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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 4



Gozie left the office building and trekked down the road into a local bar. He ordered for a drink even though he knew he didn’t have any money to pay.

Soon, he was consuming 5 bottles and had become drunk


“Madam… bring another bottle come here jare!” He said in a drunken state.


THe woman came with another drink

“After this One, you go pay oo” She said grudgingly


“You’re a you know who my father is? Waka there!! Infact.. for saying that rubbish, I will not pay!!”He staggered up and kicked the table where all the bottles broke.


The bar woman screamed in horror and held him by the collar of his shirt

“Oga, you never see madness o…you must pay me for all the drinks you take plus all the bottles you scatter!!”

“Ashawo, leave my cloth before I…” He dealt her a heavy blow which made her lose balance and fell on the broken bottles, injuring herself.


The Young men who were at the scene rushed Gozie and began to beat him up mercilessly.


“STOP IT!!! STOPP!!!” A voice yelled..

“I’d pay, I’d pay for everything and treat her wounds” She said pointing at the injured lady writhing in pain on the floor.


The Young men stopped.

“You get luck…na this fine aunty save you”


“We for just kill you here” another added before leaving the bar.


The Saviour is Presh, a Doctor working in a big hospital. She came to the bar to cool off after the death of her twin sister that afternoon. Her dead Twin, Princess was rushed into the hospital early that day after she fainted in her office, she was a barrister. Presh tried all she could to save her sister but it was too late.


Presh drove Gozie to her hospital after she cleared the bills of the destroyed bottles and gave the injured woman some money to treat herself.

She took Gozie tO her hospital and handed him over to sOme doctors to take care of him before leaving to continue mourning her sister.




“I heard how that girl slapped and humiliated you..Kai, Kendrick ! This is too much, how can you let that tiny girl treat you like a nobody? I mean..there are many girls out there who’d crawl at yourfeet begging to be your wife! Ken imazikwa onye ibu? (Do you know who you are?)…biko..” Baddo said puffing his cigarette

“Baddo, I’m confused..very confused..” Ken gulped his wine


“Leave the girl and move on!”


“That’s exactly what I’d do..I can’t keep forcing myself on someone who doesn’t love me.. it’s plain stupidity”Ken said

“Ehen! Now you’re talking..forget her.. you’ll get another girl biko”




“I’m not sorry to say this, you’re the biggest fool in the whole wide dare you show your ugly face here huh?” Pauline said to Tony.


Tony had come early that morning to see Tessy and apologize for what transpired between them days ago.

Pauline opened thedoor and saw Tony whom she detests so much.

“Pauline, please I beg you in the name of God, I’m not ready for your troubles.. it’s Tessy I came to see..” He said calmly.


“Seriously? You still have the mouth to talk?” Pauline was angry “I’ve always hated fair guys..and yours is worse, you’re not even fair, bleaching like a Yoruba goat.. please get out of this place!!”


“Pauline jeje leave this door,. I came to see my girlfriend” Ken screamed


“What girlfriend? Chai..” Pauline clapped her hands in mockery


“Pauline leave….”


“And what is the noise all about?” Tessy asked coming out of



“Baby I came to see you but this your mad friend…”


“It is your mother and sisters that are mad!” Pauline fired


“You see now Abi??”.. Tony murmured


“Please Pauline, let him come in..” Tessy pleaded


“Ehn?” Pauline was surprised


“Please..” Tessy pleaded


Pauline eyed her from head to toe in disgust, hissed and left the house for them..

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