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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 8



Immediately Gozie left Ken’s company, he quickly dialed Presh’s number to tell her of the good news.


“Guess what?” He said excitedly immediately she picked the call.


“I don’t know o..tell me na” She said


“Ok.. I’ve gotten a job as a driver..well, here’s the sweetest part..the CEO of the company has promised to sponsor me abroad to further my education..”


“Wowwwwww! Seriously? .. I’m so happy for you.” Presh said excitedly on the other end of the line.


“I’m happier” Gozie laughed


“Would you mind coming to my office? we’d go somewhere together to celebrate this good news”


“Sure, right away..” and off he went..




Tessy had been discharged from the hospital and was at home lying down on the bed while Pauline was in the kitchen making food.

Soon, the meal of beans and plantain was served.


“Ngwa eat the food so you can take your drugs..then after that, you take a long nap to relax like the doctor instructed” Pauline said adjusting the side stool so that Tessy would be comfortable.


“PauPau.. I want to thank you for your care..and also apologize for all the troubles I gave you following my misconception about your true feeling towards Tony..” Tessy said almost at the verge of tears


“Shhhhhhhhh.. enough of the emotional talks abeg. I’m not a preacher of love. Eat and get well soon then we can continue from where we stopped.. I’ve not truly forgiven you o, e get one of your blue dress wey I dey eye..drop am as forgiveness bonus” Pauline said making her way to Tessy’s box


“If you move closer to my bag, ogun go kill you..!” Tessy shouted


“Stingy thing!” Pauline fired and threw a pillow at her…


Just then, someone barged into the room. Both Tessy and Pauline jumped up in fear. it turned out to be Tony!


” You this they rear mad people in your family? Don’t you have the courtesy of knocking on people’s door? And a female’s house for that matter…what if I was [email protected] or something? Are you intentionally stupid or it’s a generational curse??” Pauline fired angrily


Tessy hissed and sat down


“Look. I’m very sorry..I knew if I had knocked and you knew it was me, you wouldn’t open up…” Tony said calmly


“Mr don’t have any right to barge into my room like you’ve evergiven me money to pay for the house rent. Look, if not for Pauline here who told me to just let the matter die, you’d have been chilling in the cell now because I’d have taken the case to the Police. Now listen, it’s in your own best interest if you leave or I change my mind and involve the police.” Tessy said angrily.

“My love …” He went down on his knees..” I love you, that girl is my ex. I’m sorry about what she did to you but don’t end the relationship because of that. Remember all the goodtimes, all the sacrifices and promises..”

Tessy hissed in disgust “did you remember all that when you verbally abused me? When you caused two dirty pigs to rape me?.. listen Tony leave here in peace or..”


“Please my love, reconsider.” Tony pleaded in tears


“This boy sha have tissue paper inside his ears o” Pauline said angrily


Before anyone could say JACK! The hot beans that Tessy was previously eating was lying tizzling on Tony’s head. Tessy had poured it on him.


“JESUS! GOD!! MY HEAD OO!! Pepper! Fire!!” Tony kept screaming.


Pauline pushed him outside ..”Idiot..if it was me, I’d have done worse than that..bastard son of an epileptic father!”




Gozie was seated in Presh’s office where they were gisting and laughing.

“Honestly he’s a very nice man” Gozie said


“Obviously..if not, who’d see a big head like you and decide to help? You that looks like a thug!” Presh laughed


“You dey whyne me? Hehehe..I don’t need to tell you I’m a very handsome Bobo. Every lady’s crush” Gozie said adjusting his collar and making funny faces which got Presh laughing all the more..


“Presh, I want to thank you for coming into my life to change it.. seriously” Gozie said calmly.

Presh looked at him and smiled


“You know.. that day at the bar. I just lost my own twin sister. I was devastated, I needed to cool off. I’m a doctor and I’ve watched people die but then..watching my own twin sister die hits when I got to the bar and saw you been beaten, I felt I needed to help you. I didn’t want to have another blood on my hands because those guys were ready to beat you to death..”


Gozie sighed “you’re an angel sent to save me from myself..I love you”


Presh stared at him shyly and lowered her face.

“I’ve waited so longfor you to say that”

GOZIE’S face lit up “really? You love me too?”


She nodded.


He stood up and went to meet her. He pulled her up and stared into her beautiful eyes.

“I love you so much, I’ve grown to love you even more with each passing minute. Say Yes to me and I’ll treasure you forever. I want to have you for keeps..I want you to be my woman, I want to be sure I have someone here waiting for me..”


Presh laughed “Your pickup line is wack jor”


Gozie smacked her on her cheeks playfully “must you ruin this beautiful moment. Now that I’m trying to be romantic”


“I love you and yes I’d be your woman”


Gozie hugged her and reached for her lips savouring it with desire. A knock on the door spoilt their little fun.

They quickly adjusted their clothes and Gozie went to seat down.


“Who’s there? Come in..”


A young petite lady walked in


“Good afternoon big sis” the lady went over to hug Presh


“My love, how are you?”Presh smiled at her


“Gozie meet my baby sister Pamela..Pamie meet my boyfriend Gozie..” Presh introduced


As Gozie and Pamela eyes clocked, they looked at each other in shock


“You? Chiagozie??!” Pamela screamed in shock. She looked at her sister in shock “Sister, here is your boyfriend?”


Presh nodded “you know him or something?” She was surprised.


Gozie lowered his head in shame or rather shock?


“This man here is responsible for the death of Sister Princess..!”Pamela said.


Presh opened and closed her mouth in shock.

Gozie looked down in shame.

Pamela looked at Gozie with so much hatred ND fury.



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