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Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter – [Episode 1 – 5]

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Story Title: Sweet Day’s With My Neighbour’s Daughter

Episodes: 5

Category: Romance / Sex

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Episode 1

 I smiled happily as Angela walked into my one bedroom apartment, looking around as she quietly settled down on the two in one chair I had. I licked my lips as I admired her figure one more time, imagining things I could do with her that very evening. She was my neighbor’s daughter, a nineteen year old girl that finished her secondary school the previous year but was very reputable all over the neighborhood as a cheerful giver who was willing to give out her honeypot to anyone who politely asked for it.

I never really knew about her adventures until my neighbors Tony and Emeka confirmed how much they had enjoyed her, in fact Tony told me he had been enjoying her juice for the past two years, leaving me stunned and equally giving me the morale to approach and invite her over to ask for my share.

 I was a single guy battling unemployment, poverty and depression and so a free puccy was a prized commodity I couldn’t overlook. Angela on her own part was really a beautiful fair skinned girl with big boobs and a moderate sized ass which had the capability of swallowing up even the biggest of cocks without any difficulty. I equally heard her soundtrack when being fucked was so musical to the ear and energizing to the body. All the crazy stuff I heard about her made me so desperate to have my own taste and I really couldn’t wait for the opportunity. Moreover which guy wouldn’t want to have a taste after hearing such tempting stories?. 

‘’so you asked me to come, hope I’m safe?’’ I heard her ask curiously, bringing me out of my devilish thoughts. I smiled and shrugged, sitting beside her.

‘’what do I offer you first?’’ I politely asked, she raised her eyes and smiled while my dick nodded in anticipation. I couldn’t wait for the formalities to be over to pounce on her like a lion. I was so crazily hungry for her.

‘’anything you have is fine’’ she replied politely. I quickly got up, reached to my mini fridge and brought a bottle of small stout I earlier purchased on her behalf. My friends already told me how she quickly gets in the mood after drinking a bottle of beer, hence my decision to buy such a drink for her.

‘’ oh gosh why alcoholic drink?’’ she asked with a suspicious smile.

‘’you are a big girl, don’t tell me you prefer malt?’’ I asked with a cunning smile. She shrugged in resignation. I quickly opened the drink and presented it to her. She took it without another word, making me relax and happy.

‘’so what do you want?’’ she asked once again after a few minutes of silence between us. This time around my heart was beating faster than usual. I was overly excited like a teenage boy on his first date.

‘’I want you to be my girlfriend. I have always admired you from the first day I moved into this compound but lacked the courage to approach you. Moreover you were still in secondary school back then and I didn’t want to give the wrong impression by approaching you but now you are all grown and ripe.. I promise never to disappoint you in anything. I promise to always be by your side. I know I don’t have much, but I will always try my best for you’’ I quickly poured out. Of course all I wanted was simply to sleep with her, I never had the intention of making her my girlfriend but then the only way to get into her pants was by using the girlfriend format I read on some De9jaspirit stories. It would be very rude to tell her that all I needed was just sex and nothing else.

 She stared at me without saying anything for some seconds, before shaking her head.

‘’I have a boyfriend’’ she muttered, her eyes still on me.

‘’of course I know you will have a boyfriend but he isn’t your husband. You have to choose the best. Just give me a trial. I’m very close to you. I’m your neighbor and I believe you will never regret this’’ I pleaded. She gulped down her drink, breathed heavily and shook her head. Yes I know she had been hearing such lines in the past but I still had to try.

‘’things don’t work that way, moreover you have been seeing me all these while without saying anything then suddenly you are in love with me’’ she breathed. I drew closer to her, smiled and pecked her. She didn’t draw back, neither did she push me away. There was nothing more to say at this point, it was now time for action, time to see if I had any chance with her. Yes I was hopeful of my success but girls like her could be unpredictable some times

‘’frank can you take care of me?’’ she asked, putting me back with her question which really appeared very blunt but then I wasn’t looking to wife her, all I wanted was to collect my share of the pie. I simply laughed and nodded.

‘’what’s there?, I can take care of you easily’’ I boosted, she laughed.

‘’how?, you don’t have a job’’ she reminded me

‘’yeah but I still do odd jobs that feed me and pay my rent’’ I boasted again . She shook her head as she pondered over it while I quickly drew her closer to me. She didn’t resist and it encouraged me to lift her up and sit her on my lap, my joystick already trying hard to tear out of my tight boxers. Slowly I caressed her laps as my left fingers gently made their way into her pants and to her puccy. It was a bold move trying to finger her so quickly but I already knew the wonders of fingering and how it could land you a quicker success with ladies, if you are bold enough.

‘’I didn’t come for this. I have to get going’’ she muttered quietly but instead of replying, I kissed her neck and ear softly, trying hard to put her in the mood and praying for my plans to work. I desperately needed to taste her that very evening.

At first she kept calm as if my touch was getting into her head but suddenly as if she just recovered from a trance, jumped out of my body and headed towards the door, leaving me hanging or should I say stranded. 

‘’good night frank’’ she muttered as she quickly opened the door. Her quick reflex never gave me time to stop her and all I could do was watch with mouth agape as she rushed out of my apartment after gulping down the bottle of small stout I used my last card to buy.

‘’will I ever have another chance with her?’’ I wondered over and over.

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