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Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – Episode 2

Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – Episode 2

Early the next morning, I heard a soft knock on my door, I lazily went to check who was knocking so early as my mind went to Angela’s father who always collected electricity bills early in the morning. Surprisingly it was Angela at the door and not her father. I had to wipe my face to be sure it was her as I quickly smiled. The events of the previous evening slowly played back in my head as I stared at her.

‘’hi frank, I’m sorry for waking you up so early but i really need your help. Can you lend me one thousand naira?’’ she asked, putting me aback with her demand. I couldn’t tell if it was a test or her trying to take advantage of what happened the previous day to swindle me. I weighed my options as I stared back at her. I didn’t have any money in the house at that moment and only had N22OO in my bank account.

‘’please are you helping me or not?’’ she asked curiously, I smiled and nodded.

‘’of course I will help out but I don’t have any cash with me, I will have to do a transfer’’ I replied, resigning to fate as I decided to risk the little amount I had left in the bank for her after using my last card to buy her drink the previous evening. But then I felt it was a sacrifice worth taking, if it would guarantee me a taste of her honeypot which really was worth tasting because not only was she hot and fresh, she equally knew how to package herself.

‘’thanks so much, you are a darling. I will come this evening to spend time with you’’ she offered happily as I made the transfer to her, leaving me smiling and sweating at the same time.


later in the afternoon 

‘’I hope she hasn’t learnt how to pay games?’’ my neighbor Tony asked with a smile as I narrated all that transpired between the girl and I to him. I shrugged hopefully, using the opportunity to borrow one thousand naira from him which I used to buy another drink in anticipation of her visit.

All through the evening anxiously waited for Angela but she never showed up till 8:30pm when I almost gave up, a knock landed on my door and on checking, I saw her standing with a smile on her face, looking so hot and smashing. She was putting on a very short skirt and top which revealed all her figures. I needed no telling she came to give me the long awaited honeypot to feast on. 

My hormones were on fire as I ushered her in, this time straight to my bed. She offered no resistance which gave me the green light to party in my heart. I couldn’t wait to devour the almighty honeypot.

‘’so now what is it you want from me?’’ she asked, sitting on my bed. I quickly pulled down my trouser, allowing her to see my standing joystick stretching itself as if it wanted to rip out of my body.

‘’I hope you have the strength for this?’’ she asked with a grin. I nodded and drew closer.

‘’is that the way you treat your visitor? You won’t offer me anything?’’ she suddenly asked. I quickly apologized, offered her the drink I bought earlier in the day and nervously waited for her to finish. But I couldn’t hold myself to wait for long and in no time I was playing and fondling her boobs while she enjoyed her drink.

Few minutes later, my fingers were in her pot and in no time we were knacking away furiously.

Kpia kpai kpai, I fired from her back while she received all my thrusts without flinching like a big ass woman.

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