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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 9


I stared anxiously at her, waiting for her response.

“I….I…..don’t think the feeling I have…….towards you is… love”,she said.

I can’t believe this!

Those words stung me like bee..😢😪

Vanessa why?

She walked away slowly, and then ran out of sight.

I can’t believe this!

I scattered everything I could place my hands on.

This diamond ring I bought, to propose to her.



I threw the ring to God knows where.

I locked up the room.

…………. ………… …………


I can’t believe this.

Even though those words did not want to come out, I had to force them out.

I need to discover my feelings first!

I paced up and down in my room.


He must be heart broken now!


I picked up my phone and dialed a number.

”hello cherry, meet me at the bar beach now, we need to speak”,I said, and hung up.

I drove there, and cherry was not there.

I pacer up and down, waiting for her, then five minutes later, she arrived.

“what took you so long?”,I asked, already getting upset.

“chill babe, there was a slight traffic jam”,she said, and we both sat down.

I explained everything to her.

“i am so disappointed in you”,she finally said.

“what? Why?”,I asked.

“you…just leave me, I need to settle something now”,she said and stood up.

”cher….”,I called out, but she left.


I ordered for drinks.

I just kept drinking and drinking to my heart’s content.


I drove to Donald’s house.


Nessa, you messed up big time.

I knocked at Donald’s room, he refused to open.

I sat down, resting my back on the door.

“Donald, I know how you feel, but put your self together, I have a plan, please open the door and hear me out”,I said.

I sat there, already giving up, when he finally opened the door.

I walked in, the place is a mess.

I saw a diamond ring on the floor, I picked it up, and placed it on the table

I whispered the plan to him, and he let out a faint smile.

I left immediately, so vanessa won’t see me.

🔞Episode twenty five🔞


I got back home, and Donald was outside.

He smiled at me.

What’s going on?

“hi, nessa, you fell for it”,he said.

“fell for what?”,I asked, confused.

“i don’t love you, I was testing it out, to know how my love will react when I do same to her”,he said, and shock ran through my veins.


“re…really?”,I asked, as tears formed in my eyes.

“common gal, did you really fall for that, I mean, I don’t love you, you don’t love me right?”,he asked.

I don’t know!

Just then, a lady came in, ran and hugged him.

“aww, you look super cute, you dressed up for me right?”,she asked.

I felt like pulling her away from Donald.

“uhmn, vanessa, this is Juliet, my fiancee, and soon to be wife”,he said, holding her tight.

“and why do I care? Why are you even telling me?”,I asked angrily.

“oh…nothing, so you would respect her”,he replied.

Respect her? As what?

I walked inside angrily, and went to the kitchen.

I drank plenty of water, and cooked some food, for myself.

I went inside to freshen up, and can downstairs, only to see Julia or whatever she’s called, eating some food in the dining.

Hope its not my food!

I walked inside the kitchen!

O.M.G! Its my food!

I ran out.

“how dare you, I just finished cooking, and you seat down here eating it, are you nuts or what?”,I yelled, and raised my hands to slap her, but Donald held my hands.

“how dare you raise your hands to my fiancee? Are you nuts?”,he asked.

“what? She ate my food”,I defended.

“and so? Just cause of this poison you cooked?”,he asked.

“what? My food, poison?”,I asked.

“the next time you raise your hands to my fiancee, you won’t like what I would do to you”,he retorted, and flung my arms harshly.

“take your useless food”,he condemned and threw the food in the floor.

I can’t believe its the same Donald I know!


I gathered the food and threw it away.

I ran to my room!


Even though am not happy with wat Juliet did, I still can’t support nessa.

Sorry nessa!

This is just to make you jealous.

I called cherry and updated her, and she was mute throughout the conversation.

“i feel bad for nessa”,she finally said.

“i do too”,I replied, and breathed out loudly.

“just move to the ending of the plan, let’s not torment her much”,cherry said.

That will be good!

🔞Episode twenty six🔞


The next day, I walked out of my room, and called my friends, James, mia, and Zara.

I met them at our fav spot, the casino.

“gal, what’s up, since you foot a job, you haven’t contacted us”,Zara said.

“yeah, we heard about it. Sorry for the loss”,James said, and the rest nodded.

“forget about that! What’s on ground?”,mia asked.

“you won’t understand guys, you won’t understand”,I said raising my voice.

“then, make us understand”mia said, and I relaxed a bit.

I explained it to them, hut they were all laughing.

“whats so funny?”,I asked, annoyed.

“bae, you are in love”,Zara said.

“come on, you know that’s not …….

“ssh, maybe you didn’t hear her well, you are IN LOVE”,James said, a pitch higher.

“IN LOVE”,mia repeated.

Am in love?

“yes, it must Be love”,I muttered to their hearing.

“yeah, now go make us proud”,Zara said, and I nodded.

I got home, and no one was home.

A message from Donald

💭don’t bother looking for us, we’ll be back in the evening.

Damn it!

Juliet, enjoy him while you can, cause after this night, he is mine.

I freshened up, and woe my nighties.

I was so tired, I slept off.

🌤️The next day🌤️

I woke up, dressed nicely, am going to tell him how I truly feel.

I wore a red short shown, and black heels, with a golden purse, that matches my jewelry.

I came out of my room, and WOW escaped me mouth.

Cherry, and other co-workers were here, and the place was beautifully decorated.

I walked down, gracefully and elegantly.

I walked over to cherry.

“whats going on here?”,I asked.

She shot me an annoyed look, and dragged me outside.

“Because of your stupidity, you let Donald slip off your hands. Well, if you wanna know, Donald is proposing to Julie today, and he asked us to come”,cherry replied, and my jaws dropped.

Tears formed in my eyes, but I controlled myself.

It won’t happen!

I walked in, and sat down.

Donald walked down.


He is so charming.

How can I let such a guy slip off my hands just like that??


Juliet followed behind, holding donald.

“ok thank you all for coming. I want to do this in front of all my employees”,donald said.

Juliet stood on front of him, and wait a minute.

Its just now that I realised juliet and I are wearing the same dress.

Exactly the same.

Juliet stood in front of Donald, as he placed a knee on the floor.

“will u…

Gosh! I can’t bear this!

“stop”,I yelled, and walked over to donald.

“donald, please don’t do this to me”,I pleaded.

“do what to you?”,donald asked.

“i know you want to propose to her, but please don’t”,I pleaded, as tears flowed down my cheeks.

“why. Why shouldn’t I propose to her?”,he asked, raising his voice.

“because I LOVE YOU”,I half yelled!

He held me and hugged me.

“thats all I wanted to hear”,he muttered softly.

T b c

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  • This story is sweeting me like milk.See the way i was laughing out all alone in my room when she told the boss “stop cos I love you “. Well Im happy that she has figured out that she loves him. Congrats guys

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