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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 6

episode 6
CONTINUES Tender was really not sure if he could handle both women and satisfy them in bed but the glaring stint of adventure made him not want to turn back and walk away, he was sure this was what he wanted but now that he had the real deal his mind was a little bit unstable because never in his imagination had the thought of a romping pleasure of threesome present itself and not even on a platter of gold. They walked right into thier hotel room and drank more cognac and tossed a well moulded marijuana into the hands of Tender, lit theirs and also tossed the match box also to him and tessy took a drag of her weed, and chioma opened her mouth as tessy let some into her mouth and they kissed passionately, bending their necks at different angles and then chioma held tessy by the head and kissed her for few minutes before she let go, The whole lesbian thing was new to Tender as he watched with total amazement and concentration that it was the hot ash from the weed on his hand that brought his roving mind back to planet earth, when the ash dropped on his thigh, they kept kissing and smoking weed and laughing at any little thing showing on the television, Tender’s first experience of smoking weed made him marvel at how light he felt, he became more courageous as he dropped his weed in the ash tray and walked towards tessy and chioma, sat in their middled and grabbed chioma’s huge boobs and said TENDER: Can i be your slave? CHIOMA: Yes sweetheart am going to be your mistress And he kissed her while tessy began to caress his bare chest from behind while her boobs pressed against his back and Tender could feel both nipples caressing his back, he continued kissed chioma and fondling her boobs while tessy stroke his d–k from his back, giving him a handjob and licking his earlobes and kissing him by the neck and whispering into his ears TESSY: How do you like that? Tender grabbed chioma’s huge melon sized breast and put the nipples into his mouth and s—-d her so slow and sensual, really taking his time to drive her nuts and chioma pushed him by the chest slowly until his back touched the bed, she climbed on Tenders short fat c–k and faced back while Tessy hurriedly pulled off her g-strings and sat right on Tender’s face as she kept moaning words and pounding her p—y on the tongue of Tender TESSY: Yes, S–k that c–t, oh jeez that’s the spot, lick it like is your favourite ice cream She would occassionally bend her head backward and moan so loud, Tender was squeezing tessy’s nipples while tessy grabbed the busy chioma’s nipples from behind while chioma kept pounding and hitting her c–t in and out and the “tap! tap!” sound was what chioma’s wet p—y produced, she will occasionally whine her waist round in circles and moan CHIOMA: Arrrrrghhh chei! am finished oooooooh! As She now turned round on his d–k without letting tenders d–k slip out of her p—y and they began to lick each others tongue while tessy stretched her hands and spanked chioma’s ass hard CHIOMA: Sweet mama, spank me harder please! ………………………………………………… At exactly 7:00am the next day, madam minister woke Smooches up and said MINISTER: Young boy i would have loved to have a taste of your sweet sugar stick but i have an urgent meeting, take this cheque and this hundred thousand naira for transport, leave your number with the receptionist, i’ll see you next weekend. Madam minister hurriedly took her bath, wore her clothes and hanged her laptop bag on her shoulder as she left the hotel room, it was then that it came to Smooches mind to look at the cheque to see how much she gave him with note that reads “present this cheque and tell them to call iyke” And he could not believe his eyes when he read in for the first time, it can’t be possible he thought, how can she give him six millionaira just for this little time they spent together, he dropped by the cheque on the bed, rushed and danced azonto for almost 20mins, hurriedly wore his clothes and rushed towards the bar. Big Riley had this heavy eyes and it showed he didn’t sleep last night and Smooches could easily guess that he wasn’t lucky last night, Tender was given one million naira cash by tessy and chioma with a promise to see next weekend again, Smooches: Omo Big Riley i swear, i owe you alot, imagine i just became a millionaire in one night BIG RILEY: yeah bruv, welcome to the circle, how much did she give you in total Smooches:{now smiling} Six million naira! They laughed and jubilated as they left the hotel for school, for good things don’t hide, it was obvious in school that some sort of transformation happened to kingsley and bright for they came back answering Smooches and Tender and yes they had cash to flaunt around

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