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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 4

episode 4
As Smooches opened the door, he saw madam minister on the bed naked, watching p–n with a laptop while her hands where on her c——s as she was masturbating, her legs sprouted into the air as she turned and saw smooches, and she signalled him to come. MINISTER: cute boy, come here, come and taste my p—y. She removed her two fingers that were buried inside her p—y and put it inside Smooches mouth and he licked it voraciously, and she spanked him on the ass and moaned MINISTER: Good boy! Very good boy, now take off your clothes and go to the bath tub and wait for me. Smooches walked towards the bathroom, took of his clothes and sat inside the bathtub and allowed water to fill the tub while he sponged himself away, and the door opened, madam minister had the most gorgeous body a woman of her age should posses, her excessively huge boobs that were not too saggy and those gogeous hips and excessive layers of fat by the both side of her tummy made her waddle while she walked, she put one breast into the mouth of Smooches as she was entering the tub with him! MINISTER: Take care of this nipples while i bathe you As she took the sponge off Smooches hands and began to scrub his chest, she dropped the sponge in the water and used her hand to caress his chest, rubbing her hand across his 6 packs and her lust filled eyes where now so small like she is intoxicated from the wine at the party while smooches was s—–g the nipples so well, licking and s—–g it that it sent shocks of pleasure down her spine, then she put her hands into the water and grabbed Smooches fully erect d–k, and smiled MINISTER: Young man you have a good size, i think i like this and would wanna have my fill today. She wrapped her hand round his d–k and formed a p—y-like shape as she began to t—-t forth on his d–k, going up and down that lenghty d–k while he s—-d her nipples so well that she would occassionally stop finger f—–g him and let out moans of MINISTER: Yes! Right there!. She took Smooches left hand and directed it towards her p—y and Smooches felt her neatly shaved fresh p—y as he put two fingers into her p—y while the other hand was busy positioning the boobs for his expert s—–g, she worked her hands so well that it made Smooches feel like it was a p—y as he jerk his hips to each of her strokes, she stood up abruptly, grabbed Smooches by the hand and hurried to the bed while water dripped all over the tiles. As she sat by the edge of the bed and took the full length of Smooches c–k in her mouth, she s—-d him and used the spit in her mouth to make it sluppy, while she spank him and continued s—–g, her eyes up looking at Smooches as he was wrangling in pleasure while both of his hands her playing with her nipples like its a knob of a radio, she spat on the d–k and said. MINISTER: Come s–k my p—y boy, that tongue will feel good on my c——s. As she laid her back on the bed, and spread her thigh wider apart and Smooches buried his head in her p—y, sapping every drop of wetness in her p—y with his tongue before using the tip of his tongue to lick her c——s so tender and fast as she moaned MINISTER: Young boy Yessss! oh Young boy you are for keeps. He s—-d her till her feets began to shake as she pressed his head hard and deep on her p—y and Smooches almost suffocated but the pleasure he was getting made him want to go the extreme,and he stood up raised her thighs to his shoulder and was about to insert his huge 7 inch d–k into her p—y when she said MINISTER: Wait! {as she lifted the pillow and brought out a huge penis size d—o} use this to f–k my p—y good while you f–k my ass well for me, i need to feel you in both holes tonight

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