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S*x Demon – Season 1 – Episode 4

She claimed on me and started sucking my b00bs. I went mad with pleasure as I felt. The tickiling sensation from my sore b00bs.I m0aned as I crushed and pressed her head more into my chest.
“please ….please don’t stop”i managed to say in-between m0ans.
She took the left b00b into
her and pressed it hard while sucking the other like a lollipop!
She stopped and I felt angry and wanted to yell at her for stopping but I kept my cool!
She smirked and asked…
“Ready to get laid?????”
End of Episode 2
💦💦💦Episode 3💦💦💦
🎊🎊Final Episode
I nodded happily as she claimed my lips in her’s.
She bit my lower ilps slowly and I m0aned from pain and pleasure.
She urged me to open my mouth and I did,as we kissed she held my waist still on top me but her knees were on the soft grass.
We began to french kiss our her practically sucking my tongue and mouth in a seductive way.
That was the best french kiss I ever had and also the first.
Still kissing me…. Her hands slowly left my waist,going down to my tights.
As I felt her hands around my cunt I shuddered.
She stopped kissing me and smiled.
She began kissing my neck as she fumbled with the flesh around my pvssy.
She went lower, kissing my chest and the space between my b00bs.
I wanted her *to suck my b00bs soo badly but instead she she ignored them and started kissing my stomach. Still romancing* my cunt area with her fingers.
(She wasn’t fingering me…… Yet)
As she kissed my stomach,I felt a burning desire for her to suck my cunt she just kept on kissing and sucking my stomach.
She went lower to the start of my pvssy but went back to my stomach.
She was teasing me!
She went *lower again,my pvssy was itching sooo badly to feel her tongue down there,sucking me but she went back to my stomach again* .
I couldn’t *take it any longer so I forcefully pushed her head down there and immediately I felt her tongue* on my cunt………I reached climax!
I started shaking vigorously as I felt all the muscles in my body lose their grips and pleasure pass from them and soon a whitish liquid poured out from my pvssy but Eris sucked them all not leaving one drop.
I just laid there completely not in control of my body!
Like what the fvck just happened???
Eris looked up at me and smiled warmingly as she went down to
my cunt again.
She sucked on her middle *finger before poking it into me. I shirked as I felt the tip of her finger enter me.
It was painfully* !
She brought *it out and inserted it again, this time going further deep! She brought it again and did the same thing the all her middle* finger was buried deep within me.
She began going in and out ,slowly first but she later sped up and I felt the pain disappear and pleasure pilling up again.
I was taking by surprise as she added another finger and almost yelled in
pain but she kissed me,holding my lips in her’s.
Soon,all her *fingers were buried in me and as she went in,she’ll curve before coming out again and going in. She left my mouth and* began to suck my b00bs again.
I felt the pleasures pilling up again and my breathing became abonormal.
I began to shake vigorously as my muslces tensed up…I held the grass as a wave of pleasure hit me and the whitish liquid flowed out again.
I laid down trying to catch my breath as she sucked up all the sperm.
She begain to eat my cunt and lick it so badly and I immediately started feeling another another orgams coming.
“E…Er…Eris…” I tried to call within m0ans to tell her I was coming but she didn’t stop and I m0aned loudly coming again.
She didn’t stop….. Another orgams was coming again. I couldn’t stop myself as I began to m0an her name having multiple orgams.
She stopped after about thirty minutes and by then I had had over more than ten orgams.
I was totally drained out.
She took her penis and began to rubbed it around my cunt playing with the sperms that spilled and made a large puddle.
She inserted it a little and I groan in pain and she quickly removed it but came again.
I felt huge and tremendous pain as my pvssy stretched out to the unfamiliar visitor.
Soon I felt like something was torn and the pain that followed next was unbelievable!!
I felt my tears watering up!
Eris pulled out and I saw blood!!
That was when I knew something that was very clear already!
It was was gone!
It was finally gone!!
I had lost it!
I had lost my virginity!!
Vanessa!!” A distant voice called and I groaned turning away from it.
The person chuckled and called again.
“Vanessa!! Wake up! Its almost time for school!!” the voice wishpered softly and my eyes flew open!
“School???” asked yelled as I sat up in my bed. I looked around and my mom was sitting down beside me on the bed smiling!
“What?????” I asked totally confused and my mom chuckled again smiling so lovingly.
“its almost time for school!
You’re running late!

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