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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 9



Tessy dressed up to Ken’s office. She needed to see him anapologize for all the ill treatment she gave him in the past.

Pauline had advised her to go.


“Who do I say wants to see him?” The secretary asked politely.


“Just tell him it’s Tessy”


The secretary made a short call.

“You may go in now..”


Tessy smiled and nervously walked to the door. She knocked lightly and the “come in” from Ken sent shivers down her spine.

She opened the door and walked in.


Ken looked shock to see her. He didn’t Know it was her the secretary was referring to.

His friend, Baddo was sitting opposite him.


“Good morning” she greeted


“Welcome.. how’re you?” Ken asked


“Uhm. I’m fine” She replied


“Erm…Guy, we’d meet during lunch break” Baddo said when he noticed the tension in the office.

He shook hands with Ken and left


“You may sit” Ken said


She sat down.


“Uhm.. should I get you a drink or something?”


“No I’m fine” she smiled


“How’s Pauline? It’s been a while”


“She’s fine.. she’s at home..”


“Ok…so to what do I owe this August visit?”


“Errm..first, I want to share my sympathy with you concerning the death of your was all over the news”


“Thank you” Ken smiled


“And secondly, I want to apologise for how I treated you in the past…I was just….”


“In love” Ken completed it for her.


“Well maybe yes”


“Honestly I bear no grudge against you..I understood you loved the guy and I hope you two can tie the knot”


“Oh no! We’re not together anymore..”she bowed her head


“Urghhh…I see.. I’m sorry about that.” Ken replied.


Silence engulfed them


“Kendrick, I want to ask you a question” Tessy broke the silence


“Go on”


“Uhmmmm…do you still love me? Like do you feel anything for me?”


Ken laughed “I feel something for you..yeah..but not in the first way. I don’t think I love you anymore to want to have you as my woman”


Tessy’s face clouded in sadness


“Don’t get me wrong..I like you a lot but as a friend. If you need my help, you can alwayscome to me anytime. It’s actually nice meeting you. You were a channel through which I’m able to meet my partner”

“Partner? Who’s she?”


Ken sighed “Pauline”


“Which Pauline?” Tessy asked in surprise


“Your friend and roommate”


“Whaaaaaaat?!” Tessy screamed and stood up

“That low life single mum? Are you kidding me right now? Youdumped me for her?!”

“Mind what you say about her..” Ken stood up angrily


“Uhmmmm” Tessy nodded angrily

“Fine! We shall see…” She left the office.




“Can someone tell me what is going on here?” Presh screamed in confusion


“Big sis, what did Sis Princess die of?” Pamie asked


“Abortion complications like you know!” Presh screamed


“Ok. This Uncle here was responsible for the pregnancy. He denied it and sent her out of his house”


“Princess is dead? Like hold on..wait, there’s some thing wrong here. Presh, Princess was your twin sister you told me of? That died on the day we met?” Gozie asked confused


“Yes, Princesswas my twin. There’s no resemblance between us because we’re non identical. I look alot like my mum while she looked like my dad” Presh explained.

She turned to Pamela

“I still don’t understand what you’re come I knew nothing of such and you know everything?”


Pamela explained how she was always going with Princess to meet Gozie.

How they met

How Princess got pregnant and confided in her and made her promise never to tell anyone.

How they had gone to inform Gozie and he kicked them out

How Princess decided to abort it on her own through drugs.

And how she finally died.


After the revelation, Presh busted into tears.

Gozie had already started crying during the whole thing.


“So I’ve been in love with a murderer?!” Presh screamed.


“Presh let me explain…I didn’t mean to..” Gozie cried


“Get out!!” Presh screamed


Without hesitating, Gozie left in tears.




“You dirty, useless, ugly b—h!!!” Tessy screamed as she entered into the room.


“Who made you angry?” Pauline asked rising up from the bed


“You pretentious thing! Hehehe so you think I wouldn’t find out? Ah Pauline. You’re just a backstabber!”


“What are you blabbing about?” Pauline asked confused


Tessy landed her a slap

“That’s for stealing my man!”


“What? Which man?”


Tessy landed her another slap

“Now that’s for being a devilish friend!”


Pauline couldn’t take it. She pounced on Tessy and a fight ensued between them.

Soon, the door was flung open.

It was Ken, Baddo and the guard.


They helped separate the fighting ladies.


“I knew this was going to happen.. seriously. That’s why I came.” Ken said


“But Tessy, what exactly is your own problem?” Baddo asked looking angrily at Tessy.



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