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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 8


Just took at how she was laughing, while the guy was saying something.

She has never laughed while said something.

What is even wrong with me?

Why do I even care?


I need to clear my head right now, I ordered for an alcoholic drink, even though I know very well that I hate alcohol and it affects me badly.

The drink arrived, and I gulped some in.

The guy’s face just kept flashing, I felt like searching for him and killing him.

I stood up, still holding the glass of alcohol.

Vanessa,the thought of her on my mind…….. I didn’t even know when I started smiling.

I sat down on the lounge, drinking my sorrows out.



“go and check on him”,cherry whispered.

“stop this cherry……… are flattering me”,I replied, smiling sheepishly.

“okay since you don’t wanna go, then I’ll go…….maybe he can you know……drill me again……you know, I really enjoyed it….arrh”,cherry said seductively, moving her a** as if he was right there.


“cherry stop this… going”,I said, and left.

I walked to his office, and then a thought stuck my mind.

What if he asks what am doing in his office?

I ran to my office and got some files, that will be a reasonable excuse.

I knocked gently.

He didn’t answer, then I heard a broken glass.

I ran inside, and saw him on his lounge, drinking.

I ran over to him.

“you promised you wouldn’t drink”,I said, and he looked at me..


😞Last time he drank😒

I went to his office, he was drunk.

He dragged me to himself and touched my cheeks..

“you know…… make me annoyed every time….you are just….so annoying……your cloth……isn’t fine…..”,he said, still holding me.

He used his index finger to touch my lips….

He brought his face close to mine…….

And fainted.

(Author: what were you expecting? Kiss? Lol!🤣)


“vanessa…..come…..closer….I want…to …….tell… some……thing”,he said, and I came a bit close.

He dragged me, and made me sit on his laps.

“i have been……I was….

“yes? Am all ears”,I said eagerly.

“i was…..feeling somehow when……you….were with …….that guy…..I think….I…

“yes? You what?


Pls Lord, let him say it.

“you what?”,I asked anxiously.


🔞Episode twenty three 🔞


“i…..I love…I love”,he said, and dozed off.


I removed his shoes, and placed him well on the lounge.

After getting my hopes up, he just shattered it.

But now, the question is, do I even love him?

I got some warm water, and placed a hot towel on his head.

As I was about to leave, he held my hands..

“i love you”,he blurted out, and I looked at him in shock.

I sat down close to him.

“i love you”,he said, opening his eyes slowly.

“uhmn…you are not okay. You need to rest”,I said.


I finally gotten myself a bit, at least to the extent of knowing what i say.

“am really …..okay”,I said, and coughed.

“please just rest”,she said.

Why is she adamant?

She gently pulled her hands off, and left.


I dozed off!


I woke up, having a slight headache, i looked around, and wait!

This is my house, my room.

How did I get here?

I stood up, freshened up, and went downstairs.

Thank goodness, its a weekend.

Kelvin and Rosa were done eating.

They ran to me..

“uncle, uncle, uncle, please, come and play with us”,they both echoed.

Where is vanessa?

“anything for you two Dearies”,I said and followed them outside.

I saw vanessa, inside the pool.


She looks so cute💗

I played with the Kids.

“uncle you are not concentrating. Okay, coke and sit here”,Rosa said, and took me to a chair.

I sat down, and that’s when vanessa noticed I have been staring.

“what?”,she asked, as she spread her arms wide.

I didn’t reply her, she dragged the towel and tied it while coming out of the pool.

“uhmn……..about yesterday…I….

“i….get it. You didn’t know what you were saying”,she said and left.

Damn it!

No! I gotta tell her….

I mean what I said!


“Kelvin, Rosa, come here”,I said and whispered to their ear.

They nodded and smiled.


Since that night, the security man has been keeping me updated.

Also, I think my love life is going good cause nelson and I have been hooking up, having fun, I thinks he likes me.

By the way, back to vanessa, the security man informs me that vanessa and the kids just left the house, and Donald ordered him to buy flowers and some other stuff.

I entered the compound, and Donald was decorating the front door.

“hi, nessa is not Home”,he said.

“oh! Really? Uhmn……what are you doing?”,I asked.

“oh…nothing”,he lied.


me that knows everything.


“is it for nessa?”,I asked, and he turned.


“sssh, don’t lie to me. I know Its for nessa”,I blurted out.

“ssh, pls don’t tell her”,he said, and told me everything.



I helped him organise everything, then, left.


I took the kids to the park, and there I met nelson.

We had so much fun!


I am exhausted, I drove home.

The kids came down, and I did also.

I walked I’m, flowers everywhere.

I saw a note on the floor.

It says

📝come inside

I entered, and a note was on the floor.

It says

📝don’t be scored, come to your room

I ran upstairs to my room, and opened the door.

Donald was there, looking cute as ever….

Gosh! I can’t believe am drooling.

Then, another note, on the flower he handed over to me.

It says

📝I ❤️ YOU, do you love ms?

He looked at me, waiting for my response.


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