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Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – Episode 4

Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – Episode 4

The news of Angela’s pregnancy soon spread like wildfire, not only in the compound but across the entire neighborhood and most embarrassing about it was that her parents were taking her from one house to another trying to force her to any young man she pointed. And the alarming thing about it was that at one point in time almost all of us had her without protection but we all thought she took good care of herself. She acted like a big girl for her age and so the news of her pregnancy looked so unbelievable.

‘’what could have gone wrong? I thought she never jokes with her body? How did she let this happen?’’ Emeka asked as we all gathered to discuss the situation.

‘’this is bad, I heard everyone is rejecting the pregnancy. Very soon she will run out of options and start pointing fingers at us, living in the same compound with her’’ Tony predicted and just like he did, few days later, Angela’s parents showed up at my door with their daughter who was now a shadow of herself. She looked so thin like someone starving or seriously sick. Of course the shame, the stigma, the abuses that came from unwanted pregnancy all showed on her. I couldn’t even look either her or her parents on the face.

‘’you know why we are here. You have probably heard about my daughter’s pregnancy. So what are you going to do about it?. She said you could be responsible’’ her father demanded softly. I couldn’t help but feel pity for the old man, who struggled with his tricycle business to train his children only to be rewarded with such a daughter. Angela couldn’t even say a word.

‘’I’m sorry sir but I don’t think I’m responsible for her pregnancy’’ I managed to stammer while her mother looked at me with fire with her eyes. She was really ready to pounce on me but I couldn’t tell what held her back.

‘’why do you say so?, didn’t you sleep with her?’’ the old man asked.

‘’no I didn’t’’ I lied with a straight face. He got up furiously.

‘’I’m not here to drag anything with you but if it turns out you are lying and denying my daughter with her condition, may things never go down well for you. May you experience more hardship than Job in the bible. Anything that happens to my daughter will be on your head. Thanks for being a nice neighbor, instead of watching her back, you helped lead her astray’’ he prayed and stood up and left my house without a fight. My heart beat heavily as I watched them head to Tony and Emeka’s apartments respectively and just like me they all rejected the pregnancy, leaving Angela to her fate.

It was really a painful stage of my life, I regretted everything I did with the young girl. I hated myself for falling into such lust, I regretted everything I did all in the name of catching fun. But alas it was too late for redemption and even though I never believed in curses, I feared the words from the old man’s lips.

Few days later, we heard Angela was sent to the village to live with her shame but a month later, the news of her death flew in like a harmattan wind, leaving everyone who heard it stunned and down with pain and regret. No one actually knew how she died and none of us could approach her parents to ask.

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