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Sweet Sugar Mummy – Season 1 – Episode 10

episode 10
CONTINUES The plan to setup madam minister wasn’t an easy task, it was all Smooches and Big Riley could think about for days as they would come up with a plan and squash it at the same time, for the fear of it not being authentic and free from being caught, as Smooches was panting and walking to and fro the room, staring at his watch and then hiss before sitting on the sofa, Tender could see that his dear friend was loosing his cool. TENDER: O boy you need to forget this whole plan of setting your sugar mummy up, you know she is connected, what if it backfires? SMOOCHES: {smiled} Bro, if you know wetin i suffer that day! walahi my brother you will even help me in devising a better plan on how to make this run smoothly. And Smooches phone rang, and it was the dreaded madam minister, Smooches was too scared to answer his call that he showed Tender who the caller was on his phone, and he answered the call. Smooches: Hello MADAM MINISTER: Young man, i noticed you either dropped the cheque on purpose on my table or you forgot it, but that’s not the issue why am calling you. SMOOCHES: Ma’am please i don’t want any of your money again, please leave me alone, there is over a thousand young men in your area, why don’t choose one and leave me alone? MADAM MINISTER: I knew you would prove stubborn, but that’s not a surprise, open your door and see my gift for you outside. The news threw Smooches off balance as he dashed for the door to open it, he saw madam ministers security aides and thier cars parked right inside thier compound!, he quickly locked the door while Tender who was visibly shaking as he stood up. The Security aides smashed the door open and dragged Smooches by the belt, as he struggled to set himself free, Big Riley drove into the compound and saw the huge scene that was brewing in his compound, as a true friend that he was, he joined Smooches in the car as the car screeched off with trail of dust giving way as they headed for madam ministers hotel room. ……………………………………………….. Almost fourty five minutes since Smooches was dragged into madam ministers hotel room and not even a shout or any unusual sound was heard by Big Riley who waited patiently for his friend and said silent prayers in his heart for his friend as he looked up to the sky, clenched fist and sweaty palm, eyes showing signs of fear that had engulfed his soul. BIG RILEY: Lord we are sinners and mere human beings, give us the grace of a second chance and let this present memory fade away like sand on a desert. It seems his prayers been answered when the knob of the hotel room was twisted and opened, he saw Smooches crying and begging as he was pushed out of the room wearing only his pants, then the security aides rushed to the door of the hotel room and the voice of madam minister could be heard as she shouted to the top of her voice.

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