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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 8

episode 8
CONTINUES Smooches and Tender, now the new king on campus, how fame came they knew not,virtually all boys and girls on campus wanted a share of the largesse and school was one hell of a party for them, the bevy of beautiful women that trot around them was a pure sign that the money was there for all and the weird thing about girl on campus was that they were all comfortable that they had other lovers, like a scenario where Smooches would be with a girl in his room and another of his girfriends walks in, she would not shout or feel cheated which is the normal way its meant to be, rather they will just walk back to the living room and wait until she is been called upon. The money was rolling in on a weekly basis but that meant no free weekend, at first it was cool for Smooches, atleast he wasn’t missing classes and whenever he is coming back to school, he was expecting the least two million naira from madam minister and that was cool for him, but when things got out of hand was when she needed his attention during weekdays and he can’t say no because of the way madam minister talks on phone, her oppressive and bossy nature was ruining everything for Smooches MINISTER: Hey Smooches i pay you good money not for you to be idle, come to the hotel in the next three hours and come f–k this p—y good! Excessive sugar truly causes diabetics, it was in one of those visits that Smooches saw the large can of fire that would unveil itself when everything goes sour, right in the hotel room madam minister had rode Smooches d–k four good times, and no iota of strength was left as Smooches laid helpless in bed but madam minister wanted more of his sugar stick, as she grabbed his d–k and said MINISTER: Young man am addicted to this d–k, i’ll do anything to keep it here with me for a long time Smooches: Ma’am am kinda tired please let me rest for a while, shower and eat before we do anything, that’s if i even have strength. MINISTER: You should never say you want to rest, when i need to get f—-d, boy you f–k me good! you understand? Then she put his flaccid d–k in her mouth, s—–g to rise Smooches sensation to the alter of raw sex and unguarded pleasure, Smooches felt irrated as he pushed her hands of his d–k, and out of anger, wore his clothes and left the hotel room but didn’t know that the real shocker was waiting for him downstairs.

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