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Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – Episode 3

Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – Episode 3

‘’baby you are so sweet. No wonder’’ I breathed as I did the third round with her, this time around she was riding me in reverse cowboy position. I nodded my head in admiration as she whined her waist over me, my joystick still buried deep inside her.

‘’no wonder what?’’ she asked curiously but I couldn’t answer, instead her ass tightly as I released one more time, totally exhausting myself. She slowly climbed down from my body and gasped, making me sit up curiously. I followed her eyes to my joystick and realized the condom bust inside her.

‘’oh damn, I muttered with a frown’’ I will need money to buy drugs. She demanded and headed to the toilet to clean herself. I fell back on the bed, breathing heavily. I had no money to give her but I had to act like a gentleman.

‘’how much do you need?’’ I asked as soon as she returned from the toilet to dress up

‘’like 5k to flush out everything’’ she answered.

‘’5k!!!’’ I screamed,

‘’yes is it much?’’ she asked 

‘’I don’t even have one naira to give you’’ I muttered honestly. She couldn’t believe her ears.

‘’’but you promised to take care of me. I even want to make a new hair’’ she added desperately but I honestly had nothing to give her. She stood for a few minutes, cursed me and left my apartment to hers while I wondered if I would ever have such opportunity again. I really never wanted things to end that way between us because I still wanted more of her but I never budgeted on her asking for money so soon.

Will I ever get this opportunity again? I wondered over and over

 I soon slept with my thoughts.

Over the next few weeks I still managed to fuck her four more times. In fact whenever I was lucky to get money she was the first person I called to enjoy the money with. So our relationship was more of pay as you go kind of transaction. I invite her whenever I have money. Enjoy super sex with her and give her money afterwards but still to her she felt we were dating but the funny thing about it all was that she was still sleeping with my other neighbors. In fact on one fateful Sunday, she slept with Tony in the afternoon and slept with me later that same evening. We never bothered about her promiscuity and so were simply having turns with her without feelings attached, but honestly she really deserved all the accolades because she was enjoyable and equally cashing out big time from all of us.  At a time I sat down by myself and calculated all I and my friends had spent on her. It really was more than enough to keep an average girl comfortable every month, not adding the ones she got from other guys we didn’t know about.

So Angela was just like the neighborhood prostitute servicing all the males in the neighborhood and cashing out big time from it. Sometimes I wondered how she coped with her parents with such escapades.

‘’I wish I was a woman’’ Tony once muttered to me as we discussed the issue.

‘’yes God implanted a mobile shop on women’s body which pays everywhere they go’’ he added, shaking his head while I nodded in agreement. Of course the young girl really earned more than what all of us combined do earn in a month. But what I didn’t know was what she did with the money because apart from clothes and the big phone she was using, I really didn’t see where all that money was going.

Two months later, the news broke out that Angela was pregnant. Who’s responsible? Who? Who? Who?

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