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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 6



Ken rushed down to the hospital and just as he entered into the reception, he met his mum, the house maid and his little sister.

His mum’s eyes were already red and swollen.


“Mum.. I’m here.. what’s the problem?.. how’s Dad?” He asked as he rushed over to his mum.

For a reply, she bursted into fresh tears.


“Zipporah, what is the problem? The doctor gave me an urgent call.. where’s Dad?” He asked his kid sister


“Brother…brother..Dad..Dad is..” Zipporah started crying again


“Dead?!” Ken completed it praying for his sister to give him a negative reply


“Yes, Dad is dead..”Zipporah replied.


Ken stood up quietly and went to sit on one of the chairs there at the reception.

He couldn’t believe it.

He didn’t want to believe it.

He patiently waited for the Doctor..


Few minutes later, Doctor Presh came out .


“Ken.. please follow me to my office”


Ken sluggishly did. They entered her office and he sat down. She sat too


“I guess you already heard the news. But I want you to be strong for your mother and sister. Your elder sister abroad would soon arrive, I want you to be strong for her too… I’m not just a family Doctor, my family and yours have become family friends over the years.. I’ve been your family Doctor for 5 years now after my Dad who was also your family Doctor for close to 25 years died I take you as a big brother. Be strong Kendrick. it’s okay to cry, but don’t do it in the presence of your family. They’ll only become weak.”


“Thank you..” Ken said with a cracked voice

“Can I make use of your rest room?”


“Sure ..over there” Presh pointed at the place.


Ken went into the rest room and sat on the WC..He just needed privacy to cry. He was hurting deeply and needed to release the tears. His Dad was his source of inspiration.

The Man believed so much in him that he handed over the affairs of one of his biggest companies to him.

The more Ken remembered it, the more he cried..


Presh was in her office listening to his sobs. She made no attempt to stop him. He needed to relief himself of his pains.

Butafter 5mins, she went into the rest room.

“Ken.. it’s alright.. it’s okay..your family are waiting for you outside. Put yourself together ok?” She dragged him up from the WC and hugged him. He held unto her tightly and sobbed all the more. For like 3mins, they were in that positionuntil a knock interrupted them. They quickly disengaged..

Ken wiped his tears and was washing his face while Presh went to answer the door.

She met an unfamiliar face at the door and assumed it was a patient.

“Come in sir” She went and sat down while the man followed her and sat opposite her

“How may I help you?” She asked


“Ermmmmm…I came to thank you for saving my life 2days paid for the broken bottles and brought me here for treatment..”


“Oh my bad.. I’m so sorry.. how’re you doing now” Presh hit her head slightly in remembrance


“I’m fine..thank you” Gozie replied


Just then, Ken came out of the rest room.

“I’ll go home now and come back later with my uncle to Talk about the body”


Presh nodded “Just be strong ok? And call me in case you need my assistance”


“Thank you..” Ken replied and left.


Gozie turned swiftly to Presh

“Please is that not the son of that popular millionaire?”


“Yes, Chief Samuelson Ogbu..”Presh nodded


“What’s wrong with him?”


“He passed on few hours ago…”


“Dead? My goodness, that’s sad..”Gozie said pitiably.


“It’s well..”



Pauline did noT come back that night which got Tessy really worried.

She had tried her line severally but it was switched off. The reality of what she told her friend just dawned on her.


Pauline had suffered several heartbreaks in the Past which

her to promise herself never to engage in any relationship..

Her first lover in 100 level impregnated her and ran away.

If not for God, her pastor and the pleas of Tessy, Pauline’s parents would have chased her out of the house and stopped her schooling.

She managed to carry the pregnancy while going to school till she was delivered of a bouncing baby girl.


“Pauline I’m sorry…”Tessy cried that night to herself. She just realized the depth of hurt her friend was feeling.


The next morning, Pauline knocked on the door and came in.

Tessy quickly woke up from sleep and on sighting Pauline, she said “PauPau, where did you sleep last night?”


Pauline ignored her and went straight to their wardrobe where she started selecting few of her clothes.


“Where are you taking your things to?” Tessy askedsurprised

Pauline again ignored her and folded the clothes into one of her bag and dragged it outside.

Tessy followed her outside


“Pauline please I’m sorry about what transpired between us… I’m sorry but please don’t leave..” Tessy pleaded.


Pauline turned to her

” I love you so much like my sister. I can’t sit here and watch you go astray so it’s better I’m not here to see it at all because if I’m here, I must know me na… I’m not even angry with you concerning what you said to me because it’s the truth. Honestly I have to fix my life first before thinking of fixing some one else’s life..”

Pauline walked out leaving Tessy in tears.


“Yes, this is the idiot..the fool who has been sleeping with my boyfriend” A young lady came in with another lady and two hefty men.


“What is the meaning of this? Who are you?”Tessy asked confused


“My name is Monica and I am Tony’s shows that you’re the fool sleeping with him..chai, after I deal with you, you go know say Dem no dey roast corn for filling station”


“ with her!!” The lady ordered the men


The men licked their lips lustfully before grabbing her to her room..



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