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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2
By Dave bigi
”Goodness gracious”
“What is going on here”. She asked with
vivid fury, fully aware of my rooster and tryin
to close her eyes..
I couldn’t speak… I just stood there;
exhausted, embarassed and ashamed all at
once.. My french teacher wet with my c-m
and her juices quickly adjusted herself, but
melons we’re too big to hide inside her
”Evelyn, I am utterly dissapointed in you”
“You should be ashamed of yourself” “taking
advantage of a young, innocent boy like this”
“I will deal with u later”.. Eyes wide open in
utter disgust she turned to me..
“As for you… Report straight to my office”
“Let’s see what your mother would say
about this”.. As she said those words, she
exited the room..
Tears flowed down my eyes freely… I was
frustrated.. What started as a good day, had
turned out to be something awry for me..I
picked up my bloodstained trousers… Too
weak to say anything and too ashamed to
look into my teachers eyes.. I left..
I didn’t bother to see mrs busola. There was
no need.. I knew she would judge me.. My
conscience already judged me.. I
remembered the advice of my dad, my mum
and my uncle… All stout members of deeper
life.. Choi.. I remembered how I use to read
d bible for the entire skul wen mrs busayo reputation, my christian swag,
all gone for a morsel of meat..
“Sweet meat” I thought.. Afterall, I enjoyed
it.. And If I was to be reprimanded for d sex,
it was worth it…
As I got to my street.. I saw people
gathered in front of my compound.. I
thought it was concerning the blood stained
young man I saw this morning.. I was eager
to hear wat was happening.. But as I
approached the house I heard familiar
voices of the regularly fighters MR and MRs
fidelis anyaegbunam…
These 2 were perfect examples of cat and
rat… They fought over everytin.. From eating
money meant for school fees to a TV
remote.. Der was no reason for dem ti
fight.. But they did…
‘Papa Nkechi’ as he was fondly called was
the protagonist.. Slim and lanky.. Dark with
big eyes and funny walking pattern…
Peaceful and jovial until he gets home to
meet his wife.. His wife salome was his
opposite in every sense of the word…
Plumpy, fair with the biggest, I mean the
BIGGEST as.s in d world..den we used to
call her backassi pennisula..rumour had it
that she had an insatiable appetite for sex..
But I didn’t believe it.. The fighting was
getting intense
“Salome u will leave this house today”
“Which house? The 1 I pay d houserent or
the 1 u only come to sleep in?”
“You are a witch”
“slowpoke! Stewpid man”
They went on and on… And people after
trying fruitlessly to quench d fire, left dem to
their tussle..
I quickly shook blessing’s hand.. Blessing
was my original street paddy and most
reliable street informant..
“Oboi wetin dem dey quarrel for again na?”
“Me I no no o”
“Dem say I’m husband come catch am dey
finger her self”
We both laughed hysterically..
I excused myself and quickly took my leave..
As I got to my room.. My heart pounded..
What if my mum
had been told? Wat is my
“Come here at once”
That was a familiar voice…
It was my mother’s..
I woke up suddenly!! My heart pounding like
a traditional drum, sweating profusely like a
lamb for sacrifice.. I lookd at my
sorroundings.. There was no light,
everywhere was noiseless except the
incessant noise of mosquitoes…
“Thank God say na dream” I hissed
“But which kind mumu dream be this 1 na?”
It was so real.. Like a 3D movie I had
dreamt that I was being pursued by a mob..
Everybody in that mob I knew.. Making it all
surprising @ their attempt to catch me.. I
ran blindly till I came to a familiar spot.. My
street.. I felt relieved as I entered the
street, I slowed down.. Turning to my right, I
saw a plank flash towards me and instantly
felt pain on my head.. Accompanied with
blood…I fell down… Weak to move..the next
tin I saw was a sharp cutlass wielded by the
blood stained criminal I had abandoned
yesterday.. Then I woke up…
I checked the time… 2:01 am.. I sighed,
yawned and stretched concurrently.. I rolled
over and adjusted my boxers that was
already tainted with a spot of accumulated
urine.. I walked briskly to d door half awake
and half asleep.. Opened it and went
outside.. The air was chilly and dense.. I
staggered my way to d backyard which
housed the 2 toilets we shared..I opened d
door of 1 and entered.. Brought out my d–k
and started pouring out ‘govt water’.. The
backyard was particularly quiet.. Quite
distant from d house and somehow eerie..
