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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 9

episode 9
CONTINUES Madam minister’s security aides of Mopol and Army stopped Smooches on his way out, whisked him away in thier van and took him to an unidentified location as the hot lash from the koboko kissed his back and ripped off flesh while its been drawn, it was then Smooches knew the depth of dilema his idiotic ignorance had dug a hole for him and his was giving a stern warning by the harsh looking faces of madam minister’s aides to never walk out of her in anger Mopol 1: You get luck sef say madam like you, if not we for kill you troway for bush. Mopol 2: Na one tin with dis small boys, because you dey run things with madam, you don think say you get levels Smooches was dropped at the hotel, as he walked into the room, he saw madam minister, sitting in a twin sofa, legs crossed while she was puffing her cigar and daily newspapers where littered everywhere MINISTER: Young man i like you doesn’t mean you should misbehave, if you had f—-d me then, you won’t have recieved this beating. Smooches:{tears in his eyes} Am sorry ma, very sorry. MINISTER: Alright your forgiven, now come s–k my p—y good. Smooches couldn’t believe how the p—y he used to crave for now seem like poison to his being, he bent down while she dropped her pyjamas on the floor, spread her legs wide as she sat on the sofa, still reading her newspaper and puffing her cigar while Smooches was licking her c——s MINISTER:{pushed smooches head away} Young man , s–k this p—y well, don’t just kneel down there and waste my time. Smooches s—-d for almost fifteen minutes and then she flinged the newspaper away, used the ash tray to quench the cigar as she kept moaning MINISTER: Young man! yes use that tongue well…….oh! thats the spot, keep s—–g like that Smooches used the anger from the beating he recieved as he drew her legs closer to him as he stood up, while madam ministers back rested on the sofa, Smooches inserted his semi erect d–k into her p—y and f—-d her so hard like it was a rape scene, squeezing her nipples so hard and pounding her p—y very hard, the more harder he pounded her, the more she kept screaming MINISTER: Young man, that’s exactly how i have always wanted it, when i say tear up my p—y, i meant this! Wooooooow! Yes Boy That made Smooches almost want to loose his sense of composure but when the thought of the koboko made him maintain his cool and madam minister’s c-m was so large that it sprayed and gushed all over Smooches and the bedsheet, she handed him a cheque of three million naira, Smooches left the check where she would see it as he walked out of the hotel and vowed never to see her again. ………………………………………………… Tender laughed as Smooches narrated his ordeal, the tears from the heavy laughter made Tender’s tummy to wrench in pain, he was lost in thoughts that all he was looking for was a solution and Big Riley walked into the room BIG RILEY: O boy from door sef i don hear your predicament, the best way out is to set her up TENDER: {smiling} E be like say you no know say madam minister get connection? SMOOCHES: Abeg Tender you better shut up, may Big Riley talk, wetin you sabi And Smooches Agreed to set madam minister up but now the problem is, How do they set her up?

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