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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 14 [Completed]

Episode14 (FINALE)


Everyone rushed out to know what the cause of the scream and gunshot was.

They met the security men holding 3 men with one who was bleeding profusely on his leg.


“What’s the problem? Who are these people??” Ken asked one of the security men.


“Sir, we saw these men sneaking into the Estate through the CCTV camera and decided to trail them. We noticed they were headed here and as such apprehended them. When they noticed us, this particular one shot at us and tried running away so we had to shoot at them too before we finally caught up with them” The CSO of the Estate explained.


“My God!” Mummy Ken exclaimed.


“Who are you?” Ken asked moving close to them. “What are you looking for here?”


The Press around were already covering the incidence.


“You don’t want to talk?” One of the security men used a baton and broke the head of one of the men.

He screamed in pains.


“I will talk o” he cried


The rough one who looked like their leader (Dagger) pinched him not to talk but he refused.


“It’s one aunty that sent us to kill this lady here” he pointed at Pauline


“JESUSS!!!” Everyone exclaimed


“Me? Who’s that? And what did I do?” Pauline asked in shock


“Her name is Tessy”


“What? Tessy? My own friend and roommate?” Pauline cried out


“My God…the world is terrible!” Ken exclaimed


“I’m not shocked at all. I knew that girl was capable of doing anything. She’s a desperate sick lady. She needs psychological help” Baddo said.


The Police was called and in few minutes, they arrived at took the criminals, Ken, Pauline and Baddo and headed to Tessy’s residence to arrest her.


That day, the headline was filled with news of Ken’s proposal to Pauline and the attempt on their lives.


They arrived Tess’s place and met her outside burning some files and papers. She seemed surprise to see the police van in her compound but when she saw dagger and the other men, she perfectly understood.


“So you, Theresa sent men to come and kill me?! Huh!! You ungrateful and wicked soul. You forgot everything Idid for you ?” Pauline screamed and ran to fight her but Ken held her back

“Please calm down..” Ken said


“I believe you’re Miss Theresa right?” A police officer asked Tessy


“Ye..yes” she stammered


“You’re under arrest for sending assassins to kill your own friend. please be silent for anything you say ordo would be used against you in court” He said as he handcuffed her

“Whatever..I hate you, I hate you so much for taking my man away from me! If you hadn’t seduced Ken, he’d have still come back to me?” Tessy screamed


“What man? You shameless disgusting pig! I regret the day I met you” Pauline cried


“She thinks she can eat her cake and still have it.. this girl needs help, honestly.” Baddo said


“I’m just speechless” Ken said


“The good news is that, all your credentials are gone..I burnt them! Everything!!” Tessy laughed wickedly


“WHAAAAAT?!!!!!” Pauline, Baddo and Ken exclaimed in shock.


Pauline ranto the burning fire and indeed, all her credentials were gone.

She cried and ran to hit Tessy who was still laughing but Ken and Baddo restrained her.


Tessy was bundled up in the Police van and all of them were taken to the station.




The whole drama was explained to the police by Pamela and they were all released on bail.


They were heading out of the Police station when the police van conveying Ken and others drove in.


Tessy was dragged into the station on cuffs while she was protesting and screaming.


Immediately Ken came out of the van with Pauline, Gozie recognized him.

“Boss! My boss!!” He went over to Ken and shook hands with him.


“Gozie! Wow..long time, I didn’t see you again as agreed. By the way, what are you doing here?”


“It’s actually a long story but everything is fine now..” he turned over to Presh who was some distance away

“Come baby” she came over smiling

“This is my nice boss..the one I told you that wants to sponsor my trip abroad to study”


“I know him na.. have you forgotten he’s the one you met at my office that day he lost his Dad? I’m their family Doctor” Presh said.


“Oh yeah! I forgot jawe”


Ken and Presh exchanged pleasantries and Ken introduced Pauline to them as his fiancee.

They greeted each other before Gozie and the rest left while Ken and Pauline headed inside the station.




The case was taken to court. Dagger and his friends were given 5 years imprisonment for attempted murder. They were found guilty of other crimes In the past and 7 more years was added to their sentence.


Tessy was also found guilty and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and would be further sent to the rehabilitation center because she was found psychologically imbalance.

She also discovered she waspregnant while in the prison and Tony’s family were contacted. They were to take full responsibility for the child so she could continue her sentence.



“Baby don’t worry about your destroyed credentials, now that all these is over, I’d like you to settle down and choose any university of your choice outside Nigeria. I’d sponsor everything” Ken said


“Seriously? My God! I’m so happy” Pauline jumped on him kissing him


“But that would be after our wedding. I don’t want those oyinbo men to snatch you away from me”


They laughed.






Gozie, his parents and Presh. They were there to see Gozie off because he was traveling to U.K to resume his studies.


“Baby I’ll miss you so much” Presh said with tears dropping from her eyes


“I’ve started missing you already. Just be good and take care of my little one there” he said pointing at her tummy. Oh Yes! Dem later do the do! (Chuckles)


“I will..just take care of yourself” Presh said


“Mum, Dad.. Please take care of my love and our unborn baby” Gozie told his parents


“Trust us na” madam Joy laughed


“Son, when you get there, be a good boy. Remember you’re soon to be a father. Remember all the advice I gave to you. This is a second chance to right all your wrongs” Chief Philip said


Chief Philip had agreed to pay all the expenses of his schooling after the incidence including his fees to study abroad.


“I will Dad” Gozie promised.


Just then, the announcement for the departure of the flight to US was announced.

Gozie quickly hugged his Fiancee and parents before hurrying off.



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