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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 11 [Completed]

episode 11
CONTINUES MADAM MINISTER: So your trying to videotape this? what was your intentions? do you know i have political ambitions? am finished! only God knows if you haven’t been recording our previous encounters! infact mopol give him and that his stupid friend real VIP treatment, one that they won’t forget. The next story that followed was one that makes my heart bleed, they were stripped naked by the security aides and driven to school and paraded round the school as KIDNAPPERS, Tender could not believe his eyes when he rushed to the football feild in school, only to see Smooches and Big Riley beaten to a pulp by the security aides, the news in school was that they tried kidnapping the minister of finance but that the security officers foiled thier plans! The sweet sugar mummy that drooled out millions of cash was still the one to give them a very bitter pill that swallowing it was quite hard. THE END……….

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