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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 11



“You’ve been driving for close to 1hr, where are we going to?” Gozie asked


Pamie looked at him and kept quiet focusing on the road.


“Pamela where are you taking me to?” Gozie asked as they diverted into the outskirts of the town.

Pamela kept quiet.


Gozie became alert and started dragging the steering with her.


“What do you think you’re doing? Do you want to get us into an accident?!!” Pamela screamed leaving the steering for him.

He managed to pull up outside the road and the car came to a stop.


“Now listen to me little girl.. don’t try to play games with me. Where are you taking me to?” Gozie asked looking at her squarely.


“I thought you are a hard man. Why shivering like a baby?” She scoffed.


Gozie opened the door and came out.

Pamela followed him

“We’re not there yet. Get in let’s us”


“Not until you tell me where you’re taking me to” Gozie said


“Ok…fine!!” Pamela quickly brought out a gun from her waist and fired it in to the air.


“JESUS!!!!!” Gozie screamed in panic.


Some men dressed in black armed with guns and other weapons came out of the bush, carried Gozie, bundled him into Pamie’s car and drove off.




“You fool! How dare you take advantage of my vulnerable moment to have s£x with me? Are you mad??” Tessy screamed immediately Tony climbed off her after cvmming.


“Babe I’ve missed this your mad body..” he winked grabbing her bare [email protected]

She slapped his hands off


“You’re just a devil.. please leave now!!” She Screamed


“But I thought we’re back together” Tony was confused


“You and who?” She hissed “please wear those rags you call clothes and leave!!!”


“Tessy, I’ve tried my best. God knows I’ve tried to make it up to you and make the relationship work but you keep pushing me away.”


“Quit the motivational speech and get out!!”


“I’ll go and never come back..”


Tessy hissed “better”




Chief Philip angrily walked into the living room


“Nne Gozie! Nne Gozie!!!!” He screamed


Madam Joy ran to meet him


“Nnam, welcome..”


“Keep yourgreetings to your self..look here, I’m sick and tired of the constant shame and disgrace that your son keeps bringing to my name”

“What has he done this Time?” Madam Joy sighed


“I heard from a reliable source that Gozie is now a driver in Late Samuelson Ogbu’s company”


“Driver? But how??”


“He keepsdisgracing me..what would people say? Imagine the media mocking me with such a news! Chai… I’m tired” Chief Philip slumped into his sofa in deep thought

Madam Joy paced about dialing GOZIE’S number but to no avail.




Ken took Pauline to his house. He recently left his parents house to be alone. It was a hefty mansion with a nice pool.


Baddo had dropped at the junction to his house.


Pauline came down from the car barefooted and the beauty of the mansion made her speechless.


“PauPau!!”ken tapped her into reality


“Ken, is this your house?”


He nodded


“I’m asking like a fool.. what was I expecting fromthe son of a multi millionaire who’s now the millionaire?!”

Ken just laughed and took her inside..

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