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S*x Demon – Season 1 – Episode 5

Freshen up and come down stairs for breakfast okay??” my mom said with a smooth voice as she kissed my head and walked out of the room.
Okay what the fvck is going on???
My parents never woke me up or waited for me to come downstairs for breakfast or even kissed my head!!!
And….. Eris!!!
Where was she???
One min we were in the garden having s£x and the next……It was morning and I was back in my room!
“Eris!!!” I yelled
“Eris!!!!!!!!!!” I shouted at the top of my voice and room door burst open as both my parents ran in looking worried.
“Honey! Are you okay???” My dad asked as he walked in.
“We heard you screaming are you okay??? And who is Eris???? Do you need a Doctor?? Hubby phone the doctor!” my mom said all at once at she sat down beside me!
“No mom… Am…am okay” I said holding my head trying to process everything that happened.
“Are you sure?” my dad asked standing akimbo and leaning on my door frame.
“Yeah…am…am fine” I said and my mom heaved a sigh.
“We’ll be downstairs… Come join us soon okay??” she asked worry laced clearly in her voice and I fought the urge to asked her if they were okay!
They both turned and left my room.
I started to wonder if it was all a dream….if it never happened!
Both my eyes landed on something!
My mom’s mirror!
Stood up from the bed and ran towards it but what I saw in the mirror almost made me drop it!
The girl in the mirror was a totally different person.
I was sooo beautiful! And by beautiful I mean my shape was beautiful!
I ran my hands through my [email protected] and butt to make sure it was real!
And it was!
I quickly locked the door to my room and striped [email protected] And I just stood in front of the mirror… Admiring myself!
I had a s£xy hourglass figure!
Not too much….but totally perfect for an 18year old.
But what about Eris????!
Wait you know what!!??
She took my “low Self-esteem” and granted her promise…
She gave me…….my beautiful shape!
I turned around and made my way to the bathroom.
I had a nerve relaxing bath and brushed my teeth.
I dried myself with a towel and creamed .
The old me would have wore a brezzy skirt and tank bazi top to cover my A cupped [email protected] but not any more!
I thought as I left my actual closet to my drawer where I kept things my parents bought that I didn’t like!
I pulled out a beautiful white crop top with rosey design and a Jean bum short that had the words
“Juicy” written at the butt!
I put on white net leggings socks and brushed my hair out…letting it down!
And then finally…. For the first time in a long time…… I put on make-up!
When I stared at my reflection in the mirror I was shocked!! I looked like a totally different person…. In a good way!
I walked downstairs feeling like a total celebrity!
My mom grinned happily as she saw me and my dad smiled!!
Like my dad really smiled!!!
My dad had never smiled…to me at least!
We all had breakfast…. Chatting and laughing happily!
My mom also drove me to school! I can’t remember the last time she drove me to school!!!
“Bye sweetie!!” my mom said blowing me a kiss as she drove away after dropping me off at school!
I heaved a happy smile as she drove away. I turned around and walked into the school!
You can guess what happened next…..
Actually you can’t!
You’re probably guessing everyone stared at me and worshipped me and where like….wow!!
Nope…not at all!
No one even looked my way or gave me something as much as a side glance!
I was confused!
But that didn’t discourage me!
I walked stylishly to my locker and opened it!
A note fell out and I picked it up!
It read:::
📄Meet me in the dressing room
The old me would have been scared and ran quickly to the dressing room…. But no! I hissed and crumpled up the paper. Closing my locker, I threw the paper into the waste bin.
I walked to class and everyone still acted like they didn’t care or like I didn’t exist!
I rolled my eyes but instead of going to the last sit as usual,I walked over to a sit at the middle row and sat down beside Nora…the leader of the cheerleaders!
“Hey” I said immediately I sat down. . I expected her to roll her eyes at me or hiss but instead she smiled at me.
“Hi” she said before going back to whatever she was doing in her phone!
I just sat there trying to put one to one together.
“What do you think about Edward in twilight???” she asked out of the blues.
“He sucks!
Personally I think the girl should have ended up with Jacob!” I replied not caring what she thought.
She gaped at me for a second before pulling me into a tight hug!
“Get the fvck outta my head! That totally what I thought! We’re officially besties!” she squirmed!
“Sure….” I said.
Okay what is going on!
“Do you know me??”i asked her .
“yeah…! Vanessa Martins right??”She said and I was even more confused.
She knew me?? And yet she acted like she didn’t. And she’s calling us besties!
“Honestly….I like you!
BUt you’ve always been quiet and you don’t talk to anyone… So I just let you be!” she explained and I froze!she went back to her phone.
“you looked hot in these!” she said and showed me a picture from her phone I took in school for a project! I looked closely and noticed something!
I looked exactly as the same as now!
There was no difference. I still haven’t changed my shape at all.
I quickly ran to the bathroom and looked at the mirror and yep I was right!!!
Wait did….
No …no she couldn’t…
Did she actually not grant her promise???
I began to feel wozzy and dizzy and immediately fainted!

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