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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 2

CONTINUATION] kingsley walked to him while bright followed him but at a slow pace KINGSLEY: Big Riley the boss, dis one you no dey with chics wetin dey sub? And here was a very cool trait that Big Riley has, he is wealthy but doesn’t segregate, he talks and is a friend to the low and mighty and treats all equal, BIG RILEY: {shaking both guys} my nigga no mind me oh, i just say make i chill outside alone today, dem dey give award for who carry woman pass? Kingsley and bright smiled as he kept talking about girls and booze, he even offered them his malboro cuban cigar and bright turned down the offer, while kingsley hurriedly took a stick of cigar and lit, watching as Big Riley puffed his cigar and did the same KINGSLEY: Baba Riley, the reason we come meet you be say, me and dis my man bright don suffer for oppression for dis town like dis, sotey to comot outside dey shame us, we want make you carry us along abeg! He smiled, looked at bright and then gave kingsley a stern gaze BIG RILEY: true true una dressing no just follow and una na correct boys, secondly una be my neighbour, Big Riley neighbours no suppose dey fall hand, but the thing be say wether una go fit keep una mouth shut and co-operate, When the ever silent bright who has too scared to talk noticed that thier seem to be a ray of hope from riley’s last statement, he decided to convince Big Riley more, maybe kingsley wasn’t doing a nice job BRIGHT: Big Riley aswear, we no go talk pim! and as you see us so, we ready do anything to dey flex like you. He drew there two close to him, raised his head up and observed the compound and whispered so slow like it was some classified top secret of the FBI BIG RILEY: Una go fit f–k sugar mummies? no be just to put p—k inside toto oh? una go fit last for bed last pass one hour? see dis women old pass una mama finish, you fit live fake life? We Both looked at ourselves and then looked at him

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