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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 4
I remained stiff.. D 2 women with me…
Though a little afraid… I knew she was
harmless.. My kid sister trusted me blindly..
“Who be dat 1 wey dey ask of u na?”
It was mama nkechi.. Who was a little
dissapointed about d interruption..
“Na my sister” I said.. Sweating..
/> “w€tin she want?”
“I hold d key for our house.. She wan enter
house na..”
“Ooooh” she was angry..
My sister didn’t help matters.. She kept
calling my name.. Just wen I didn’t no wat
to do again, mama nkechi dropped a
“U no dey comot here today o”..
“We’re d keys dey?”
I pointed to my knickers… She collected
dem, opened her door and beckoned to my
“Deborah.. Y u dey make noise like dis for
compound na?”
“I dey find my brother.. I’m don lock me for
outside..” She innocently replied..
“See una key here.. I’m talk say I’m dey go
see una uncle for tunkarimu side”
Such a perfect liar.. I sighed deeply..
Knowing how gullible my sister was,she
would believe d story hook line and sinker..
“Thank u ma ” she replied, collected d key
and left.. Mama nkechi waited for her to go,
locked her door and came back to meet us
in d bedroom..
“That wan na small tin na”
“Na I’m make u con dey fear?”.. I was
grateful for d cover up.. And relaxed to
notice her once more.. She came to me on
d bed.. Pushed me and lay ontop of
me..kissing me hands wandered to
her a-s.. I held dem in my tiny hands..
Caressed dem and massaged dem.. She
adjusted, kissed all over my neck and
chest.. Going down to my navel.. Down to
my g—n.. She wasted no time to get down
to business.. In went my d–k and her mouth
swallowed it.. I responded..
“Hmmmmmmmm”… By now her friend was
practically feeding me her boobs.. One by
one.. I cud barely get enof.. As she
breastfed me, she manipulated herslef..
“Ooooouch” “suck me baby”
“U dey make my toto wet” “chaaaaaaaai”
“Jeeeeesus”.. I wanted to venge my sexual
anger on a K—y-Cat… I was rock hard from
d tip licking and teasing mama nkechi was
giving to my d–k..
“I wan Bleep u”.. I declared boldly… It
seemed like she had been waiting for d
words.. Like a flash she dropped on all fours
near d edgeof her bed.. Alighted and took a
good view of her a-s.. Fatty, soft, and
remarkably chocolate.. Her 2 holes we’re
painted black.. Making dem easy to display…
I said a short prayer of thanksgiving and
plunged into her sweetness…
“Uurrrrrrgh” “yeeeeeah” we both moaned in
duet acclimatization of d newly found
pleasure…I loved d way her a-s. Bounced
wenever I went in and out…Jesus.. Her
K—y-Cat was hot and slippery…but was as
sweet as. Goodygoody..I bleeped her.. She
moaned… The pleasure of her flesh was too
sweet.. I looked at her a-s, looked at her
entire body.. This woman was a goddess..
And she was giving me her godly body…I
pulled out and stopped… She turned
“w€tin happen na?” Why u stop?”
I didn’t no how to put it, so I said it
“I love you”… She smiled.. And drew me
close kissing me fully…
/> “I love you too my darling… That’s why I
want u to Bleep me and make me pregnant..
I want carry belle for u”
Dose words made my head swell.. As naïve
as I was, I pushed her to d bed and
inserted.. This tym, I built up d pleasure and
pressure, kiss, out.. In, kiss,
out.. Just like dat.. Her friend was already
manipulation away.. Turned on by our
conversation.. I bleeped her sweet K—y-Cat
until I felt my muscles relax…and den I
I didn’t stop pushing it in and out.. This lady
wanted my seed.. I was ready to give her in
quantums.. I pumped till I got hard inside
her… bleeping as fast as possible.. She kept
talking gibberish..
“ dis toto” “its ur own”
“Bleep ur baby… Bleep my toto oooooo”
“Jeeeesus dis na wetin I nid”
I was sweating like a fool.. A fool in love..
bleeping d woman I loved.. I could feel d
c-m rising from my balls.. She could feel it
too… She wrapped her legs around me and
held my a-s…
“Impregnate me” she said..
There! I lost it… “Huuuuuurrrrrgh” I
esxclaimed pouring an entire generation of
sperm into her womb… And falling untop of
her.. Motionless…and weak… She
understood my exhaustion and kept patting
my back.. And whispering. Words of
encouragement into my ears…
“Chai.. I love d way u Bleep me”
“U don Bleep ur baby toto well well”
“Good boy”
I simply smiled and knodded… Looking at
her friend, I found her weak too.. She must
have c-m two times or so… D juices we’re
I didn’t even no it, but I slept ontop of her..
My d–k still inside d place we’re it was
meant to be..her toto…
I woke up not too long after.. I met myself
alone on her bed… Sleepishly I stood up and
dragged myself to d parlour..I met mama
nkechi alone… Her mysterious friend had
gone.. I couldn’t still believe dat we just had
sex now and I didn’t even ask her name…
“Strong man, u don wake up?” She asked…
I knodded..
” Come take dis maltina and milk make u go
regain ur blood u hear?”
I walked to her briskly, took d maltina and
peak milk and headed for the door..
I turned and looked at her blankly..
“Matilda say make I give u dis envelope”
I looked at d sqeauzed envelope and
collected it.. Not really caring at all.. All I
needed was rest…. Besides I had a paper d
following day.. Not just a paper, but
economics.. And I had not read shingbai.. I
walked out of her room and headed
straightly for my room.. I met d door open
and entered..
“Where u dey come from wey u dey waka
like labourer like dis na?” Quizzed my
younger sis..
“E concern u?” “Abeg limme jor”
I answered. Walking straight to d inner
room, I changed into a towel and headed for
d bathroom..
The water was cold and soothing.. I felt
revived.. I got bak, changed into something
comfortable and headed for my evening If I hear! I drank d maltina and
milk solution and ate d wheat and egusi my
sister gave me before goin for any yeye
lesson…I wore my. 3 quarter jean and
biutifull g unit yellow t shirt wit a brown
palm slippers to match..
As I headed out, I met my main man
“Oboi how far na?” I asked as we shook
“I dey.. We’re u kack up dey go na?”
“I dey go lesson na.. U no say I get paper
“Oh.. Ok. But dem dey fight for dat una skul
area o..”
“All dose tolu boys don start again?” I
asked.. Frustrated wit dis new
“Na so brotherly, we go see later na”
“Ok na.. Later”
I thought for a second.. Those tolu bois dem
sef ehn.. Dia fight no dey end? Every day
fight.. People dieing anyhow.. It was as if d
land demanded for blood.. And somehow got
it.. Always.. I wondered if I could brave it all
and head for d lesson.. Den I remembered d
last tym I ran into a fight.. I ran for my dear
life leaving my textbooks and bags behind..
Na by d grace of God sef sey I no fall for
inside canal…but. Then again.. I neva revise
anytin.. And dese women had taken most of
my time.. Without dis lesson na shingbi I go
dey do for exam hall tomao.. So.. Anytin
wey wan happen go happen…
Braving up to d challenge, I headed towards
d direction of my school and d direction of d
fight.. I didn’t no dat wat awaited me was
an experience I wud remember
for d rest of
my life…
To be continued…

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