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Sweet Sera – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

Episode 3

She tickled gently at the back of his knee, knowing how sensitive that is, then curled her hand and dragged her fingernails up the inside of his thigh, scratching lightly.

He let out a girlish squeak and whimper, and she giggled a little, and, cupping his balls gently in her hand, sucked even faster, twisting her head back and forth, working her tongue all around.

“Oh Godddddd He sighed.

She drew back a little and twisted her tongue around and around the tip, rough on top and satiny underneath, before sucking him back into her mouth and flickering her tongue maddeningly just beneath the head.

“Oh dear God,” he murmured as she resumed her job, sucking up and down, head twisting back and forth, tongue swirling and licking and doing bizarre things, as one hand tickled and cupped his balls and the other massaged and scratched his chest.

“Oh… Yes… oh God… YES!” “Oh… Oh… OH!… Yes… oh God… YES!”

She cranked up the intensity one more time, pinching a nipple and pulled lightly, ringing his balls with a thumb and forefinger, and groaning low as she slurped up and down as she slurped up and down.

“Yes… yes.. She braced herself and began swallowing motions as his abdominal muscles clenched up.

He could feel her swallowing and it was too much for him to endure.

Sucking and gulping, she drank his salty juices.

“Oh… my… God,” she exclaims.

Glen began to regain consciousness, but she was still sucking, slower and more tenderly, nursing every drop of blood from his body, sending wild tremors throughout his entire body.

He stroked her hair and looked into her eyes as he lifted her chin.

“What a thing to come home to,” he exclaimed. He kissed her, lifting her chin higher and tasting a smidgeon of his own saltiness. “Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow

He kissed her with one hand still twined in her hair, while she gripped the waistband of his pants and dragged them up over his knees.

She helped him down from the counter, steadying him with an arm around the waist while he pulled up and fastened his pants when he broke the kiss with a ragged breath.

He encircled her with both arms and kissed her passionately once more, nibbling and biting those soft lips that were just… he gasps again. “Woww,” I said.

She gave him a sweet grin before returning her attention to the pot on the stove after bending to pick up his jumper and tossing it at him.

“Are you hungry?” She inquired as she lifted the top and stirred the soup before ladling it into bowls.

“I’m hungry,” he admitted, “but how about you?”

“After dinner,” she added, setting the bowls on the table and tossing the corn can into the recycle bin with a mischievous smile.

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