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S*x Demon – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

Sex Demon

Sex Demon

I summoned
a s£x demon 👄👅
(Erotic, paranormal and
romance novel)
.💦💦Episode 1💦💦💦
“Nessa’s pov”
(through out the story)
I woke up that morning and just the thought of me going to school again today made me sick!
I hated school!
Of course I did.maybe it was the fact that I was always bullied or the fact that
I had no friends or maybe it’s cus am just dull!
I lazily got out of bed and into the bathroom to brush my teeth.
My bathroom and my room had no mirrors! U know why?
Cause I hated my reflection in it.
I hated seeing how shapeless and unnoticeable I was and how no dress ever fitted me.
I hated myself.
I had my morning rituals and opened my closet to pick a dress to school.
I picked a long sleeved T-shirt even though I knew it was hot.
I’ll tell you why later.
And a flared skirts that stopped right at my knees.
I picked a well padded bra to hide my A cupped [email protected] shirt was white and the bra was pink.
I packed my hair up in double corn rows and picked up my bag to go to downstairs. Mom and dad were already at the table eating breakfast.
“Morning mom,good morning dad” I greeted them both and sat down to eat.
They both just nodded as I began to eat.
My parents and I rarely spoke. I had kind of parents that thinks they “feed you….they clothe you and provide for you… That’s enough.” they didn’t even treat me specially as an only child!
I was alone in my own little world.
I quickly eat my breakfast and hurried to school using the bus.
I was in school early….again. I hated going to school early but I just couldn’t stop myself.
I quietly went to my locker to dump my bag and pick up the textbook for my next class.
Out of the corner of my eyes I saw “Marina”.
Marina was our school’s queen bitch. She’s very very s£xy and beautiful! Like how could someone be that s£xy and beautiful at the same time while I was practically begging for B cup [email protected] I can’t even call myself s£xy!
I watched her as she picked on a junior student.And no one could stop her.We didn’t have the guts!
She was soooo brave.
Rumors are…..she’s fvcked every guy and girl in our class …“except me of course” and all the teachers… Including the principal!
Crazy right??? But it’s true!
Every school had to have the queen bitch and popular bad boy….ours was no exception!
Our bad boy…… Was Mason Ethan!
He had tattoos and piercings almost every where. He was a total porn star!

/> He could just be walking on the hall way, see a s£xy girl ,grab her ass and fvck her right there in the hallway while others watched and maturbated.
Sadly,I had a huge crush on him
My school was the badest school in my state. One could say swear was no virgin in our school.
It was that bad!
Bad right in the middle of all these temptations was me!
I was a virgin… The only virgin in our school!…. But that was about to change.
School went fine till “physical education.”
We all had to change to our “PE
clothes” in the girls dressing room and head over to the gym.
I had gone late cause I wanted to change my clothes in peace.
I had almost finished changing when I began to hear m0ans.
I was low and slow at first but later became loud…really loud.
It was a girl m0aning…. Along the m0an she was saying things like
“Ahhhhhh God!”
“fvck fvck fvck fvck fvck fvckkkkkkkkkk”
It was obvious!
Someone was getting fvcked pretty hard again. But who?
Those kinda things happened really often around here though.
I decided to go take a leak at least know who it was.
The thought excited me…and I began to feel myself get w€t.
Now I had totally forgotten about dressing up for gym class …I had only my bra and panties on.
I walked slowly and quietly towards were I heard the sound coming from till in came in contact with a was slightly opened though…. So I could peak quietly.
I placed my head very close to the creak on the door and I saw Marina laid on the floor. with her back against the wall…she soeard her legs open and two girls……tomika and beth pleasured her using their fingers.
Did I say fingers… Sorry,I meant fist.they had their one both of their palms buried in her cunt ..going in and out while they used the other to squeeze her b00bs.
Occasionally they would kiss her roughly or force her mouth into their chest to suck their b00bs and she seemed to enjoy it alot. She had multiple orgasm…. I even lost count!
They were all [email protected]
I became envious of her. I had never had an orgasm before and here was a girl having 10 orgasm in 1 minute.
As I watched
them….my hands slowly made their way to my cunt.
I had never done this before but I was willing to learn!
My pant was soaked with w€tness raising from my cunt!
It touched my cunt and shuddered as the nerves around that area sent tingling sensations to my brains.I felt I wanted more…. No I needed more!
Just a touch and I was feeling this!
That encouraged me and I placed my middle finger at the entrance of my cunt and forced it in!
What I felt next made me scream pushing the door open as I feel to the floor.
I felt pain…..instant pain!
Was that what I was supposed to feel?
I totally didn’t expect that!
They were shocked but didn’t stop what they were doing till after a while and I just laid there on the floor …watching them.
After they had stopped,marina laid there…trying to catch her breath. She has a satisfied smile in her face.
“you were watching us werent you ? You little bitch!!”she yelled standing up and walking towards me. I just laid there on only my undies… Trembling like a leaf.
Her body was wow!
I thought she looked too s£xy with her clothes on and now with her clothes off standing nude in front of me…..
There’s no word to discribe it.
Her s£xiness could make “Johnny the pornstar” cvm without even touching her yet.
“ahhh”she m0aned as she traced my butt line to my cunt and I flinch as the sweetness washed over me.
“you’re even w€t for me”she added as she touched the w€t spot on my panties.
“Girls!! Take her!”she ordered and *they came towards me and forced me into the position I saw Marina in earlier. I didn’t even try to fight it….I was tired of being a virgin at 18* ! I wanted to feel what marina felt earlier. I needed s£x! and I didn’t care if my first time was gonna be with a girl.
She laid down in front of me…. And massaged my cunt hole using her palms.
Then she unexpectedly plunged her middle finger in and in shrieked in pain as her eyes widened.
“you little slut! So you’re a virgin! And you had the guts to watch us fvck! Well sorry sweetie… Cus you’re losing that here and now. I am gonna fvck the shit outta you do you hear me?” she yelled at me and I nodded faking to look terrified while within me…I was soooo happy and delighted. Finally! I thought but soon I was really terrified as I heard they bell.
“PE” was over and soon people are gonna come into the dressing room… They were gonna come catch us…
I thought marina was gonna stop *but no she smirked evily and said
“yes! They are gonna come watch wat happens when little bitchy baby* tries to watch what she’s not ready for” I looked at her truly horrified.
“oh don’t look at me like that!
Am only doing your sorry Rectangular figure a favor”she said.what did she mean by that?
I heard the Bell again and I knew people would soon start trooping into the dressing room.
I had to stop this!
So I kicked her in her cunt and she yelled in pains .I wriggled my arms out of tomika and Beth’s grip and ran out of the class,locking it behind me to make sure they couldn’t follow me.
I quickly put on my clothes and taking my bag I ran out of the school and into the streets. I took a bus and went home.

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