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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 5


Suddenly, the lights went out.

Before I could blink my eyes, vanessa was on top of me.

“get off”,I whispered softly.

“am scared of the dark”,she replied, shivering.

What is this?

What kind of temptation is this?

“pls….get….off”,I said, as I struggled to pull her away from me, but her grip was too tight.

I turned on my lamp, so this will stop.

She suddenly adjusted.

“sorry”,she muttered.

“its okay”,I replied.

After an hour.

The rain suddenly reduced, and the lights were back on.

Seems she is already fast asleep.

Gosh!what kind of temptation is this?

I covered her with a duvet, and slept on the couch.

🌇The next day🌇

I woke up, and she was still fast asleep.

“wake up”,I said, tapping her gently.

“wake up, wake up, WAKE UP”,I yelled and she sprang up from the bed.


I woke up, staring at the face peering at me.

“what were you trying to do, huh?”,I asked.

“i was just try…

“you were truing to kiss me, right?”,I half yelled.

“no, I wasn’t, I was just….

“what can I expect. You ate just like other men, who try to take advantage of women”,I yelled.

I went to the other room, freshened up, and wore my clothes.

I left immediately.

What can of man is he?

First, he will act like a gentle man, next he turns to a wolf.


I boarded a cab home, and no one was at home.

I quickly changed and left to the office.

I got there, cherry was pacing anxiously.

“finally, what took you so long?”,she asked, as she saw me.

“is anything the matter?”,I asked.

“sir Donald just fired Richard, but not after Richard blurting out a lot of rubbish about you”,Chery said.

“Huh?”,I asked.

“am serious, also, Richard shot sir Donald on his legs, though he was aiming for his chest”,cherry replied.

“what? Where is sir Donald?”,I asked.

“he was taken to the hospital”,cherry replied.


All these happened at these short time?

🔞Episode thirteen🔞


I got to the office, and asked Richard to show in my office immediately.

He didn’t show up, so I went to his office,and yelled at him.

This brought the attention of other workers.

He blurted out a lot of things about vanessa, and I had to slap him, so he will shut up.

He brought out a gun, and aimed at my chest, but I quickly hit it, and it shot my leg.

I was taken to the nearest hospital.

📝20 minutes later📝

I saw Jessica, as she barged in.

“are you 9kay?”,we both asked at the same time.

“i should be asking you that”,she said.

“i heard…….am sorry, its all mg fault…….this was the reason why I didn’t want you to get involved”,she replied.

“now that am already involved will you explain it to me?”,I asked.

“no….when the time is right”,she replied.


Soon, I was discharged.

She drove me home.

Men, she is such a crazy driver.

She helped me to my room, and in the process, she fell on me, our lips touched.

“sorry”,we both said

“uhmn……..I’ll handle things at the office”,she said ans left.


That was a really awkward moment.

I boarded a cab to the office, and everywhere was disorderly.

I saw cherry lying on the floor, blood all over.

“cherry, cherry”,I shook, and she opened her eyes weakly.

“leave now……leave now…..he’s here”,she said weakly.

“i can’t go without you cherry, and who is here?”,I asked.

“me”,someone said

Damn this bullshit.

Richard again???

“why are you doing this?”,I asked, still holding cherry.

“cause I want you, either you agree to my demand, or else…..

He brought out a gun and pointed at cherry.

“I’ll end her life now”,he replied.

🔞Episode fourteen🔞


“what……..are……..his demands?”,cherry asked weakly, but I totally ignored.


Thus guy is getting me upset, or is it because I haven’t brought out the demon in me???

“okay fine, I’ll grant your request”,I replied and stood up.


I walked seductively over to him, and landed a kiss on his cheeks, rubbing his chest as well.

I stylishly took the gun off his hands, while romancing him.

I then used my knee to hit his d*ck while he fell to he floor.

I pointed the gun at him.

“one move, and I blow your head”,I said.

He laughed.

“you are a weakling! You wouldn’t even dare pull the trigger”,he said mockingly.


I pulled the trigger and shot his head.

“don’t you ever underestimate the power of a woman”,I replied.

He groaned in pain.

I called the police and he was taken away.

I called the ambulance to take all the injured workers to the hospital, including the security men.

I need rest.

Today was a long day.

I got home, and the lights were off.

I turned on the lights to see……..

Everyone was shot.

Oh my God!

I checked my aunt and uncle, and they were not breathing again.

Oh my gosh😟😟

I called the ambulance, the children were breathing, but it seems they will not make it.

The ambulance arrived, and they were taken away.

It must be him again, richard.

I went to the police station, and I asked them for richard, but they said he escaped.

Richard, for involving my family into this, this is my promise.


🔞Episode fifteen🔞


After an hour of waiting, the doctor came out….

“doctor, are they alright? Will they be OK?”,I asked curiously.

“uhmn…..well, the kids survived, but….

“but what doctor? Speak”,I half yelled.

“calm down…… sorry, but they both died”,the doctor replied.

“NO, doctor pls keep trying…..pls doctor”,I pleaded, but he shook his head and walked away.

I fell to the floor and cried my ass out.


“child……this is my advice…….to…you…..don’t ever…..appear weak……..devour your devourers…… are a gal, but……you are stronger than you think…….fight for your right”,my mum said, and gave up the ghost.

My dad then had a heart attack, and died right there, leaving me all alone in this miserable world.


Then all of a sudden, a violent spirit came upon me…..🙄

I went home, and changed my clothes.

I wore a black trouser and a black tight shirt.

I always had this, but have never used them….

I picked up the gun, and tuck it in my trousers.

Am ready…..


I walked outside, with a look of frustration.

I went to the office, and found all available information about Richard.

First, I went to his house, he wasn’t there, I went to the bar, the casino, the beach, then finally, I went to the hospital where my kids were

I saw him, trying to enter Kelvin’s ward, and kidnap him.

As he turned with my little boy in his hands, I pointed the gun at him….

“drop….him”,I said slowly.


“SHUT UP”,I yelled.

I landed him three hog slaps.

“you wanna try another of your tricks huh?”,I said.

I called the goons I asked to wait outside.

They both came in.

“take him outside…..I don’t want my nephew to see this”,I replied, and they took him outside.

I ordered them to bring out his d*ck.

“use the toothpick and f*ck that d*ck of his, it would be fast and painful”,I replied.

They started, and he was bleeding, but it didn’t touch me at all.

“leave him”,I commanded, and they left him immediately.

“now say your last prayers”,I told him, as I pointed the gun at him.

“pls….I don’t ever….

“shut up! People like you can never repent, you deserve to die, and since you don’t want to say your last prayers, you will die ………but slowly”,I said and shot his legs.

I shot the other legs..

I shot his hands, then his other hands…

“now say good bye to this world, am even doing you a favour by ending your pains”,I said, and pulled the trigger, aiming for his head.


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  • Nice move Vanessa!! Bravo!!! Sorry for your loss. He thought that its only him that can pull the trigger, let him rest in pieces. Nonsense and ingredients!!

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