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Sweet Bitterness – Season 1 Episode 10



“I don’t even understand what the problem is. She came in and started slapping me that I stole her man. Which of her man did I steal? Is it that godforsaken Tony? Tufia…” Pauline spat out in disgust


“Kai..this girl can pretend want to tell me that you’re not having an affair with Ken here?!” Tessy screamed angrily


PauPau looked at Ken, and then at Tessy and back to Ken

“What is she talking about?”


Ken sighed “I’m not having an affair with Pauline, at least not yet..I only said that to see your reaction and you failed woefully. I was expecting you to cry and regret your actions but instead, you came here to display the tout in you. What right do you have to fight Pauline? Did we ever date? I mean you practically humiliated me each time I professed my love to rubbed my social status on the ground and you didn’t care. I’m now your man simply because your Tony left you?” He laughed.


Tessy knelt down and cried

“I’m sorry Ken, I love you”


“Love indeed” Baddo scoffed..”Ken let’s get out of here abeg. I’m getting choked here by the air of jealousy”


“Next Time, be careful with your life choices” Ken said to Tessy who kept crying and pleading.


“Pauline let’s go..”Ken said to her


“Huh? I don’t even understand what is happening here” Pauline was confused


“This type of friend can kill you at night because of a man” Baddo said


Ken dragged her out of the room


“At least let me get some clothes” she protested


“I’ll get clothes for you” Ken replied dragging her to the car


“I’m not even putting on a footwear” Pauline said


“I’ll get footwear for you”


“Oh oh oh! My [email protected] are dangling!!”


“I’ll buy bra for you”


Jack the guard opened the door and Ken lifted Pauline up and put her into the car.


Baddo kept laughing at the drama.




Gozie staggered into the house that night. He was already soaked and drained in alcohol.

His dad and mumwhere in the sitting room waiting for him

“This boy has started again.” Chief Philip shook his head


Gozie made to climb the stairs but fell down

Madam Joy ran to help him but he started throwing up.

She called on the maids who helped her to clean up the place.. whileshe took him inside his room with the help of the guards.



Gozie woke with a slight headache. He was surprised to see his mum by his Side.


“How are you feeling?” She asked smiling


“How did I get here?” He asked


“A young lady brought you back according to the security men at the gate” His mum replied


She left the room and came back with a hot tea and some drugs.

Gozie collected it and drank.


“Ain’t you going to your super market today?” He Asked


“No I want to be with you” she smiled


“Honestly I’m surprised. The unusual show of love andcare..”

“I know.. after my last talk with you, I realized I’ve been a bad mother. I didn’t train you up the way you should go like the Bible said. Maybe that’s why God refused giving me another child after having you. I don’t even deserve to be called a mother..” she started crying


“It’s Alright Mom.. at least you’ve learnt and that’s the most important”


She hugged him..

a guard knocked on the door to inform Gozie that someone came to see him.


He dressed up and went to the parlor to see the person.

His eyes couldn’t believe it.


“Yes, it is Me..I know you Are surprised right?” It was Pamela, Presh’s younger sister.




“Yes, I brought you home last night. You were drunk. I had followed you to the club”


“I don’t seem to understand. You hate me and blamed me for the death of your sister so…?”


“We need to talk..I want you to follow me somewhere..”


“Where?” He was confused.


“Let’s go…” She said and headed out.




Tessy Cried her eyes out after Ken and others left

She thought about everything Ken told her and cried all the more..

The door opened and Tony came in and knelt down.


“I know you don’t want to see me…but baby I’m sorry. I swear on the grave of my late parents..I love you!! I never knew I loved you this much until you Left me. I realized I had lost a rare Gem. I’m ready to change all my bad ways for you.. please”


Tessy only continued crying.


“Baby please..” he moved closer to her


“Tony get out”she said weakly.


He moved closer to her and hugged her, still apologising.

He kissed her, she didn’t resist. And when he was riding her non stop, she only screamed his name urging him to continue as she had missed him.



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