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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 4


I was feeling horny, so I called a slut to f*ck me in my office.

She walked in, looking s£xy as ever, and catwalks toward me.

She got to here I sat, and wiggled her b*tt on my face.

I grabbed it, and pressed it, while she let out a slight m0an.

I dragged the bum short she was wearing down, to reveal her soft a**.

I placed my face in my middle and anal fvcked her with my tongue.

I removed the bum short completely, playing with her cl*ts.

I fingered her lightly, and she let out a koan.

Like a pro, she unhooked my trousers and brought out my hard d*ck.

She licked the edges, and my balls, before placing my d*ck into her mouth.

She moved her head up and down, sucking my d*ck.

I pushed her further, until she could go no more.

I dragged her up, and removed her top and Br* revealing her b**bs.

I sucked her b**bs one after the other, squeezing her butt as well.

I then placed my d*ck into her p*ssy, screwing in and out like my life depends on it.

The door cracked open, and vanessa cake into light.

“uhmn…….I….I must have……uhmn……here…is the files”,vanessa said, dripped the files on the table and ran out.



“baby, is she one of your sluts?”,the bitch asks.

“Get out!”,I yelled aggressively.

She dressed up in fear and left.

I dressed properly, and walked to Vanessa’s office.

She was packing her things to go home.

“look…..whatever you saw in there was…..

“and did I ask?”,she retorted.

“i was just…..

“you owe me no explanation, we are not dating, or anything of that sort”,she replied.

She finished packing her things.

“should I drop you? Its late. You won’t find any…..

“no thank you”,she replied and left.

She is just so stubborn!

I arranged my office and walked out.


As I left, immediately I stepped out of the gate, a cab stopped in front of me.

Before I would understand what was going on, two men came out, and covered my face with a handkerchief, and I blacked out….

I opened my eyes slowly and found myself in a different environment.

I was tied to something, which I could not see…

My hands were not tied together, even my legs too, and I was in the air.

“who……why am I here?”,I half yelled.

Then someone showed up.

Who could it be?

🔞Episode eleven🔞


She thinks that she will get away so easily.

I promised myself that will f*ck her, and definitely, I will.

I sent some goons to kidnap her, which they did.

They brought her to an abandoned ware house.

“who…..why am I here?”,she asked, half yelling.

I decided to reveal myself to her.

“you forgot me so soon?”,I asked, as I walked to where she was tied up.

“am gonna f*ck you hard baby”,I replied.

“you?…..what’s your problem?”,she asked.

“just give me what I need, and I will leave your life for good, but with the way am seeing it, you are not ready to give me what I want willingly, so I’ll just have to take it by force, besides, am not the first guy to taste it”,I replied.

“you won’t understand…..I don’t……

“you don’t what? Am I not handsome enough? Or do you think you won’t enjoy it?”,I asked.

“you……you don’t get me…..I don’t want it okay?”,she said.

“enough talking, more f*cking”,I said, and touched her pvssy.

“its not w€t”,I said, as I shifted her panties and fingered her roughly.

“HELP”,she screamed.

“scream all you want baby, no one will here you”,I replied, and smirked.

I unbuttoned her shirt, and unhooked her Br*.

Just take a look at this b**bs, massive and….

Am short of words.

“HELP”,she screamed louder than ever.

Now, her scream is threatening, what if someone come?

I tied her mouth with my hanky.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain on my head, and I fell to the floor.

With the little energy left in me, I turned to see who the intruder was.


When I get better, I will teach this bastard a lesson.

I blacked out!


I walked outside, and saw a cab leaving, but a gal’s hair was flaying out of the window.

It must be vanessa, but why would she seat like that??

I followed the cab behind slowly, but it won’t get suspicious.

They got to an abandoned warehouse, and parked far away from it.

They came down, carried the gal inside the warehouse.

The other looked around to see if anyone was watching.

I came down from my car, and snicked up.

One goon had entered inside while the other patrolled outside.

I pocked up a stick and struck the goon Oj the head, then I dragged his body to the bushes.

The other came out, looking for the first goon, then I hit him too, and dragged his body close to his friend.

I waited to see if there were more, but no one came.

I heard someone shout help twice.

It sounds like vanessa.

I quickly but sneakily ran in, and saw Richard.

Him again?

I used the stick to hit his head.

I feel sorry for vanessa.

She saw me, and lowered her head, crying bitterly.

I walked over to her, untied her, and covered her.

She looked at me, but couldn’t say anything, then finally.

“thanks”, she muttered softly.

We entered my car.

“so…..uhmn….where do you live?”,I asked, pretending not to know.

“just drop me………….I’ll manage”,she replied.

“and where did that land you just now?”,I asked.

She looked at me, and kept mute for a while.

“#7 day street”,she blurted out.

I drove there, and she same down.

The front and back door was locked, and even her window was locked.

She sat in the stairs in their front door.

“you can go”,she said, facing downwards.

“uhmn…… can come and sleep in my house for the night, and then leave in the morning”,I said, and she stared at me.

“why are you even helping me?”,she asked.

“i would have done the same if it was another person”,I replied.


We got to my home, and I alighted from the car.

“you leave here alone?”,she asked.

“well……….yes”,I replied, and she stared at me in awe.


Hope this guy is not planning something crazy!

So, only the both of us will be in this huge house?

we both walked in.

He took me upstairs.

“here is where you’ll sleep for the night”, he said.


Thus room is huge.

Its like the whole of our house.

I jumped on the King sized bed.

Wow, so comfy.

I entered the bathroom.


This jacuzzi is nice.

I freshened up, tying only a towel, then he opened the door, and quickly covered his eyes.

“uhmn……all I wanted to say is…………if you need anything, am in the room close to yours”,he said and left.

This guy is up to something.

It just reminds me of what cherry said.

Never! It will never happen.

I wore the long t. Shirt I found.

I turned kj the TV, watching a horror movie.

All was going well until the lights went out as soon as a light thunder struck.

I ran to Donald room, and sprang on him, holding him tight.

I am so scared of the dark, geez!

Then, a heavy rainfall began.

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  • Lol…Now that you are carrying yourself to Donald’s, hope it will end well??? Donald is like a guardian angel to Vanessa. Whenever she’s in trouble, Donald always arrive on time to rescue her.

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