis big boy don fall o”
“Eeya” “pele”
I kept on hearing different comments of
sympathy, sacarsm and pure mockery…
D most painful part na say d babe wey me
dey try help sef con dey laff me..
“Sowie u hear?”
As a big boi I dusted my knicker and stood
up.. Bearing d pain..looking around me, I
discovered dat my discman was broken, and
I had sustained some minor bruises..
“Are u ok?”
“Yes…” Angrily I answered..
“Sowie for d embarassment”
“Don’t worry its nothing”
For where, it was something o.. I don fall my
hand for area..
Red with embarassment, I handed over her
bucket and opted to walk away..
I turned..
“Wats ur name again?
“Precious” I snorted
“I’m really sorry for all dat.. ”
“U seem nice, maybe we could meet
someother time”
I knodded like an agama lizard..
She smiled..
“Dats my house”
“Feel free to come and visit me anytime”
D pain seized..
Satisfaction overcame me..dis babe don
gimme visa… No residency permit..
“Ok” I will c-m and chek on u tomoro..”
Thus said, she turned and walked away..I
watched her a-s again.. Jeesus.. I just knew
I wud need to c dis gurl again.. I wouldn’t
rest until I had seen her..
As I got bak to d queue, I met my galons
pushed aside, typical..
“Abeg who b d slowpoke wey push my gallon
comot for line” I quizzed.. Angry @ nobody
in particular..
“Who send u message, wey u go fall for
“U dey follow yansh dey claim big boy”
It was iya ghani…
I just joined d line, fetched my water and
went home..
As I got home I took my bath, freshened up
and put on a decent singlet and mini baggi
My mum prepared and left d house..same
with my little sister who left for school..
After like an hour and half, I heard a subtle
knock on. D door of my house..
“Who be dat” I asked curiously
“Na me mama Nkechi.. Open dis door. Jor”
I dey come” I answered sluggishly…
I opened d door and met her..with a single
wrapper and a simple smile..
“Y u no c-m again na?”
“I been dey wait for u since na..”
She said with a wink..
” I dey wait make everybody comot for
compound before I come” I replied..
“Oya I dey wait for u o come sharp sharp”
Turning around, I saw her a-s again.. D–n!!
My d–k turned on d ignition..
I quickly tidied d room, looked around d
/> compound for any suspicious movt, den I
dashed to her room..
Immediately I got in, I met her absence..
But saw a middle aged woman in a pink top
and black skirt..
“Good afternoon ma” I said..
“Comot dat ma jare”
“Come siddon for here” she said tapping d
cushion next to her..
From d bedroom, I heard mama Nkechi’s
“I’m don come”
“Yes o.. I’m dey here” her mysterious friend
replied.. I studied the woman very well.. She
was dark averagely looking but blessed with
a wonderful body.. Her boobs we’re not too
big, but firm and erect.. Flat tummy and
from we’re she sat down, I couldn’t notice
her a-s..
I kept mute.. Waiting for their next move..
Out flew d bedroom curtains and mama
nkechi appeared.. Unclad as a new born.. I
took time to review d God given gift of flesh
standing in my before.. Face was sweet, but
inconsequential… Her boobs a little saggy
just like egg rolls on her chest.. Her tommy
potruded a little. As a result of multiple child
birth and to compensate her large a-s.. Her
legs overlapping in fatty, sweet, succulent
flesh.. Needless to say, I was turned on..
“Do u like wat u see?” She asked
I simply knodded..
“Well come and take it na..”
By dis tym her friend was undressing
quickly.. I wasn’t sure I was up and enough
for dis.. I stood.. D–k hard as a rock,
walked over to we’re she stood.. And kissed
her.. She instanly responded..
I pushed her against d wall..zipped down my
fly and inserted it in between her legs and
pushed in..
“Yeeeeeeeh” she drew a short breath
“So early?” I wasn’t a fan of patience.. I
bleeped away with reckless abandon.. Her
friend obviously Unclad came to me from d
back and licked my earlobes..I paused..
That was a sensual spot! I withdrew from
mama nkechi and faced her friend.. Wat I
saw was d shocker of my life.. The biggest
Tip I av eva seen.. It was as big as d cover
of a marker.. er£ct and upfront.. Choi.. I
instinctively. Went for it.. Sucking from her
boobs like I was looking for crudeoil..she
was a loud woman..
“Aaaaaaaaash” “Jesus” “e don tay”
I paused.. Before dis woman go shout for all
d compound to hear make I stop..
Mama nkechi sensing my hesitation,
explained y..
“Dis my friend e don tay wey man touch am
“Since her husband die 2 yrs ago nobody
don reach der”
“Make we go inside bedroom make people
no hear us.. Thus said, d two women,
Unclad led me to d bedroom..
As soon as we got on d bed, ther attcked
me.. Mama nkechi went for my d–k while
her friend was allover me.. Kissing sucking
my tongue rather.. After sometime they
switched positions.. Mama nkechi’s a-s and
weight was too much so I demanded my
“I wan Bleep.. U hard”
Her friend on hearing this quickly obliged..
“Make I first Bleep am..” She said shyly..
I held her in my arms and gently laid her
down..spread her legs missionary style and
penetrated her..
I can’t begin to describe wat I felt..
Tightness,, well lubricated and hot.. The
pleasure was better dan d 2 oda women I
“Jeeesus” I didn’t no wen I shouted.. I
couldn’t help it.. Der was no time to waste..
No slow pace.. I bleeped her.. Fast and
hard.. As I looked down @ her during d
Bleep.. She was looking straight into my
eyes.. Lust and pleasure allover…she pulled
me close
to a kiss..deep french kiss.. It
made d pleasure triple.. I managed to break
away from her to see dat she was crying…
Telling me things…
“God I love u”
“Jeeesus I can’t do without u”
“My toto eh.. Jisos.. Bleep my toto”
“Bleep me God!!!”
She suddenly held me and as I looked down
at her K—y-Cat, it gripped me..milking in
peristaltic movements.. And her fluids
poured out like a tap… D lubrication brought
me to d brink.. She knew I was abt 2 c-m..
“Release for inside my toto”
“I want make u gimme belle”
“Bleep till u release”
Mama nkechi wasn’t helping matters.. She
was sucking my Tips.. I didn’t want to c-m..
But somewhere in my brain, a sharp impulse
sent down signals to my balls and d entire
sperm army of my genitals rushed out into
her waiting K—y-Cat… I gave her.. And gave
her.. And gave her.. And calmed down…
She kissed me deeply.. And said
“Thank you” I saw d seriosness in her eyes..
It was a look of both lust and love.. I was
satisfied.. As I turned my attention to mama
nkechi.. A familiar voice rocked d
compound’s silence.. It was my sister
shouting my name..
“Precious.. We’re dis boi come lock door
carry key go na”…
To be continued

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