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S*x Demon – Season 1 – Episode 3

The smoke storm became very intense and the winds grew.
Soon,the winds stopped and the smoke storm died down reveling
A s£xY LADY.
MOST IMPORTANTLY…….She was [email protected]!!!
I froze!
“Holy shit!!!”
End of Episode 1
💦💦💦Episode 2💦💦💦
My mouth hung open as I stared at her.
The article weren’t lying.
I had a DEMON in my room….
I had a DEMON in my room!
I had….a demon….in…my room!!!!!!
An actual real demon!!!!!!!
The hell??????
I watched her as she slowly opened her eyes and looked around untill her eyes landed on me. And she smiled.
Her smile was beautiful!
She had perfect white teeth and a charming smile.
I almost caught myself smiling too!
“Hey”She said simply and I nodded slowly moving backwards and holding on tightly to my towel ….just in case.
“Are you scared????”She asked smiling and I noticed the humor in her voice.
I wasn’t going to disgrace myself…. I cleared my throat and stood up straight.
“Am kind of disappointed! I expected more…I dunno say a guy?”i said faking a disappointed look.
“A guy??
U didn’t notice my penis??”she asked and my eyes trail her body to find a large penis place of a pvssy!
I looked closer and still saw a pvssy!
She had both male and female reproductive s£x organs!!!! Okay now,I was scared.
What did I just do??? Her laughter disrupted my thinking and I was forced to stare at her.
Instead of it to sound like all those crazy witch laughter on TV….it was heart warming and….nice!
“No need to be scared of me!
Am not gonna kill u or harm you.. Unless that’s what you want me to do……”
“No!”i almost yelled.
“No,No,No please! No!” I added
“Alright” she said brezzingly as she made her way to my bed and threw herself on it.
“Damn!!! How much I miss you!! Do you know how lucky you are to sleep in a bed this comfortable every time?”she asked smiling.
“Well…! Don’t you guys have beds where you
come from??” I asked sitting down beside her.
“uhmmmm we do! But they’re not this comfy!” shhe said smulging my pillow.
“Oh!”i mouthed and chewed my lower lip. I watched her as she frowned and sat up.
“U know marina?”She asked and my eyes widen in shock!
“You know marina???!!”i almost yelled.
“yeahhhhh….we met…fvcked…nothing much!”she shrugged and I almost scoffed.
Nothing much??
“that explains her crazy desire for s£x!!” I thought out loud!
“wait am I gonna be like that if we you know…… fvck???” I asked terrified.
“No! Cause not! Unless you want to be!” she added and I
“what do mean??” I asked.
“You don’t…..know??”She asked and I shaked my head signifying “No!”.
She gaped widely at me.
“you know what let start this all over!!
What’s your name???” She asked
Am Vanessa. Vanessa Martins” I said.
“Am Eris…the goddess of pleasure and emotions!”
Just call me “Eris”she said simply like it was my dog’s name!
“you’re a goddess ?
I thought you were a DEMON!” I said.
“wat??? Where did you hear that?” she asked looking confused.
“i saw it on the net! Someone wrote an article about you” I said and she shaked her head negatively.
“humans!”she murmured with a sigh!
How did you know I know marina??!” I asked in a suspicious voice.
“i smelt her on you!
You guys had s£x??” she asked corking a brow and smirking.
“Uhm no! No!
Well….almost!” I said shurgging.
“Vanessa??? Is that you??” I heard my mom’s voice ask and I froze!
OMG!!! She was up she’ll totally catch us!!!
“Quick hide!” I whispered to Eris totally panicking as I took a glance around my room.
The candles and mirror were still in their place where I put them to do the ritual.
Oh God.Oh God.oh God!!!
This is bad!! This is really really bad!!!!
“Its okay calm down!! She can’t see me!”she said.
“But what about the candles and the mirror!plus am still tieing just a towel!!” I said worried.
“Vanessa??” my mom’s voice boomed through the house as I heard her footsteps climbing up the stairs that lead to my room.
“its okay !!!I’ll *take care of it!! Just lay on the bed and cover yourself with the duvet…pretend to be asleep” she* ordered.
I wanted to argue but I didn’t have much of a choice as my mom was almost through the
I quickly dived under the duvet and closed my eyes and immediately the door was flung open by my mom.
“Vanessa??! Are you up??” she asked as she poked her head into my room. I almost shrieked from fear and anxiety but quickly relaxed and released a breath I didn’t even know I was holding as I heard the the door shut and her footsteps going down the stairs.
I opened my eyes….. And was surprised to see my room sparkling clean and Eris was no were in sight.
“Eris??” I call whispering.
“Am right here” she said and I jerked and turned around to see her lying under the duvet and beside me.
We both giggled and I watched as her [email protected] fell and rosed.
“Wow! I almost forgot you were [email protected]!” I said smiling.
“Dont think about it that much!” she said shurgging.
“How can I not think about it?? Its not everyday you get to lay in bed and talk with a [email protected] s£x goddess” I said and we both cracked up!
“True! You can only summon me once in your lifetime!”she said simply and I gaped.
“What???!!!?” I almost yelled!
“i thought you were….”
“What??? A prostitute u can call anytime you want and fvck??”She scoffed and rolled her eyes!
“Am a goddess!! U can’t just summon me!
U give something ….. I’ll give you something.
It’s like trading!” she added.
“Does this mean I’ll have to give you something in exchange for s£x??!?!! ” I asked and she nodded.
“but the article didn’t say anything like that !!” I whined.
“Well sugar…don’t believe everything… You see on the net” she said cupping my cheeks and I felt her Palm.they were….. Warm!
“But I don’t have anything to offer” I said.
“No you do! You have a lot to offer me” she said as she laid but on the bed releasing my cheeks.I was disappointed.
