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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 3



Chief Philip walked angrily into the office ignoring Kiki’s greeting.

He walked straight into GOZIE’S office and meet the place in a mess.

Gozie on sighting his father stood up.


“Well..come.. dad”he stammered


“Keep your stupid greeting to yourself! Useless boy” He shouted


Gozie bowed his head in shame.


“I heard all the stupid things you you lost the contract..2 contracts in just a month.. I’m so happy for you..Your mother begged me to give you a chance to prove yourself and I’m proud to announce to you that you’ve proved how worthless and unproductive you are..”


“Dad I’m sorry..just give me a little time to amend things…please sir” Gozie pleaded


Chief Philip eyed him in anger.

“The only reason I won’t disinherit you here and now is because of what people will say…just know that you’re my son by mere name and not by heart..”


“Dad please…”


“Give me the car keys”Chief stretched his hand forward


“Ehn?” Gozie asked confused


“Are you deaf? I saw give me the key to the car I bought for you with my money!”


Gozie fumbled in his pocket and brought out a bunch of keys which he handed over to his father.


“Now move out of this office”Chief commanded


Gozie took his phones and left the office followed by Chief and his driver.


“Kiki! Kikiope!!” Chief called


Kiki ran before Chief

“Yes sir…”


“Lock up that office and I don’t want to see this young man here I make myself clear?”


“Yes sir..” Kiki replied as she quickly began to lock the office door.


“Where is the CSO?” Chief asked


Soon, the Chief Security Officer of the company arrived on his uniform.


“Good day Chief” He greeted


“Mr Tanko, I don’t want to see this young man around this company’s premises from now henceforth!” He said pointing at Gozie.


“You mean…”


“Yes! I don’t want to see him around would not like it if I get to find out that he still comes here..” Chief stressed..


“Gosh Dad…are all these embarrassment necessary?”Gozie said angrily


“Any more word from you andI’ll lock you up in the military barracks for the end of your miserable life. You are of no use to me as you have caused me more pains and sadness than Joy… Rusticated from 3 universities here in Nigeria, I sent you abroad and you squandered all my money and joined bad gang. You deceived me for 5 years that you were studying abroad.. then after I found out and brought you back here to learn a trade or acquire a skill, you instead impregnanted the daughter of your boss and started smoking…You are a shame and a disgrace and no embarrassment is too much for you” turning to Mr Tanko, he said “please bundle him out of here…”



Tessy and Tony were on the bed cuddling..


“Baby, you just get sweeter everyday..I can’t seem to get enough of you” Tony said


Tessy laughed “no dey whyne me jor”


Tessy’s phone began toring. Tessy picked the call and saw that it was Ken calling. She dumped the phone.

“Answer the call nau” Tony said as the phone continued ringing


“Abeg leave it..” Tessy replied


“Pick the call…Abi is it one of your boyfriends?” Tony asked getting pissed


“Boyfriend ke”


“Then pick it!” Tony said standing up


“Hia!! Tony please don’t ruin this happy mood .. let’s forget about the caller who’s the least important person now and focus on ourselves”


“You’re nothing but a liar and a cheap cheat!” Tony said angrily


“You called me what?” Tessy asked also standing up


“Maybe the English is too big for you… you’re an ashawo, a prostitute… gathering boys up and down calling them friends..”


“You didn’t just say that to me..”


“Yes I did! Now get out of my house and go and meet your boyfriend..the one calling you”


Tears started dropping from Tessy’s face as she was pushed out by Tony.




“La La La….mi so so…do…re..mi..fa” Pauline sang in tone to Tessy’s cries..


“Why are you doing this? Why mocking me in my time of pain?” Tessy said admist tears


Pauline laughed

“Pain? Hehehehe… you’re funny o..what pain? My dear friend Theresa, you’re not in any pain. This is not the first time Tony is verbally abusing you..he calls you names at the slightest opportunity and once he comes begging, you quickly succvmb..You don’t feel any pain keep crying while I keep rehearsing my song”


Tessy broke down in more tears

“Tony called me a prostitute..oh..”She lamented


“Fa…re..mi..fa” Pauline sang


“I hate him so much”




Just then, there was a knock on the door and Pauline went to answer it.

It was Ken and a body guard.


“Welcome Fine man, please come inside..” Pauline smiled


“I’ve been calling Tessy’s line but she hasn’t been I became worried and decided to come check on her” Ken said worried


“Come in jare..the madam is insidecrying”

Ken walked in and met Tessy crying

“My goodness! What happened to you?”


Tessy ignored him and kept crying


“Pauline, gini mere ya? (What happened to her?)” Ken asked Pauline in Igbo language..


“Her boyfriend called her a prostitute and other names simple because her phone was ringing and she refused picking up


“You don’t mean it! How can a man verbally abuse a lady he claims to love?”Ken asked angrily..

“Tessy look at me..just look at me..”He said holding her face but she removed his hands rudely and gave him a resounding slap that made him lose balance.


“What did you just do?!” Pauline screamed in horror


“BOSS are you okay?”The body guard rushed towards Ken who held his cheek in shock.


“You’re the cause of all these..listen to me and listen attentively, even if I and Tony break up, I can never be with you.. RUBBISH!” Tessy screamed and walked out of the house.


“What insolence! Boss give me the permission to deal with her” Jack, the hefty body guard said angrily.


“No..just let her be..” Ken managed to say readjusting himself.


“Please I’m so sorry..forgive her.. please..” Pauline pleaded.


“No, there’s no problem..I think I better be on my way now..”


Pauline saw him off to his car before heading inside


“Chineke nna..let this girl not put me into trouble o.. imagine slapping the son of a multi millionaire..just one phone call would put her and her entire family in jail for life..nna ehn, it’s high time I step aside from these whole drama..achoghim nsogbu biko” Pauline soliloquied



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