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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 3

episode 3
Continues Puzzled like a pack of cards thrown into the air and left to litter the earth, they were caught in total surprise that none of them could talk for split minutes, rather kingsley took a drag from the cuban cigar in his right hand and puffed a huge cloud of smoke into the air and said in a low tone KINGSLEY: We are ready Big Riley, show us the way, i think we can do that, if that’s all it takes to be like you. Both kingsley, Bright and Big Riley agreed to keep this between them, he told them that the next weekend that thier would be a sugar mummy get together, and that with his influence he will be able to grant them entrance but please they should act smart and not misuse this opportunity he is giving them, for it comes like an eclispe, once every four years, and the week leading to that friday when kingsley and bright would be introduced into the big league seem to move in a snail-like movement and they waited in anticipation but was killed with the sheer pinch of anxiety. Big Riley spent money on them when he took them shopping, from expensive wristwatches to designer shoes and cloths and they set out for the journey to calabar when they arrived, Big riley looked at his watch, cleared his throat and turned towards kingsley and you could tell he wanted to make a very important announcement from the way he kept his face BIG RILEY: these women don’t like unemployed youths or students, never say your are a student or even reveal your real name because sometimes things could get ugly, infact kingsley from now onwards your name is “smooches” and you bright your name is “tender” for no reason should you reveal your identity” They shook hands as they walked into the hotel, Big Riley, Smooches and Tender, all looking expensive and had this infectious smile worn on thier faces, the hotel is a 5 star hotel with all the ambience of class, wealth and secrecy written all over the place and on the faces of the women they walked past, just as time never always stops to fly, the trio of them where drinking and laughing as one of the many women at the party walked toward thier table and Big Riley whispered BIG RILEY: That woman walking towards our table, is the minister of finance, i have used all my antics to get her to like me but she seem never to notice any. Big Riley tried to speak but he couldn’t mutter words because he was surprised when she stopped right infront of thier table, gave Big Riley a faint smile and turned towards Smooches and said MINISTER: Young man, your quite handsome, i am spending the night with you. As she stretched her hands and gave Smooches the key to her hotel room and said MINISTER: Whatever your doing young man, i want you in my room by 10pm. And she danced and wangled her way into the bevy of fat women that was at the party and Big Riley couldn’t control his feeling of excitement. BIG RILEY: Dude you’ve just hit the jackpot, i say you are a big fish from today. And they drank more in excitement and the day grew old, it was few minutes to 10pm and Smooches shook hands with Big Riley and Tender as he left in a hurry, trying not to arrive at the room late and also locate the hotel room number fast.

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