“Like …..what?”i asked
“money??”i added and she cracked up laughing hard.
“No silly!! I don’t need money! What do I need it for??I don’t even wear clothes!” she said in a “duh” tone and I nodded.
“then what??”i asked.
“your attitude!” she answered simply.
“my attitude??” I asked confused and she nodded.
“What did marina give you?” I asked not knowing why I even asked that.
“She gave me her innocent”she replied shurgging.
“What??!!! That’s why she that crazy!!” I said and she nodded.
“Do I have to give you that too???” I asked worried.
“no! If you want to! Her Brother gave me He’s shy nature for threesome with marina and him once!” she said and I almost choked on my breath!
“Marina has a brother???! ” I asked.
“Yeah you don’t know?? What’s he’s name again?????…was it Matt?? No markain no no no that’s not it. Yeah Mason!! It was Mason!!” she exclaimed and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets in shock!
“Mason Ethan???” I asked and she nodded.
“wait they are siblings?? And they have s£x together??” wow!! They’re more fvcked up than I thought.
“Actually they are step siblings!” She said and I rolled my eyes.
“ Still..that dosent give them a ticket to make their house a life porn scene” I said.
“So which do I even give you?? I can’t think anything”i said.
“Why did you summon me then?? If you didn’t know the rules.
Only the most desperate summons me” she asked.
“Well….I actually didn’t think you’d be real” I said and smiled nervously.
“Plus…I was kind of desperate”i said.
“For s£x??”she asked and I chuckled.
“I don’t like my shape! I mean….look at the size of my b00bs…they’re soo small” I said opening up the upper part of the towel and duvet to reveal my little tits.
“Really??? I think they’re adorable!” she said as she grabbed my b00bs and gave them a light squeeze.
I felt a sweet feeling and m0aned.
She smirked and kept on fumbling them.
“What about your butt???” she asked and I managed to roll my eyes.
“Double small” I said and she chuckled!I m0an again as she twisted my n!pole .
“Now that I think about it…… You’re kinda ugly and shapless”she said and I gasped as I felt heart broken.
I knew it!!
I mean I know I was ugly and shapeless but she didn’t had to rub it in.
I felt tears threatening to fall from my eyes.
I looked up at her to find her smiling heartwarmingly.
“i was just testing you. You’re not ugly and shapeless. You just have really low self-esteem.
You’re not anything anybody tells you…you’re who you choose to be and what you believe you self to be”she said and felt warm inside.
“How do I know you’re not just saying that to make me feel better” I said .
“I think I know what I’ll take from you!” she said smiling as she ignored my question.
“What??” I asked hoping it won’t be something bad or something that’ll make me go crazy like Mason and Marina.
“Your low self-esteem!” she announced and I smiled happily.
“you can take that??” I asked and she nodded.
I m0aned loudly as I felt her hands around my butt area.
How did she get there soo fast???
“In exchange… I’ll not only give you the s£x of a life time!
I’ll give you……the shape you’ve always wanted” she said as she drew very close to me and whispered the last part into my ears in a seductive way.
I felt aroused and totally w€t!
She drew back and I gasped as *she used one hand to squeeze my [email protected] and the other to fiddle my juice hole.
I m0aned loudly as pleasures* I never knew existed wrapped me in its warm blankets.
I stared at her b00bs and felt the huge urge to feel and squeeze them but stopped myself.
She smiled and gave me a look to go on but I felt shy till she slowly took my hands and placed them on her b00bs.
They were warm just like how all her body felt also.
I played with them a little and gave them a light squeeze. I watched as she m0aned which got me w€tter. I squeezed them some more and she m0aned again.
She smiled and threw closer to me.I thought she wanted to tell me something but was shocked as I felt her lips on mine.
It felt soooo good but I was confused. I didn’t know how to kiss….or have s£x. Sure I had read about it but I’ve never practiced it
I stopped fumbling her [email protected] and she stopped to look at me.
“is something wrong??? You don’t want this??”She asked looking worried.
“No that’s not it! It’s just…..I don’t know the first thing about pleasuring a person or being pleasured myself”i said nervously looking down.
She smiled and lifted my face up and gave me a brief kiss.
“ Ready to learn?” She asked and I nodded.
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…”
“no I want this! I want to have s£x ……with you” I said and watched her face lit up into her familiar heartwarming smile.
“Then let’s make it special!”
She said and with a swirl of her hands we were in a garden.
Laying on the grass .they was a beautiful sparking lake beside us ,the grasses were trimed and void of any insects. The trees stood tall and beautiful and in a whole…. The place was just…. Like a fairy tale!
“Where are we?”I asked truly magnified by the scene.
“Someplace I cooked up using my powers! I know you wanted your first time to be in a fairy tale like garden and under the stars”she said and I chuckled.
She wasn’t lying… I did wanted my first time to be in a fairy tale like garden. But I didn’t expect my dream to actually come true.
“You know… You’re actually really sweet for a DEMON!”she said chuckling.
“A goddess….am a goddess!”she said after kissing me and this time I kissed her back…following her lead.
“My bad…..Goddess of pleasure and emotions” I teased and she chuckled realseing my lips for a second before kissing me again.
I took a bold step and sqeeuze her b00bs and she m0aned into my mouth.
She claimed on me and started sucking my b00bs.I went mad with pleasure as I felt. The tickiling sensation from my sore b00bs.I m0aned as I crushed and pressed her head more into my chest.
“please ….please don’t stop”i managed to say in-between m0ans.
She took the left b00b into her and pressed it hard while sucking the other like a lollipop!
She stopped and I felt angry and wanted to yell at her for stopping but I kept my cool!
She smirked and asked…
“Ready to get laid?????”

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