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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 3


Truth be told, even though her certificate were not worth it, I would have still given her the job.

I called through my landline, and asked cherry to come.

Some seconds later, she arrived.

She looked at vanessa in a way I can’t explain.

And yes, I have f*cked her before.

I don’t f*ck a person twice.

“cherry, she is…vanessa….my new secretary, take her with you, and teach her all the things she need to know”,I said, and she winked at me.

Now I feel irritated around her.

She left with vanessa, while I continued my work.


I followed the lady named cherry, and she has staring at me in an awkward manner.

“do you have something you want to say to me?”,I asked, getting pissed off with the way she is looking at me.

“you must be happy right?”,she asked.

“and if I may ask, why?”,I asked back.

“you know…..working as His secretary”,she replied.

“what do you mean?”,I asked, getting confused.

“the…..uhmn……f*ck and all”,she said in form of a whisper.

“f*ck? He f*cks?”,I whispered back.

“yeah…….all his past secretary had been f*cked by him”,she whispered.

“well, am an exception”,I replied and she burst out laughing.

“we shall see”,she said amidst laughter.

She taught me all I needed to know, and it wasn’t so hard after all.

I was shown my office, and damn! this office is huge.

I sat on my lounge, sipping coffee ans eating some toast bread.

Now this is life!

I better stop stripping……..

Soon, I heard a slight knock on my door.

“come in”,I replied.

As I looked up to see who it was, I was shocked to my bone marrow.

🔞Episode eight🔞


I saw when that slut walked in here.

I am Richard, a handsome guy, f*ck bitches on skirt.

I met this Bitch in the club, she is a stripper, so I took her to a room.

After tuning me, I was about screwing in her, she just stopped me an walked out.

What the f*ck!

I was so devastated, no bitch does that to me, so I promised myself that if I ever see her, I will definitely f*ck her to stupor.

I finally saw her.

I knocked gently in her office.

Oh! Secretary huh? I will first f*ck her before the boss does.

Immediately she saw me, her jaws dropped.

With the look on her face, she remembers me very well.

“do you remember me?”,I asked,as I shut the door behind me.

“what……do you want….how….did you find me here?”,she asked, stammering.

“too much questions baby girl. One at a time. I work here, does that answer your questions?”,I asked.

“leave…..I work here too”,she replied.

I walked over to her, and darted backwards, and fell on the couch.


I climbed on her and……..


He climbed on me and tore my clothes.

He unhook my Br* giving him full access to my round b**bs.

I struggled to break loose, as well as trying to scream to help, but it comes out muffed cause he covered my mouth with his hands.

He forcefully kissed me, while I shifted my face.

He fumbles my b**bs while tears were flowing down my cheeks.

I tried moving my legs, but couldn’t, his body was weighing me down.


I used my hands to hit him on the head.

I searched with my hands to find anything worth using.

Luckily, I found a glass cup.

I broke the glass on his head, and he fell down, holding his head.

He was bleeding.

I quickly removed his jacket off his body to cover my self.

Soon, cherry walked in, she was astonished.

“sweetie, what happened?”,cherry asked.

“he…..tried to take advantage of me”,I replied, crying.

She hugged me tight, then went out to get some clothes.

“if I get fired, I will expose you as the b*tch you are, the stripper”,he said.

What the f*ck!

🔞Episode nine🔞


I came out of my office, about going to query vanessa for not picking my calls.

I saw cherry walking towards Vanessa’s office with a cloth in her hand.

What will she be doing with that?

“cherry”,I called out and she walked up to me.

“yes sir”,she answered.

“where are you heading to with that cloth in your hand?”,I asked.

“oh….it seems Richard was up to no good. He tried to take advantage of the new secretary, vanessa”,she replied.


I walked angrily to the office, and saw vanessa sitting on the couch.

With the way everything was arranged, it looks as if nothing ever happened.

“wow….uhmn….am totally confused”,cherry blurted out.

Richard walked in with a bandage on his head.

“what happened to you?”,I asked suspiciously.

“oh….miss uhmn vanessa here misunderstood me. I was trying to help, her cloth was stuck to a nail, so she thought I was trying to take advantage of her, and she hit me with a bottle”,he replied.

Something is fishy.

“then how come she is wearing your jacket?”,I asked.

“oh …….when he told me to stay still while he helped me, I refused, and in that process….. Uhmn……my clothes got torn”,vanessa replied.


Something is wrong somewhere!

Her voice…….she sounds really nervous.

She is hiding something.

“okay then, miss vanessa, to my office immediately after you change”,I said and went back to my office.

I went to my office and played the CCTV footage.


Richard also knows?

But how?

I need to find out.


He threatened to spill the beans to my family, I can’t risk that.

I had to lie!

I quickly changed, and knocked softly at sir Donald’s office.

“come in”,he muttered

I walked in slowly, and he stared at me with a look of disappointment.

Am confused.

“take these files, go through them, if there are any errors, correct them. I want these files ready by tonight”,he replied, and I took the files and left.

I have been working non-stop, and am really exhausted.

Finally, am through.

I gathered the files and walked to the office.

I knocked gently and walked in.




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