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s£x In The Ghetto – Season 1 – Episode 11 [Completed]

Final episode
I stood up and behold her crying and her tears touched me to ask her y she was crying,… Why are you crying… I asked?..,actually my ex boyfriend slept with me and after that he left me and it has been a huge one for me, it is always hurting me… She said amid tears.. Promise me you won’t leave me,, she asked, I smile and promise her ending it with a kiss on her
eyes.. I was in love… Shoooooo!! , just then we heard some movement in the corridor, we hurriedly wore our dresses and Bimpe went into the room while I dress everywhere we messed up… It was mrs busayo.. Aahaha precious, how are you doing she asked?.. “I’m fine, I replied.. Bimpe! Bimpe!!, Yes!! Sounded frm the room, sister welcome back she said taking a sit beside her.. Have you get to meet my sister.. Mrs busayo asked…. Bimpe plz I bought some fishs and yam help me prepare them.. Okay ma…. Bimpe went outside and just at that moment mrs busayo stood up and dash towards me like a lion,… She pin me down and suck my lips…. I wasted no time in touching her arousing boobs and behold they we’re already erect,… I dipped a finger into her honeypot and she realised a soft moan… I doubled my had and start stroking… I was in high alert if anything especially when titi is now around… I pulled down her skirt and she unbuckle my belt with haste, i lifted her immediately and placed her on a couch and pounce her juicy honeypot… The feeling was getting intense and stronger… Just then she told me something that really shook me… “I want you to hit me from Back,(an*l)…she turned immediately and frm there I knew this was going to make me cum slowly… “I inserted huge bazooka into her and she moan in pain,… I removed it and insert it one more time and this time it went in smoothly… I ravaged her, stroking in and out, after sometime I felt the urge to urinate…. I hit her faster than before making the moans loud… just then she also start shaking and she let out her juice down her feet… “The sight made wild and I continue stroking her meeting her thrusts and also fingering her, I let out a relaxing moan as I pour my cum on her ass.. She turn around looking into my eye… You will continue bleeping me from now on”… You’re always welcome to my house… She smiled assuring.. I consider myself as a king because my friends usually tells me abt their sex adventures and I always got noting to share but now I rule.. we kissed and it last for a minute.. Titi came in holding a big bowl in her hand containing fishes.. I winked at her and she smiled..
“I’m leaving ma or should I say baby”.. A haha, so fast she replied “… I have somewhere to go… Okay you can go, Bimpe! Bimpe!!…. Yes!!! ‘Her sweet voice came from the room.. She came to the sitting room drying her hands.. “Plz see precious off.. For my mind I was already dancing…. We walked out of the room and i started my journey back to my street… We just kept gisting on and on, still I told her to head back, she knod and peck on the cheek before she
start heading back… I watching that ass of hers bounce… I smiled and shouted all for me!!!!!!
…. I got home and I meet my sister pressing her phone.. “Where have you been to”she asked’.. I went to my teacher house “I replied, ‘okay I will be attending a church program with mommy will you come?.. “No I can’t I replied sharply, I’m tired.. I went to take my bath and eat something…..
“I woke up later because someone was tapping me, I opened my eyes it was my sister’ I don dey go o, she said come closed the door, I follow her half sleepy outside just then mama nkechi walk into the corridor.. Wey you dey go she asked my sister?… ‘ I dey go church she replied.. Your mama nko,..?, she don go already.. She replied.. I don’t know if I was right but I think I saw a smile on her face,… She said okay and walked away…
Few moments later I heard a soft knock on our room door.. Nepa had brought light I stood up on the fan and then switched on the light it was after 10.. Who cud that be I asked myself.. I look outside from the keyhole and I could not see anything cos it was dark…I open the door and it was MAMA NKECHI..!!!! “Which kind sleep you dey sleep she asked me waking in…. I don tired that y…I replied… Okay, abeg con do me small, she begged.. Shoo see this woman, what of your husband I asked!?… Him no dey house she replied…. She stood up moved towards me and kissing me.. She surely turns me on.. She broke frm the kiss, pulled down my boxer and start sucking my d–k the feeling was intense… I was controlling my voice trying not to let it loud. She sucked for a minute before she stood up slept on the floor revealing her juicy pussy to me…. I wasted no time, I stroke my d**k a little and strike in.. Aaarh! The feeling was good, I stroke deeper and deeper and she moan in pleasure, I fasten my stroke and she kept encouraging me
“Bleep me precious ”
Fu*k my toto, na you get am, aaaaarh!!!, fuck me, she moan holding my butt.. I rode her faster and stop anytime she get to loud… Yeh!! precious kill me ”
Yeh!!! fvck me she started returning her thrusts harder, the sight of her honeypot send more blood to my d–k.. This angel was taking much time, i wide her legs and strike into it….. And strike again… Aaaaarghhh
Yeh precious,…
fuck am oo
Your d!ck sweet
“Aaargah, yeh, Aaarh
” we moan in unison and she held unto me tightly, I knew we we’re reaching out destination because I was already building up, I strike in her honey pot with much strength and she moan softly.. I tried to warn�her abt cu**ning in her but she did nt pay attention, I tried to remove my d–k but she held onto me tightly and then she started shaking and squirting out her juice I rode faster and dumb mine into hers and still continue striking in till I fell in her…
She tapped me and whisper
” you don well, you sabi my toto well well…., she stood up and left the room and then I start reminiscing about my sex adventures surely it has been a huge one… I smiled
Thats my story
The End…
D story is a work of fiction. Don’t try it with ur neighbor’s wife, teacher or principal. Make a comment please.

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