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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 6


I have hearing all the ruckus, shout, gun shot, so I decided to check it out myself, and i couldn’t believe my eyes.

Is this really vanessa?


She pulled the trigger, ready to end his life…

“Vanessa stop”,I said and she turned to look at me.

“he deserves to die donald, he deserves it”,she replied.

I can see the urge for revenge boiling in her eyes.

“this is not right”,I said, as I walked towards her, in the hope of taking the gun away from her.

“donald……if you another step….I will instantly regard you as an enemy…and I will…kill you….alongside with him”,she said.

I took a step forward.

“don’t DARE me donald, don’t DARE me”,she yelled as she shot the bottle close to me.

“this time, i aimed at the bottle close to you, the next you…will be you”,she replied, pulled the trigger, and pointed at Richard’s forehead.

“like I said vanessa, this ain’t right. If you kill him, it means the both of you are the same, you guys are MURDERERS”,I said, and she stated at ms with her bloodshot eyes.


This word stung like a Ber.

I don’t want to he a murderer, but at the same time, this bastard cannot go scot free.

“you will lice a painful life……….you see this legs of yours, you won’t use them again”,I said.

I shot his two legs countless times, he was pleading and bleeding profusely.

After I shot him to my satisfaction, I threw the gun and walked inside the hospital

Kelvin was awake.

“aunt, what about mum, and dad?”,he asked.

How will tell this little kid that their parents are no more.

🔞Episode seventeen🔞


I stared at the little boy waiting anxiously for my reply.

“my dear…..uhmn…..your mum and dad has……gone on a trip”,I said.

“when will they come back?”,he asked.

“uhmn…..they….are….never coming back”,I replied.

“but…why?”,he asked.

“because they want to rest. They are really tired okay?”,I said, and he nodded.

Soon, a nurse barged in.

“you are miss vanessa right?”,she asked.

“yes, what’s the matter?”,I asked, standing up.

“uhmn……your attention is needed now….come with me”,she said, and ran.

I followed her swiftly.

We got to the next ward, and she entered.

“this little gal have been screaming *mama, mama*, is her mum alive?”,the nurse asked.

“no, she died today”,I replied, ad tears rolled down my cheeks.

“if she continues like this, she might enter a coma”,the nurse said and left.

I sat down close to Rosa, I can’t afford to loose anyone again.

Life is so unfair..

Because of me and my actions, these kids lost their parents…..

I am a monster………

I held her hands.

“it’ll be okay dear”,I assured.

I bent down and cried, then I later realised she had calmed down.

All she needed was attention and love.

I called the doctor to attend to her, then I went to check on the workers.

I checked on others, remaining cherry.

I got to her ward and all sorts of gadgets were connected to her body.


She looked at me.

“are you okay?”,I asked, and she nodded.

“thanks….for……saving ….our life”,she muttered weakly.

“no, thank you guys, for being with me. I put you through all these mess”,I replied.

“get some rest”,I added and left.

📝Two months later📝

The burial of my aunt and uncle was a tough one, Rosa and kelvin wouldn’t stop crying, and asking for their parents.

Luckily, nelson helped me, he bought them toys and all sorts of things, and it calmed them down..

The workers were back on their feet, and the company was progressing.

Nelson and I aren’t getting along well.

We always argue and quarrel.

…………….back to reality.

I rounded up my work in the office, nelson had left already cause he had something important to do, well every Thursday.

I went to cherry’s office, and waited for her, so we would go together.

“has he……you know”,cherry said as she packed her things.

“i don’t know cherry….you have started with this topic again”,I retorted.

“come on gal, he has drilled me. He drilled me the first day of work,and you have been working here for two months, and he hasn’t laid a finger on you?”,she asked.

“hmmn…well am a different person”,I replied, smiling.


I went to Donald’s office to drop some files, he was sleeping on the couch.

I dropped the files on Tue table, and walked to where he was sleeping.

I bent down, to take a god look at him, but he dragged me forward, and we shared s light kiss.


“hey girlie, what are you thinking about?”,cherry asked, bringing me out of my thoughts.

“huh?”,I said.

“i said let’s go”,she replied.

“oh”,I replied, and we left.

🔞Episode eighteen🔞


Am still surprised that Donald hasn’t drilled her yet, even though I can feel the love between them.

I will make them get together.

That’s the least I can do, to make her happy.

She has gone through a lot.

We waled out of Tue company, holding hands and discussing random things.

Then out of no where, a car stopped in front of us.

“hey, come in, lemme drop you guys”,a guy said.

Wow! This guy is handsome.

“come on, besides, there are no cab available”,i whispered to vanessa who was a bit unsure.

We both entered.

“hi, am Edmond, what can I call you pretty damsels?””,he asked.

“oh, am cherry and she is vanessa”,I said.

“wow, such nice names”,he complimented.

“thanks”,I muttered, blushing.

“uhmn…vanessa you’ve not spoken, are we quarrelling?”,he asked.

Vanessa just kept mute.

“oh, she is shy type”,I said, just to cover up.


I didn’t even want to speak.

Then, a message popped in

💬pls vanessa, I need you to go to the office, and get dome files for me, they are really important…………..from Donald.

This guy is just so……

💬i can’t.

💬pls….I need that file NOW.

💬fine,I’ll be there.

“i need to come down here”,I said.

“what happened?”,cherry whispered, and I showed her the text.

“I’ll come with you”,she whispered.

“no need to stress yourself”.

He dropped me, but cherry insisted, and came down also.

We didn’t find any cab, so we walked all the way back to the office.

On reaching, three men on black approached us.

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  • Jesus Christ!!! May God safe them from those guys on black suit o, I know that’s Richards handwork, she should’ve handed him over to the police after everything.

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