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Sweet Sera – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2

He got his hands tangled in her curls and kissed her more passionately, biting, nibbling, and sucking her.

She slid her hands into the back of his corduroys, gently groaning, squeezing his butt, and pulling him closer to her.

He moaned as she kissed the side of his neck, collar bone, shoulder, and began pushing his jeans down to his hips.

“Something appears to be in the way,” she whispered, kissing his chest.

She unbuttoned his pants and tugged at the zipper, finding she only needed to unzip it a little before she could yank his pants to his ankles. She grabbed him by the butt again, squeezing him against her as she straightened up and lifting him onto the counter.

He felt the sparkly design on her shirt against his private parts, then had a fastidious thought about possible fecal contamination on the kitchen counter. He tried to squirm back down.

“Uh… this isn’t very sanitary.”

“What? The kitchen counter is for things you are going to eat.” she said as she hooked the bar stool under her with one foot and sat in a smooth motion, then gave his shaft a lick.

“Oh God,” he said in a quavering voice, sitting there naked except for the shoes holding the pants around his ankles. He put one hand behind him to brace himself, and twined the other in her hair, pulling her up to kiss.

She didn’t allow the kiss to go on very long, trailing kisses back down his neck, shoulder, chest, belly, settling onto her bar stool and taking him into her mouth.

She twirled her tongue around his mushroom cap, flicking under the frenulum, making sure he felt the difference in the rough top and satiny smoothness of the underside of her tongue. Her hands explored everywhere, rubbing his thighs, his butt, his tight belly, brushing her fingers sideways across his tiny nips to make them vibrate and tingle.

He was her prisoner, trapped on the kitchen counter, lost in a world of sensation.

“Oh God… Oh God… Oh God!” he gasped as she took him fully into her mouth and sucked up and down fast and hard.

“Oh God, Sera I WANT YOU!”

With her new movement and the vibrations of her voice, she tossed her head and murmured “Uh huh” around him, sending shock waves through him.

She caught his breath and squirmed in joy as she murmured some more, deep in her throat, expressing her gratitude and making him catch his breath.

He tangled his fingers in her hair and worshipped her, amazed that such a lovely woman would find such pleasure in such a thing.

She wiggled a little on the bar stool, peering up at him, one hand all over his chest, dragging fingernails on his sides a bit to torment him, head bobbing up and down constantly.

The other hand slid from his butt, down the outside of his thigh, rubbed gently on the back of his knee for a moment, then slid down his calf to where his pants had his ankles trapped.

The hand traveled across the bridge of his pants to the inside of the other ankle, slowly working its way up, almost unnoticed under the intensity of her sucking and rubbing his chest and nips.

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