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Sucking for a Raise (19+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 3]

Sucking for a Raise ?

Sucking for a Raise ?

by Cristiano Caffieri

Sebastian Bench and his wife Joan owned a small publishing company in the Midwest. They had a reasonably happy marriage but she was not as interested in s*x as she might have been, which caused her husband to lust after all the eye candy that passed by his desk.

Johanna Patterson was some such candy, she was a long legged, long haired, perky titted blonde whose bum moved provocatively from side to side as she walked. The problem was, according to rumor, she was having a lesbian affair with Skyla Rolf, another rather delectable piece of candy who worked in the mail room.

Somehow Sebastian couldn’t come to terms with a beautiful woman like Johanna licking another woman’s cunt and felt sure that if she ever got a taste of his d*ck there would be no going back. He tried everything in an attempt to attract her attention to his physical attributes, even wore a codpiece to work one day, it was actually a cucumber on a piece of string but nobody seemed to notice it – not even his wife.

One day, as Johanna leaned over his desk, explaining some discrepancies in the sales projections, her plunging neckline gave him a wonderful view of her unfettered tits. At that very moment, he decided that he must find someway to get her alone and bring up the subject of s*x.

“It’s like chaos around here all the time, no wonder we keep getting the projections wrong. Maybe you wouldn’t mind working for a couple of hours tonight and we could get the whole thing sorted,” he said.

“That would be fine by me,” she replied and made her exit leaving him licking his lips.

It had turned out to be remarkably easy and even when he mentioned the overtime with his wife she didn’t seem to have any objection.

“Work as long as you like,” she said, “Get the job done.”

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