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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 2



“Wahala for who no get boyfriend o” Pauline said mockingly as Tessy entered into the room. She had been peeping from the window and saw when Tony and Tessy came into the compound and shared a kiss before Tony left.


“Paupau, howfar na”Tessy slumped on the bed exhausted.


For a reply, Pauline hissed loudly. She doesn’t like Tony and she doesn’t hide it. Tony himself knew Pauline disliked him and tried as much as possible to avoid her.

Pauline has been Tessy’s roommate since 100lvl and now that they were in their final year, they were more like friends/sisters than roommates. Tessy and Pauline was in Public Administration department while Tony was in Computer science.


“You forgot we had an assignment to submit this morning abi? You went over to your boyfriend’s house to jolly and then you left me here to do the assignment alone shey??”Pauline said angrily


“My God! Kai..I forgot o, I’m sorry…but did you help me do my own?”Tessy said sitting up and staring pitingly at Pauline. She knew Pauline had helped her


Pauline hissed loudly and headed to the kitchen. “Ken came here with delicious take away rice and chicken from Kilimanjaro but unfortunately, I ate your share and mine.. it’s my reward for making me do the assignment for you!!”she screamed from the kitchen


“Ken did what?!”Tessy screamed and headed to the kitchen to meet Pauline who was already washing the dishes.

“You mean Ken still came here after all the warnings I gave him?”


Pauline stopped washing and faced her “what exactly is your problem ehn? No..tell me. Which girl in her right senses would choose that low life, good-for-nothing guy over Kendrick who’s a responsible, reserved and handsome guy, ehn Theresa?!”


“Don’t call my boyfriend unpleasant names please..”Tessy said with a rising temper


Pauline faced her squarely “why can’t you see what I see in Tony? You’re blinded by love and I’m so disgusted about it..Tony doesn’t worth you.. you’re too good for him. He’s just using you to get money for himself and satisfy his s£xual urge..the other time, you gave him your school fees so he could pay his house almost got self-withdrawal if not for this same Kendrick you’re discarding now…”


“Pauline please…just stop! I love Tony..that is it..I don’tfeel anything for Kendrick”Tessy said raising her hand to shun Pauline

“You lie…a very big lie..give Ken a chance and see if you won’t love him..I see far and I see your future with Tony will only end in tears!”Pauline said in anger


“From today onwards, I want you to mind yourbusiness..never you interfere in my affairs anymore ok? Respect yourself”Tessy said angrily walking out of the kitchen.

“I will never mind my business! I can never watch you enter into the den of lions..whether you like it or not, I am your friend and therefore you are my responsibility..I will advise you to put on a thick skin because my wahala just started..!!”Pauline screamed after her.




Kendrick was with his best friend drinking champagne in the bar of his house.


“Baddo I no go lie you, I love the babe ..but I no just know why she dey shalaye me” Ken gulped theremaining drink in his wine glass

“Guy, forget the girl ..she just dey form anyhow. No be say she too fine sef” Baddo said


Kendrick Samuelson is the son of the Rich business Mogul, Samuelson Ogbu. He’s a smashingly handsome man, dark complexion, tall with abs, full beard gang, fresh to stupour and runs one of his father’s company since he graduated from a university abroad 3 years ago.

He met Tessy on one of his visits to her school where he went to represent his Dad for a function as the VC of the school invited him.

She made a presentation that day and he was wowed not only by her beauty but also her intelligence..he didn’t stay till the end of the function though but he made his findings and got her number and home address. He visited and talked to her making his intentions known to her but she wouldn’t bulge.


“Forget her be celebrity, many girls dey die for the opportunity wey she dey misuse. Common man! Cheer up..”




“Nonsense! Arrant nonsense..rubbish!!”Chief Philip growled angrily


“Nnam please calm least eat, take a shower and rest before ..”Madam Joy said but Chief cut her shut


“Shut up woman! Just keep your mouth shut! This is all your cajoled me into giving that fool a chance to ruin my begged me to give him a chance to prove himself..oh! I didn’t know it was another plot of yours to ridicule my can he lose two contracts in a month! God ..why me? Why must a Lionlike me give birth to an ant?!”Chief Philip lamented angrily

“I’m very sorry…I didn’t know he’d turn out this way. I only wanted him to win your heart..”Joy knelt down


“Oh yes…yes..he has won my heart..I am going to disinherit him..yes..I can’t condone his excesses anymore..he is no longer my son.”


“Ah..Nnam have mercy..”Joy cried holding his leg but he pushed her aside


“Jekwu!! Jekwu!! Come and take me to where that idiot is..”Chief shouted at his driver.



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