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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 2


✍️written by princess✍️

🔞Episode four🔞


Am still confused!

I heard someone let out a muffed scream, so I checked, and behold the guy was trying to take advantage of her.

I f*ck, yes!

But I don’t force them, they give it to me willingly.

As the guy fell down because of the hit on his head, I looked at the face of the victim.

What the f*ck!

This gal???

She is the stripper I saw last night that entered a room with a guy.

I saw it clearly, i was in the club that night, while having fun with my friends.


This makes with want to know more.

I wanna know her.

But how?

I watched as she walked out.


She has all the curves needed in a woman.

I follows her swiftly behind.

I saw her talk to some group of people, and they waved at her while she left.

I walked up to those people.

“hey, xup”,I greeted.

“hey”,the guy said.

“hi”,the girl said.

“so, uhmn, that gal….uhmn…..the one that talked to you guys just now and left”,I said, hoping they react nicely.

“oh, that’s our baby gal, vanessa. You wanna drill her?”,the asked.

“well, not quite, but, I just know her, maybe make her my friend”,I replied and they laughed.

“is not easy bro, that gal is too holy for that. She doesn’t make friends, we are lucky to be friends a with her”,the gal replied.

What did that just say???


“did you say holy? Holy as in how?”,I asked.

“she doesn’t do all those drilling and stuff”,the gal replied.

What the f*ck!

Am pretty sure, I saw her yesterday, a stripper.

I really wanna know this gal, and what’s going on!


I got home upset.

I didn’t let aunt or her children see me in that state, so I followed my window, and changed quickly.

I came out through my window, and then passed through the front door.

“am back”,I said, smiling.

“sis, sis”,Rosa said happily and ran to me.

I carried her up, and kissed her forehead.

“you promised to take us out to the beach”,kelvin said, as he walked up to me.

“yes dear, let’s go now, to the beach, beach, beach we go”,I replied.

I took them to their room and changed their clothes.

We all walked outside, and I locked the doors and put the keys in my purse.

I have money, you know where I got them from.

We took a cab to the beach, and on the way, I bought them ice cream.

We got there, and we were having so much fun until…….

“hey bitch”,someone called out.

🔞Episode five🔞


These guys, James and mia, told me where she stays.

I got to the address, and I saw her coming out with two kids of about 10 years.

They both held her hands, and boarded a cad.

I didn’t let her see me.

I entered my car and followed th cab behind swiftly.

They got to the beach and came down.

I sat by and watched.

They were having a lot of fun, when someone called out.

“hey bitch”,a guy said.

She turned slowly to look at the intruder.

“me?”,she asked.

“yeah you bitch, I wanna f*ck”,the guy said.

“our sister is not a bitch”,the gal said.

“sharrap, what do you know?…..your s£xy sis over her is a ………..

“are you mad?”,I shouted, and threw a punch at him.

I can’t let those little kids hear such about their sister.

If she didn’t tell her own friends, then…….

“hey dude, don’t worry, we can share her”,the guy said.

I threw another punch at him.

He looked at me, confused.

“hey, she’s not your property, why are you punching me?”,the guy asked.

“GET LOST”,I yelled

He stared at me for some secs, and then left.

I looked at vanessa who’s mood had already turned pale.

She was in the verge of tears, but she controlled her self.

“sorry sis, but what was that man trying to say?”,the little boy asked.

“uhmn….child….the man mistook her for someone else”,I replied.

The kids ran to the other side and was playing..

“thanks”,she muttered softly.

“its no problem, but please, tell me…..

“pls, don’t make your help look as if you are expecting something in return. Its my life, why are you trying to interfere”,she half yelled and walked away.

I must definitely know what’s going on.


I was so embarrassed and ashamed, I did nor even know what to say.

The guy did all the talking, but why is he spoiling his good works with such question?

I walked away, and stood at another side, but he came there.

“whats your problem? Why are you following me?”,I asked, getting pissed off.

I started walking away when he said something.

“i saw you yesterday night in the club”,he said, and I stopped on my tracks and turned to him.

“i……I don’t know what you are talking about”,I denied, ans walked away before he spills more.

I took the kids home.

🔞Episode 6🔞


I took the kids home.

As they were about to enter the house, I called them back.

“rosa, kelvin”,I called out, and they ran to where I stood.

“you know, as you go in, whatever that happened today, let it be our little secret, okay?”,I asked, and they nodded, demonstrating their lips sealed.


I walked inside.

“good evening, aunt, uncle”,I greeted politely.

“yes dear, go and freshen up, dinner is ready”,aunt replied, and I walked inside my room.

I freshened up and walked to the dining.

I sat down while aunt served dinner.

We all ate in silence, till I broke it.

“aunt, uncle, I want to get a job”,I said, and they paused and looked at me.

“dear, no don’t need to get…..

“i do aunt, in as much as you guys are really helping, I want to be independent”,I said, cutting my aunt short.

“okay dear, we understand. If you insist”,my uncle said.

“thanks you”,I said, finished eating, gathered the plates and washed them.

🌇The next day🌇

I dressed up, am out to get a proper job, maybe, I will quit being a stripper.

I searched and searched, but all they wanted was my virginity and pride in order to get a job.

I don’t want that way.

I sat down close to the road side, tired and frustrated.

I got no money cause I didn’t strip last night.

“hey, mind if I give you a ride?”,someone asked, and I looked up to see the guy that helped me yesterday.

I sighed and stood up, walking away, while he followed slowly.

“what do you want from me?”,I asked.

“with the way you look, it seems as if you are looking for a job, you can come and work as my secretary in my company”,he said

“no thanks”,I replied, still moving.

“i am not giving you the job like that, I’ll first check your certificate and see if you are worth it!”,he replied, and I paused.

I badly need a job, but why must it be him?

“okay”,I replied, and entered his car.

We got to a huge, magnificent company.

“this is my company”,he said, driving inside.


He is young and wealthy.

He alighted and I followed him behind.

we took the elevator to his office.

He took my papers, and began going through it.

“its okay, you got the job, you can start now”,he replied.

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