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Surrounding – Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5:



I moved my right leg so my foot pushed between her legs. “No I don’t have anything to say yet, but I will. Right now I’m enjoying listening to a pretty woman vent about getting older. I’m enjoying her company, her voice and her naked body. Please don’t stop. Tell me about your husbands, in order, so I can keep them straight.”


Anne only paused a moment. With alcohol in her, she loved to talk and she needed to get some anger out. Little tidbits of knowledge leaked from her venom, “Al said I was too much work to satisfy in bed; Carter said I made him responsible for our sex life; Tom said I was always tired and didn’t like sex; Henry, we weren’t really married, said I was a prude because I didn’t want him to bring his girlfriend into our bed for a threesome.”


“Henry was the only one I met?”


“Yes, he was younger than me. He was an assistant manager at the bank and looked like Valentino. All the women, including me, wanted him. He didn’t make much money. I allowed him to move in when his branch closed because the bank was bought out. Then I couldn’t get rid of the bastard, even though he never came home.”


I smiled. She blushed, “Sorry for my words. I guess I’m still angry.”


“You have a right to be. Did you sit in a hot tub and talk to any of them like you are doing with me?”


She looked like I slapped her.


“Push your hips forward and rub into my foot while you think about answering my question.”


Without though her body slid forward, her legs spread and her hips tipped enough so my foot could wiggle to open her lips and nestle against her clit.


“You can use your hands and my foot. I would like that.”


For long minutes, I could not tell if she was trying to think if she had ever openly talked to her husbands or if she was struggling not to use my foot to masturbate her pussy. I felt her thrust her hips into the edge of my foot twice when I continued, “Anne, close your eyes and use your imagination for me.” It took her a while to decide. The alcohol was fogging her judgment and response time.




I softened my voice and timed my word patterns with her thrusts. “Right now, can you imagine your perfect fantasy lover?”




“Are you aggressive or passive with him this time?”


She did not answer.


“Would you let your body go? Would it take from your lover what you want? What you body needs?”




Her eyes were closed. One hand held my foot as her hips worked. Her other hand delivered more than half a glass of rum and coke. She drank so lustily some of her drink dribbled from her lips.


“He has given you permission to use him in any way you want. He wants nothing more than to please you. How would you use him tonight?”


Both her hands went to my foot. One had my big toe; the other had the top of my foot. Both pulled in time with her hips thrusting. Her eyes were closed. She was into her fantasy and answering with her imagination, truthfully. “We would both be nude. I would push him down and straddle his head. I would open my cunt and push it down over his mouth. I would grab his ears and command him, “Eat me while I fuck your mouth. Lick me out and drink from me.”


I was surprised to hear her vulgar words and the strength in her conviction. Her chest was heaving and I did not understand all of the words she said. She was close. I took my great risk. I pulled my foot back. Her eyes flew open. They were full of panic, realizing what she had said and how far her body had gone. I lifted her, helped her out of the tub, dimmed the outside lights to one spot and pulled her to me as I lay down in that spot of light. She was now, on stage, the center of attention.


“I want to drink from you Anne.” I pulled her and guided her. “Straddle my head and let me feast on your hot cunt. Take what you want from me.”


She followed; settled over my lips; thrust once, raking her slippery slit over my lips and recoiling when her clit ran full length over my waiting tongue. Her body froze.


“Let your body go, Anne. I want this too. Be free, fuck my mouth. Feed me your wetness. Even if you pee. Use me. Let me watch your climax.”


She hesitated, so I pushed my right middle finger between her pussy’s lips and rubbed her g-spot. Her body exploded. She squirted and I drank. Her thrusts made me remove my finger but she never slowed. She pulled my ears so hard I almost made her stop. I felt my nose crinkle and pop as her pubic bone tried to crush it. I heard her scream and realized that she had screamed when she squirted too, but I had been too surprised to notice at the time. Twice more she came and then rolled over to one side panting. I had not cum. I walked inside my bedroom and retrieved a rabbit vibrator.


“Woman, you are not finished yet. Get on your knees.”


She thought I wanted her to suck me off. Just when her mouth closed around my pre-cum coated cock, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and laid back down on the deck and ordered her, “Straddle my cock and fuck it. I want to watch you cum.”


“I can’t cum that way.”


“Do what you are told or I’ll spank your ass. Can’t you make my cock cum in your body like you can take my mouth?”


Her eyes flashed with mixed anger and lust at my challenge. She was not ready when she tried to slide down my cock. I stretched her and she lifted up with a moan.


“Come on, Little Girl, take a man’s cock into your cunt. Endure a little stretching. You’re not a virgin.”


These words pissed her off. Her fingers curled and tightened into the hair on my chest. It hurt. I grabbed her hips and when she gently lowered her hips, I thrust. She cried out but she had two thirds of my cock inside her.


“Go slow for a while and use this.” I turned on the vibrator, pushed it against her clit and put her hand on it. The guttural, animal moan that rumbled from her womb, through her body and out of her mouth was pure lust from a million years ago when the first woman learned that she could enjoy sex as much as the men who caught her and took her.

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