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Sweet Betrayal – Episode 1 – 3 (A Very Short Story)

Sweet Betrayal – Episode 1 - 3 (A Very Short Story)

Sweet Betrayal – Episode 1 – 3 (A Very Short Story)

AUTHOR: Uche Glory
CONTACT: 08184237900

Episode 1:

Mara and Kara were very good friends, of which they were always referred to,  as a set of twin.

They were born on the same day by different mother in the same hospital, both girls were beautiful,intelligent but every human is dynamic.

Mara just like kara was raised by a very responsible, prayerful and disciple parents.

Mara love helping people and giving out things even though its going to hurt her,she doesn’t care provided the person is happy. This was a very special attribute that contributed to her being loved by everyone. kara on the other hand was very pompous, believes everyone is a pest she loves every good things of life.

At school one day Mara was seen helping her team finish their assignment as usual because of her level of intelligence she is always the group leader. This made everyone in school to know her and nicknamed her the sugar girl.

Mara was engrossed with what she was doing when the sound of her name brought her back to reality. Mara!!! ,kara shouted I have being calling you Mara replied oh sorry dear I didn’t hear you call, I was just trying to finish this task before we go home .

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I want you to come with me now I have something to show you Mara tried explaining that she has something to do and these people are waiting for me kara protested. They can wait after all you are like my sister, they are nothing but just pest,who keeps pestering you all day.

kara! don’t call them that,  after all I was the one that wanted to help and I enjoy doing it, said Mara.

Let her insult us shouted Funke angrily at kara ,she always think she is better than us, we don’t blame you, you are so spoilt and that is why you have no friend of yours.

Funke was ready to batter Kara with words, if not for the quick intervention of Mara.

Girls please stop this drama ,you all are special to me and I think that is all that matters .

Soon it was time for their final examination ,Mara and kara prepared themselves very well for the examination Mara was full expectation that she would be given a full scholarship into the university while Kara’s expectation is how she was going to fill on top of the world,dress fashionable way and be a beauty queen.

It was time to go check their results all the students were asked to assemble to school .kara woke up very early ,made her hair applied her makeup to be so spotless and went over to Mara house so that they can go to school together.

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Everybody was there full of expectation they all assembled in the college hall. Mara was busy exchanging pleasantries with all the student present many wished her luck just as she wished them to.

Hello!!! shouted the vice principal into the microphone, everybody quickly settled down and listen.

He started saying our school Greenland Academy, came out with 3rd position overall best in the country we the manager of these great school we are indeed proud of you all.

We are privilege to have one of our own to have won the governor price of a full scholarship to the university of her choice and that person is our lovely daughter, friend and sister Mara.

The whole school was full of joy ,Mary went over to Mara and carried her shoulder high yelling sugar girl sugar girl !!! kara felt very bad and couldn’t hold back her anger and envy she left her friend behind and left.


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