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Surrounding – Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3:



The day was hot and sunny. I was thinking about a stiff drink when I began to undress in my bedroom. On my deck, lying nude on her back, asleep with a timer next to her, Anne’s legs were slightly spread but pointed away from my sliding door. I made my drink and in just my boxers, snuck out quietly to sit below her feet to gaze at her slightly hanging pussy lips, her closely cropped pubic hair and her slightly sagging natural “C’s” lying spread toward her open arms. I had almost finished my drink when she blinked twice and saw me. She scrambled for her towel. I handed it to her.


She was speechless. I’m not sure I helped, “I got off early and couldn’t believe the beauty, I found outside my bedroom. I noticed your alarm was going to go off at six. I planned to go back inside before then. You are a beautiful woman, Anne. I wish, I were ten years younger. If I were, I would feel confident enough to ask you to go out with me.”


Anne dressed and went home. I sent her an email explaining the last few weeks and apologizing. I did not get a replay for a few days. When her replay came, I was surprised on many levels but tried to be a proper neighbor.


“Tom, Sorry I did not reply sooner. My daughter, Victoria Miller, will be staying with me this summer. We would both like to sun on your patio, if you confirm your schedule, so we will not disturb your ordered life and valuable time. Anne”


My answer probably confused her as much as hers did me:


“Anne, I remember Miss Miller, fifth row back in a theater of 108 students “Introduction to World Literature Classics.” She was quite a distraction still too young a woman to have learned that she is smart and can be successful within her own talent. I miss talking to her mom. Again, I apologize breaching our agreed upon schedule. Should my schedule change again, in any way, I will give you at least a day’s notice via text. You and your daughter are welcomed to use the hot tub deck. I’ll advise you of my summer and fall schedules when I get them. Tom”


A few days later I got the most enjoyable email:


“Tom, When I told Victoria who my neighbor was and what you had said, I got silence, until last night. We had a girls’ night, complete with lots of wine, pajama party, giving each other pedicures and confessions. Victoria said she did not wear panties and flashed you for most of the semester. She said she could see that she had your attention and a few times you retreated behind your desk but you never responded. She lamented that her “C” did not become a “B” or an “A.” Anne”


I was feeling very alone and old when I answered on Tuesday;


“Anne, “You would have easily gotten an “A+.” I’m not that strong. I admit, I fantasized about the two of you sunning on the deck. I still treasure the sight, when I breached our agreement. Thursday, I will be home early. If you are sunning on the deck, I will ask you to go on a 19 day Panama Canal cruise with me before the fall semester. We can negotiate the rules, no expectations, I hate to travel, dine and dance alone. Take care. Tom”


Thursday, I was crushed. Neither Anne nor Victoria was on my deck when I arrived home early. I took a fifth of Bacardi rum, two liters of Diet Coke and a bag of ice with me on to the deck with every intention of getting totally soused. By ten my plan was not working well. My mind was still going a mile a minute and I was not soused. I was nude in my quiet tub and my cock was half hard because of my thoughts and the cycling water jets. A little nock on my gate was followed by my gate opening. Victoria stood, looking like a Catholic school girl.


“Mom says she will call you tomorrow. She could not make it tonight.”


“Is she at home and just sent you?”




“Now that you have graduated and moved on to the working world, how are you doing?”


“Just got a promotion. After only six months. I remember you telling me, I was good and that would happen.”


“You are smart, know how to work, want to succeed and are beautiful. That’s a combination that can win on many levels.”


She stood quietly. She looked like a little girl, yet she was now twenty-three. I did not want her. I felt old, angry, unwanted and lecherous. I owed her some playfulness. I wanted to get even with her mom for not coming to me, “What do you have on under your skirt, little girl?”


Her generation is miles more permissive than mine. She played at looking shy, curtsied and used a little voice to answer, “Panties.”


“Take them off and give me a closer look at what you teased me with in my class one entire semester.”


I was surprised when she stepped out of her panties, spread her legs and thrust her hips toward me.


I reached out and she handed her panties to me. I held them to my nose, inhaled and touched my tongue to the pussy stained gusset. “Victoria, I am quite drunk. I would like to be important to your mother, but I’m not. I can rent a traveling companion. Tell her not to worry. She will still be my fantasy neighbor. Thank you for letting me enjoy your young body.” I handed her, her panties back. Her eyes were wide, dark and surprised. I had been invincible only a few years ago to her. Now, just her youth and sex were enough to defeat my aging body and my tired mind. I did not want to explain what she was still too young to understand. In time, age will compromise her beauty and desirability. She should not have to face that now. Still she wanted to tease.


“How did I taste?”


“Stale, with a hit of urine. I suspect the slippery, salty, freshness direct from the source would be fantastic, but that is just a guess.”


With one foot on the side of the hot tub, Victoria stepped across me, guiding her other foot into the water onto the bench where I sat. Her pussy’s lips opened slightly, hovering just over my mouth. I lifted my wet thumbs out of the water and parted her completely shaved pussy. Enough wetness was there for my right middle finger to slide into her, stretching her sheath open and pushing into her g-spot, just as my lips closed over her clit. I can’t claim any talent. My drunken mind spun, my hungry tongue licked and my eager to please finger thrust. Victoria’s body was ready to be pleased. She came quickly and raced up the hillside again. I looked up at her eyes. The lids were slightly open; her knees buckled once so her weight ground into my finger and face. She stood again; only partially in control. When she collapsed again, I guided her skirted pussy into the water to settle onto my cock. It was easy to stand, sit on the side of the hot tub with my cock buried deep in her belly and have her legs spread on either side of my hips. Her eyes never opened but she began to thrust. I did not need to cum. She did. Once, twice, I felt her young body, suck my cock deep to be kissed by the dimple of her cervix. Every movement of her practiced body raked my shaft across her clit. I thought of her mother, wished I were younger and let Victoria slide up and down my shaft torturing the sensitive ridge around my cock. The last time she came, she cried out. I held her limp body to protect it.

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