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Surrounding – Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2:



Anne’s entire body flushed with my last seven words. I had learned something about her. Something I liked very much. I left her a full glass of tea and retreated to my office without another word being said. From the window in my kitchen, I watched her glance around, dip her fingers into the glass and slip them under the cups of her halter. She backed into the tree, dipped her fingers again and slid them down into her shorts. I saw them move between her legs half a dozen times. When she pulled them out, she rubbed her fingers against her thumb, feeling their slipperiness, sniffed them and sucked the two center ones clean of her juices. Again she looked around guiltily. She went back to work. I think she pointed her ass toward my house hoping I was watching. I was and continued to, while I jacked off into a kitchen towel.


I did not see Anne when I went out a couple of days later to check the mail. She was just across my driveway, “How do you stay so tan this early in the year? Do you go to a tanning salon?”


“You’ve never been over on my side of the fence. Let me show you something in my yard.”


Even though I wanted to walk behind her, we walked side by side in the noonday sun and I talked, “For the rest of this semester, I teach Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons until five. Tuesday is my short day. I only have an afternoon lab, three until six. Thursday is my long day, ten a.m. to ten p.m., with office hours, admin duties and another lab. So, I write early and then,” I pointed toward a high fence attached to my house on the opposite side from where her house was. I pulled a hidden cord and a gate swung open. The fence enclosed a raised deck just outside my bedroom. The area was small, maybe 12’x18′ but it had a four person sunken hot tub, a sunning area, some plants, a thin storage shed and some stacked chairs. “For an hour before I get ready and head to the campus to become “Prim and Proper” Professor Thomas, I catch some rays in my morning open air sauna, sheltered from the cold wind. It gets my head into the right mode to face the young know-it-alls, who have to endure my words of wisdom.”


Anne was impressed, so I continued, “This spot’s south-east facing and the dark wood decking and fencing heat the inside when I need it in the morning. By evening the house shades this spot to cool it on summer evenings. It is also the quietest, most private and darkest part of my yard, so hot-tubing at night under the stars is very enjoyable.”


“It’s perfect.”


“Not perfect but enjoyable. You are welcomed to use it any time. You know my schedule. If you want privacy, you know the secret of how to get in from outside.”


The morning was still cool, but inside my “shelter” it was clearly hot. Like all women, she still had questions, “What do you do in the bad weather?”


“See the metal tracks down the center and on the top of the walls that lead to the gabled end?”




“Watch.” I walked over to the sliding door that leads into my bedroom, opened the slider and flipped an inside switch. The double paned 1’x6′ panels unfolded like an accordion down the center on each side of the enclosed space. That in turn opened sliding doors covering sunlamps attached to the top of the side walls. “See, “instant winter sun room,” complete with a glass ceiling, so I can watch our never ending bad weather, drink wine in the hot tub, work on my stories and avoid being depressed when we don’t see the sun for weeks at a time. I can keep my tan and avoid tan lines.”


My last three words made her blush.


“Oops, said too much, didn’t I. Might as well fess up; I’m not into wearing clothes at home; if you talked to Ann, you know I’m very playful and very oral; and I grew up in such a way that I’m a sexual libertine. Little shocks me, but a lot entices me – including sexy next door female neighbors with beautiful bottoms.”


Anne did not back off this time. “You write about so many things, it is somewhat frightening.”


“A lot of my stories are challenge stories. You know, maybe there was a contest, “Write a story about getting one partner in a lesbian relationship pregnant.” Pure imagination and fantasy, I assure you. But you are right, Pretty One, when we let our imagination go, some things come out that are disconcerting. Literotica, has 21 categories, some of my stories have ventured so far afield that I have had to find other homes for them and wondered if there was something wrong with me because I wrote them.”


“Where does the real sexual you start and the real sexual you end?”


I smiled at her. “That depends a lot on my partner. I would want to be good for her and would go as far as I could in pleasing her. Would I lead? Sure. Would I spank her, tie her up, put her in a swing, use her all night, make her beg to climax and make her cum five times? Maybe against her will? Sure, if I thought she were open to all that. Forcing, truly hurting, tears and truly humiliating are not turn-ons for me. My partner has to make sure that I know she wants to be with me; then, my ego soars and almost anything goes.”


My neighbor was not used to such openness. She was quiet.


“Anne, I would love to talk with you all day, have some wine, sit in the tub, solve all the world’s problems and tease each other with naughty stories. And of course, enjoy looking at your beautiful body. But I have to get to the campus. Stay, enjoy the sun and the hot tub. There is an elliptical machine in that little thin shed and a cold shower, if you pull the chain in the corner. I will like knowing that you use and enjoy my deck.”


The next week, my world was turned upside down for more than a month. In addition to my regular duties, I had to take on some PhD candidates while one of my colleagues had bypass surgery. I hate the politics of the Doctorial program and the egos of the candidates and the professors. I didn’t kill anyone. I guess, I’m a better human being than I thought. Really stressed, one Tuesday, I pawned my lab off on one of my graduate assistants and went home before five.


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