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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 7


Three men approached us.

You know me?

I have changed, am ready for any situation at hand.

I was with a gun, and cherry was a pocket knife.

They tried to attack us for r*pe, but we beat them up.

I shot them on the legs.

“who sent you?”,I asked, yelling at them.

“no one, we have been admiring you guys for a while”,one said.

“oh, admire, you are mad, crazy ans senseless, you thought we were one of those cheap gals”,I retorted.

We kicked them and went inside the company, I got the files and cherry and I parted ways.

I entered Donald’s house, and he was in his room, working on something with his laptop.

“here is the file”,I said, and dropped it on the table.

“are you annoyed?”,he asked, still working on his laptop.

“why won’t I be? My kids are……..

“don’t worry about them, they are here, they have eaten, and I asked instructed their school bus driver to drop them here”,he said, interrupting my speech.

“and why did you tell the driver to bring them here?”,I asked.

”cause you are irresponsible”,he retorted.

“hey hey hey! Am not okay? And what makes you think I am?”,I asked.

“i just know”,he replied, facing me.

“bye, am going home”,I said.

He looked at me.

“home? Your kids are here, and so are most of your things”,he said.

“huh? What things?”,I asked, totally confused.

I never brought any of my thing here so……

“anyways miss, you are not sleeping, you gotta help me”,he said.


I began helping him, sorting out files, signing, reading, and after two hours, we were done.

(Prin cess stories)

I looked at the time and it was a minute to two.

I stood up, brought water, and drank some, while Donald drank the rest.

He stood up, lied down on his bed.

“i can see you want to turn to a body guard, so stay awake, while I sleep”,he said.

As I was about going to my room, the lights went out.

“again? What is wrong with your electricity?”,u half yelled, as I ran to where he lay.

I cuddled him, closing my eyes tight.

He pulled me slightly away from him, and started deep into my eyes, like he was searching for something.

I wanted to turn away, but he moved closer.

“girlie, stop tempting me”,he said.

“huh? Am….sor……

Before I could complete the sentence, he crashed his lips on mine……..

🔞Episode twenty🔞


I crashed my lips on hers.

She first stared at me in shock, then later reciprocated.

We kissed passionately for about five minutes, then she unhooked her lips.

She shifted, and sat upright.

“why……did you do that?”,she asked.

“am……am sorry”,I replied.

I didn’t know what came over me.


She turned to face me.

“am not like other gals Donald, cherry told me about you….you even…….gosh”,she said, and turned the other way.

I can’t explain this feeling am having around her.

I just feel happy whenever she is around.


I pulled her to me..

“pls…..pls don’t say anything”,I said, and cuddled her.

She kept mute…

We stayed like that, till the next morning..

📝The next day📝

I woke up, and vanessa was no where to be seen.

I entered the bathroom, took my bath, wore my clothes.

I walked downstairs, and kelvin and Rosa were eating in the dining.

The security man came inside.

“Kelvin, Rosa, your school bus is here”,he said…

“your lunch box”,vanessa said, and handed it to them.

She kissed their forehead.

“bye uncle Donald”,they both shouted ans ran off.

Vanessa walked upstairs and entered her room.

She didn’t even act like I was there.

After a while, she came out.

“lets go”,she said.

I walked outside alongside with her.

We entered the car, and I drove off.

We got to the company, and I entered my office.


I am really keen on doing what I said I would.

Last night, the security man co-operated with me, and we turned the lights off.

We were watching everything.

I peeped, and they were cuddling each other.

Pls lord, let them fall in love.

I saw vanessa and Donald walk in.

Vanessa and I hugged.

“what’s up babe”,I asked.

“uhmn….I will tell you everything. Come”,she said, and we walked to her office.

🔞Episode twenty one🔞


I told cherry everything including the kiss and cuddle, and she was smiling throughout.

“cherry”,I called out.

“what!”,she answered, keeping an expressionless face.

“do you think he loves me?”,I asked.

“yeah, it might be. He loves you!”,she replied.

“then, how do I find out?”,I asked.

Cherry whispered a plan to my ear.

I like the plan!

I got to his office and submitted some important docvments.

Some clients would be coming today for an important meeting.

🟢Twenty minutes later⚫

The clients arrived, and Donald I took them to the conference hall.

When I looked, I noticed a familiar face, but I couldn’t place where I had seen him before.

🤎one hour later🤎

The conference was over.

Donald had gone to his office, while I led the people out.

As I led them out, the same guy I was staring at, trying to recall hit face, tapped me

“hey, have you forgotten me so soon?”,he asked.

I can’t remember.

“yeah, uhmn…who are you if I may ask?”,I asked.

“am the guy that offered you a lift, and then you guys later came down half way. I told you ak nelson, and your friend said, you are cherry”,he said, and I laughed.

“no, you are wrong, am vanessa, and she is cherry”,I said.

He smiled.

“oh….uhmn….can I have your number?”,he asked.

“uhmn…well….sure”,I said, and we exchanged contacts.

I led him out, and waved at him.

I turned back, only to see an angry looking boss staring at me.

“i asked you to show them out and….

“that’s what I was doing”,I replied, cutting him short.

”young lady…….who is that guy you were smiling with?”,he asked.

“oh….he is my friend…..nel……..

“ion care ro know his name. Go to your office”,he half yelled.

What’s his problem?

I grinned, and went to cherry’s office.

“baby gal, you have gist right?”,she asked, and I nodded.

I told her everything, and she laughed.

“its just our first phase”,she replied, and I smiled.

T b c

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  • Hmmmm the two ladies seems to plan to make him get jealous and and admit his feelings towards her

  • Lol.. This amebo partners (cherry and Vanessa ) will finish their boss. The boss should just open up and pour out his feelings towards her before it would be too late o

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