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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 5



Ken walked into his office that Saturday morning..

“Morning Mr Ken” his pretty secretary smiled at him.


‘Amaka, how’re you?” He returned the smile


“Very well, thank you.”


“Are the docvments ready?”


“Yes, right inside your office” She replied and led the way into his office followed by Ken and his personal guard, Jack.


He sat on his chair while Amaka showed him the docvments and where to sign. He flipped through them and signed.


“The consignments are ready?”He asked handing over the signed docvments to Amaka.


“Ready for dispatch sir, our officers are on standby waiting for your orders. Actually, this signed docvments have been keeping them for dispatching the goods”


“ call them and give them the go ahead ..please tell the dispatch officer to keep a close eyes on them and monitor the shipment to the later..” Ken instructed


“Okay sir, I’ll do that right away” Amaka smiled and left


Jack stood beside his boss..


“Jack go andsit down. I want to talk to you”

“Ok boss” Jack went and sat opposite him.


“I want us to talk as friends..not a boss and employee talk”


Jack smiled


“Yeah, what do you think about that girl?” Ken asked


“Which one?” Jack asked


“Tessy ..the one that I told you I liked..”


“Boss you mean that girl that slapped you?”


Ken nodded


“Omo I don’t like her o” Jack was angry

“She had no right whatsoever to raise her hands on you, I did nothing wrong to her. You’re a nice and handsome man, your father is a multi millionaire yet you’re calm, jovial and humble. A rare trait in Rich men’s children..boss I’d advise you forget about her. She doesn’t know the worth of what she has..”


“But what if..” He was interrupted by a call. He picked it up.

“Good morning Doctor..”


“I want you at the hospital now please..”Doctor Presh said urgently at the other end of the line.


“ there a problem?”


“Your Dad was rushed in here few minutes ago. He had another attack..”


“What?! My Dad?”Ken panicked as he stood up

“Just do everything you can Doctor, I’ll be on my way now..”He said and ended the call.

“Jack, that was my family Doctor…quick! Take me to the hospital..”




Back in Tessy and Pauline’s room, a hot argument ensued between them.


“I swear to God, you’re shameless..” Pauline fired

“How can you forgive that guy so easily? Why are you this cheap? They said love is blind, but yours is stupid..sometimes I wonder if you think from your head or your anus”


“I won’t have you insult me..Pauline, your own has become too much. Your jealousy is now glaring and obvious. If you love Ken so much, you can go ahead and marry him. Stop forcing me, I love Tony…besides, the Devil you know is better than the Angel you do not know..”


Pauline laughed “I just pity you..”


“You pokenose into people’s affairs alot and that’s why you can’t keep a particular man..I mean, since I knew man has ever stayed with you for more than a month. I think you should work on yourself and stop poking your nose into my relationship..” Tessy fired.


Pauline became calm, tears filled her eyes but she managed to hold it from dropping.

” Thanks for that advise..I think it’s high time I work on myself and stop caring about people who feel I’m just a worthless being. I’m sorry for poking my nose into your affairs. it will never happen again..” with that, Pauline left the room in tears.




Gozie laid down on his bed in the room smoking. He had been discharged from the hospital that morning after series of examinations and medications because he was beaten mercilessly by those guys at the bar.


“Who was that kind-hearted lady that saved me from being killed by those heartless guys?….hmmmm…why did she do it?” He asked himself.

“I must go back to the hospital and find out who she really is and atleast thank her for her help” He puffed more cigarette as he talked to himself.


Madam Joy barged into his room without knocking

“Hmmmm” she covered her nose with her hand because of the smell of cigarettes


“Ohh mum! Can’t someone just have a little bit of privacy in this house? How can you just barge into my room without knocking..”


“You silly boy! How can you just be smoking early this morning ehn? Polluting the whole place with this odour? Your father is still around, hope you’re aware?”


“Mother, I don’t care anymore..Y’all should just go to hell” He screamed standing up


“Chai…and we slaughtered a big goat during your naming ceremony o..kai” Madam Joy shoke her head in disappointment.


Gozie removed his shirt and headed to the bathroom to bath.. immediately he removed his clothe, the mark from the beating he received was seen by his mother.


“Chineke nnam oo.. Chukwuagoziem, what is all these?” She moved closer to examine it


“Mum limme abeg” He made to leave but she dragged him back.


“I will give you a hefty slap if you don’t tell me what happened to you..”She screamed


“I’m 29 for heaven’s sake..why treat me like a 5 year old?!” He screamed infuriated


“Because you don’t behave like your age.. Chukwuagoziem who did you fight with ehn?”


“Did you even notice I’ve not been home since yesterday? Did you? What you all do is blame me for all the misfortunes that happen..! I’ve been in the hospital since yesterday and you never noticed..And you call yourself my! Bravo!” He said clapping in mockery.


“Are you by any chance insulting me?” Madam Joy asked confused


“I can insult you mum..yes..I will..all you and dad do is to blame, insult and curse and dad are the reason I turned out this way..”


“What did you just say?”Joy asked in anger


“Yes are not even worthy to be called a mum.. neglecting your duties to a house help who molested me for years without your knowledge..all you care About is your work, your business, money and more money..Dad travels like he owns the don’t care about me. You didn’t train me well yet you blame me for turning out this way?” He laughed “Get out of my room dear mother.. I’m not in any mood to see anyone” He lit up his cigarette and headed to the bathroom leaving his shocked mother staring at him in horror.



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