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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 5

episode 5
CONTINUES The evolving pleasure had enveloped both lovers as Smooches took the huge black d—o from her and inserted it into her now wet p—y slowly before using his spit to lubricate his d–k and slowly put his d–k into her anus as she let out a loud moan, a sign that she was feeling the excruciating pain his d–k was giving her as it widened her anus, he put the full length of his huge d–k into her anus while the d—o was already in her p—y as she moaned MINISTER: C’mon boy ram that ass all up for me, f–k me like a b—h. And the animal in Smooches came alive as he hit her p—y hard with precise rhythm and t—-t, the d—o was f—–g her p—y slow while his d–k was really the trigger that made madam minister mad, as she kissed him and thier tongue tangled and she was all sweaty, while Smooches kept asking questions Smooches: Do you like my d–k? should i hit harder? why is your p—y so sweet? MINISTER: Oh i love your pipe boy, tear up my ass, f–k me till i faint, you are the one that has brought out the sweetness in my c–t! And Smooches continued ploughing her ass while she held him by the waist and directed him on how hard or slow she wants it, she began to shake her fat thighs in wild ecstacy, and her hand gripped Smooches by the waist as her long fingernails left marks on both side of his waist and her c-m gushed out and rubbed Smooches all over his g—n area while some drooled down to her ass and she yelled MINISTER: Damnnnnn! boy you have killed me. The c-m that drooled down her butt hole made the thrusting far easier for Smooches as it was now slippery and he began to f–k faster SMOOCHES: Am cuming, Yes ooooo And Smooches let his c-m shoot right inside her anus as he held her close and the sweat from his face dripping on her boobs and he pulled out his d–k, laid by the bed side and was panting for air ………………………………………………… While all these things where happening, Tender and Big Riley where still at the bar, drinking and chatting, Big Riley knew deep down that for them to be at the bar by 12pm with nobody giving either of them a signal meant it was bad business and that they will have to use thier own money to pay for a room, Tender was already feeling sleepy and yawning with his mouth wide open, he decided to use the convenience. Tender walked right into two women who grabbed each other by the butts as they were kissing, he turned back immediately, apologise as he left the toilet in quick steps but he was called back and the fair fat short woman amongst the two stretched her hand and introduced herself CHIOMA: How are you dude? my name is chioma and meet my friend tessy And tessy gave a faint smile and winked at him, tessy is really an epitome of beauty, she has this imposing height and was curvy and thin, though she looks old but it was obvious chioma was older than her. CHIOMA: Are you booked for the night? TENDER: No ma’am, i have been at the bar drinking since Tessy decided to go straight for the kill for they all knew why they where there TESSY: Do you care to joins us in our room or you still want to go back to your drink?

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