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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 12



That night, Pauline prepared a delicious meal of “ofe ede” (cocoyam soup) and pounded yam for dinner.

She had asked money from Ken earlier to go to the market and get the ingredients.


“I’ve missed local dishes. Kai! This is delicious!” Ken exclaimed the moment he tested the food.


“Uhmm” Pauline smiled


“You’re a good cook!” He said munching the food hungrily.


“What do you expect from a confirm Owerre daughter?” Pauline bragged


“Biko sharrap..quit the bragging. I cook more than you” Ken eyed her.


Pauline bursted into laughter “cook more than me? PauPau? Hehehe.. you don’t know what you’re saying..” she continued eating


“Do you want to bet with me?” Ken asked


“I’ll win you hands need” she was chewing her meat.


“Let’s bet”


“You really want to disgrace your age-wife/”>village people?” She asked


“Waka there!” Ken showed her his five fingers.


Pauline laughed “oya, we have to stake something o”


“Which is?”


Pauline thought for a while..”okay..if I win, you’ll do whatever you wish for a week and if you win, I’ll do whatever you wish for a week”






Gozie was blindfolded and taken into a building. When his blindfold was removed, he realized he was in a beautiful and well furnished room.

Two of the men that took him where standing close to the door.

He couldn’t find Pamela.


“What is going on here? What do y’all want? Money?? Call my dad then! Why holding me captive? Where is Pamela..why is she doing this?” Gozie screamed


“Hey Mr Man! You better shut up and sit down!” One of the men barked at him


“Oh Jesus!” He sat down on the sofa tapping his leg in confusion


Few minutes later, Gozie heard the sound of a car pull up in front of the building.

“Another captive?” He asked himself.


“Let megooooooo!” He heard the voice scream.

It was the voice of a lady.


The voice sounds familiar!

It was Presh!!


The stared at each other in confusion..


“What are you doing here?” Presh asked him.


“I should be asking you that!” Gozie said


“Hey… what’s with the confusion?” Pamela said walking in.


“You? Pamie what are you doing here?” Presh asked in confusion


“She brought me here! She sent men to kidnap me!!” Gozie screamed


“Kidnap you for what?” Presh asked


“Enough of the questions and confusion.. I’d explain” Pamela said as she sat on the sofa.


Presh sat down.

Gozie did same.


“Now here’s the thing..I realized I came into your love story to spoil it. I realized both of you love each other so much. Imagine my big sis here locking herself up and crying throughout the night. This Uncle here almost killed himself with drinking last night and I had to drive him home myself. He did not even know who took him home. I sat down and I thought about it. Inasmuch as I feel Gozie played a major role in the death of my sister, I still consider the happiness of the living than the dead..”


“So what’s the point of kidnapping us?” Presh asked


“I want you both to be together..and talk things out. Pride and anger won’t let either of you talk to each other normally so I had to do it in an abnormal way. I caused the fuss so I have to fix it.” Pamie said


Gozie bent his head since he now understood the whole thing.


Pamie stood up “we’d be back in 4hours time. I hope that by then, you two would be cool”


She looked at the men and the followed her outside locking Presh and Gozie inside the house.


Presh and Gozie sat in silence, each with his own thought.

Suddenly, Gozie knelt before Presh

“Obim I’m sorry.. please forgive me. It’s my past. I don’t live there anymore..”


“But why? Why?” Presh started crying


“I don’t have an explanation or an excuse. I’m not denying or trying to justify myself. I just want you back in to my life..I need you..I can’t breathe without you” Gozie cried


They both started crying


“I love you Gozie. Honestly, I do” Presh cried


“I love you even more” Gozie reached out to her face and they kissed passionately




“Aunty na the babe picture be this?” Dagger asked puffing weed


“Yes, na she. I want make you kill her. Silently. No traces” Tessy said nervously


“That one no go be problem. You come with the money?”


“Yes” Tessy replied as she brought out 50k from her purse and gave to Dagger who smiled heartily


“No traces o. I need a very clean job” Tessy stressed


“Na done deal”


“If you do the work well, I go give you the balance and I go still give you my special food to chop, you understand na” She winked at him


“Aunty de worry, I go do clean job for you..” Dagger hailed her..



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