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Sucking for a Raise (19+) – Season 1 – Episode 2

Sebastian could hardly wait for 5 o’clock to come around and got quite impatient when some employees lingered for a few minutes. Alone, at last, he was actually trembling with excitement when Johanna entered the office with a pile of files. Of course, they had to sit side by side and very close to be able to go over the figures but the only figure he was able to concentrate on was hers.

After a while, she began to notice his lack of interest and confronted him, “Mr.Bench you don’t seem to be that interested in what I’m saying.”

“I’m afraid I’ve got some problems at home and it’s playing tricks with my mind,” he said.

Johanna went into sympathy mode and she put her arm around his shoulder and gave him a little hug, “I know,” she said softly, “I know.”
Sebastian was a little confused, he wasn’t quite sure of what she knew but he wasn’t going to turn down a little solace. And when she gave him a peck on the lips he tried to look sorrowful so as to solicit more. However, he couldn’t have imagined just how much more he was going to get. When Johanna’s lips met with his again it turned into a little tongue wrestling followed by her hand feeling for his d**k.

This animal magnetism, that he seemed to possess, made him feel almost god-like. He’d never thought of himself as a ladies man but here he was rubbing the palm of his hand over a beautiful woman’s breast and instead of objecting – it actually increased the intensity of her passion.

His office had a sofa and it wasn’t long before they’d taken off their clothes and were sitting together groping each other’s bodies all over. Johanna turned out to be an animal and grabbing his d**k she knelt on the floor in front of him and sucked it furiously. Poor Sebastian, or should we say lucky Sebastian, was in a state of ecstasy and couldn’t figure out what he’d done to deserve such rewards.

With his brain exploding and his balls equally volatile it wasn’t easy to think about anything but it did flash across his mind that she was bargaining for a raise and if so she was certainly going to get it. That was even more certain when she let him cum in her mouth.

Sebastian, although slightly weakened by the fact that half his sperm had been depleted still found strength to pull her on top of him and proceeded to nibble at her nipples which were like two ripe cherries. Johanna began to groan and moan and tried to force her p*ssy onto to his re-stiffened d**k but he wasn’t ready for that just yet.

With almost acrobatic precision he hoisted her up and dropped her p*ssy onto his face. Her wet petals spread out allowing his tongue to work its magic, going from side to side and up and down. She was whimpering, groaning, moaning and uttering the every obscenity as he flicked the contours of her p**sy. Then her voice went up two octaves when he managed to squeeze his hand up between her legs so that he could stretch back her groove with his middle finger.

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