As I urinated, I reminisced on my dream..
And the activities of the day before.. Mrs
busayo hadn’t called my mum.. Because all
my mum did yesterday was to scold me for
not washing dishes! Dat was a relief.. But
y? And what happened to d criminal dat I
abandoned.. As I thought, I didn’t know I
had finished urinating and was holding my
d—k semi turgid in my hand.. I quickly
gathered myself to reality wen I saw a figure
holding the door of the toilet…
“Eheeen, na wa o precious wetin u dey do
for here na?”
It was a familiar voice..Mama Nkechi.. Or
salome as she loved people to call her..
“I.. I just dey” I managed to mumble…
I noticed she wasn’t looking @ me becos..
By now her torch has flicked on.. And I cud
see her eyes we’re focused on my d–k..
“Shuooo.. Dis boi u don big o”
“Small pikin of yesterday”
“See as ur p—k big like remote”
She entered d toilet and pushed me against
the wall…
“Today u must Bleep me well or else I go
report u give ur mama”
Choi.. See gobe..just wen I thougt tins
couldn’t get worse.. As she came in, she
untied ha wrapper and put it on top of d
door.. As she turned to lock d door.. Then I
saw it.. That a-s! D biggest I av ever seen
up to date.. Flaccid and proud.. Glowing
even in d darkness.. Watever fear I had
evaporated.. Watever shyness I had
dissappeared.. I had to Bleep dis d–k stood @ attention..
Immediately she turned, I attacked her…
Kissing her like my life depended on it.. She
was surprised.. But warmed up to my kisses
with an immediate grasp of my d–k..I held
her boobs.. Not small, not big with large
Tips like knorr chicken maggi cubes.. In my
inexperience, I s—-d kissed and played
away alternatively between her lips and her
Tips.. Her moans we’re like that of a ten
year old dat was poured cold water in a
strong harmattan season..
“Cheei.. Aaaaaash”
“Gooooood.. Suck my Tips”
“Hmmm precioooooous”..m
After some time she seperated her legs.. I
didn’t know.. But when I felt my d–k enter
her warm. Chamber… I opened my eyes…
She responded with an “eeeeeeh”
She was tight.. Surprisingly and hot.. And
throbbing.. I pulled out and pushed in.. After
the first few strokes.. She became well
lubricated.. We both knew instinctively that
we couldn’t make much noise to avoid
suspicion from any body…
We engaged in another kot kissing session
again.. Tasting d sweetness of the Bleep as
I went in and out.. Muffled moans..raw
sweetness.. Her K—y-Cat muscles held tight
to my d–k.. Milking it voluptously.. I felt
that urge again.. But I wanted more..
“Turn make I Bleep u from behind” my d–k
said.. Cos I never would av been able to
muster d courage to say those words..
She turned almost immediately.. Gawd!
Her mighty a-s came into view.. In all her
gloriousness and lustfulness..I had waited
many years for dis to happen.. God truly
answers prayers.. I seperated the
2 loaves
of bread and inserted d hot dog.. This was 1
hell of a snack..
“Yaaaaaaaah.. Chisos..Bleep me”
“Aaaargh.. Preeecious”
I didn’t no wat to do.. My d–k had
dissappeared into her orifice.. Her a-s was
bouncing… I was confused..the pleasure
was too much… I found myself saying tins I
didn’t understand.. D K—y-Cat was
lubricated, tight and great… I couldn’t help it
I wanted to come.. It was like she knew..
She pushed back her a-s d more and pinned d wall giving me no other option dan
to release all ova d walls of her K—y-
Cat..she made sure I had dumped all my
c-m in her before getting up…
“Jesus.. P.P, ur p—k sweet no be small”
“U even make me release sef”
“U go dey Bleep me everyday”…
Sheepishly I nodded…
As we we’re talking we heard footsteps
“Who dey der?”
To be continued…

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