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S*x Demon – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]

††††Nessa’s pov††††
You might be really confused at this point and be like………. What is happening in this story????
I’ll explain!
After I fainted I was rushed to the school’s sick bay by Nora who had come to collect her phone that I ran with to the bathroom.
The nurse tried her best but I didn’t wake up sooo i was sent to a hospital and my parents where
I was out cold for two days!
When I woke up…… I was confused!
I didn’t know where I was or what happened to me!
I had lost my memory!
The doctor said I was passing through emotional and mental trauma which had caused me to temporary lose my memory.
He said they should try to make me comfortable and loved.
It took sometime but I eventually regained my memory…. I wish I didn’t!
It was really hard and I kept repeating the name…. Eris!
My mom immediately took me to a physiatrist.
He said I need a therapist!
So I was taken to one.
It was a lady named Alicia!
She was really nice! I didn’t want to tell her anything but at the end,I poured out everything to her!
She called my parents,Marina and Mason.
And told them my story!
She told them to explain their selves.
My mom *immediately began to cry! She revealed that the day before that day……they had gone* to a child and childrens seminar and saw their wrongs….so they decided to amend it by being nice to me!
No spiritual strings attached!
Turns out…. Mason and marina hadn’t actually been related at all!
They just dated once and that was all!!!
They didn’t even know who “Eris!” was!
My case….was different!
Alicia then *concluded that it was all a dream!
It must have started after dinner that night when I laid on my bed thinking.
She explained* to me that I wanted soo badly for me to have a better shape that I had dreamt that!
And when my mom woke me up that morning!
I assumed that it worked and that affected my way of thinking….. I began to think that I *had changed shape and that made me bold and gave me high Self-esteem! while to other people I hadn’t even changed a thing! No wonder they still didn’t change their* attitude towards me!
All that happened in my “dream” was what I wanted to happen deep in me!
That makes sense right????
I mean… Especially the garden part!
This…. Was all just crazy!
Plus, what added to the fact that it was really a dream was………
Alicia ran a virginity test on me and……….I was actually still a virgin!
Alicia helped *me develop my self-esteem and soon I began to notice I was really actually beautiful and curvy!
I just needed to work on my confidence and accept myself the* way was!
My parents and I moved to other part of the country and I began to attend a different and better school!
There…. I was accepted and I even became the popular leader of the cheerleaders.
I now had a sweet caring boyfriend….. “Brad”
At my new school!
I made three best friends!
My parents loved and cared for me and I retured the feeling…..
I also have a little puppy
“Popcorn” What more could I ask for?????
Now that I think about it……
Eris ….goddess of pleasure and emotions did help me develop my self esteem”
If what happened that night….. Didn’t happen who knows!!???
I never would *have had a
•A new and *better school!
•My naughty boyfriend
•Three best friends
•A beautiful* little dog
And finally a better life!!

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