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Stripper – Season 1 Episode 10 [Completed]



Finally, my plan worked , my job is done.

We all clapped and cheered.


Everyone clapped, including Juliet, which made me shocked.

“whats going on here?”,I asked, totally confused.

Cherry walked up to me.

“bae, finally. Our plan worked”,she said, and hugged me.

“what plan? Can someone tell me what’s going on here?”,I asked.

“I’ll tell you”,cherry said and explained.

then donald explained his part, and same did juliet.

“so you guys tricked me into confessing my feeling?”,I said, and they all nodded.

They all sat down.

Donald handed me a flower.

He then brought out a diamond ring..

“nessa, will you marry me?”,he asked.

Gosh! Am blushing right now.

“of course. Yes, I will”,I replied happily, as he slipped the ring into my fingers.

I hugged him happily as he swooped me off the floor and turned me round.


Everyone enjoyed themselves, donald and I danced and had fun.


Everyone left, and donald took me to his room.

He dropped me gently on the bed and pulled landed soft kisses on my lips.

I wrapped my hands and legs round him, and he kissed me deeply.

He trailed kisses down my necks.

He unzipped my gown, and unhooked my Br*.

He fumbled my b**bs, s*cking on the right, while fumbling the left.

He moved to my belly button.

“are you sure you want this?”,he asked, and I nodded.

He removed my p*nties, and fingered me softly.

He bring out his d*ck and moved in softly.

He reached his climax.



I can’t believed this!

Nessa is a virgin!

I took her virginity

I looked at her, and she looked away shyly.

I helped her to the bath tub, and cleaned her up.

I removed the bed sheet, and put new ones.

I helped her back to the bed, and she slept peacefully.

🔞Episode twenty eight🔞


💐The next day💐

I woke up, Donald wasn’t in bed.


Yesterday was awesome.

I enjoyed ever bit of it.

I freshened up and walked downstairs.

“kelvin, rosa”,I called out.

They both ran to me.

“yesterday, we had fun, we played, and went to the beach, park”,rosa listed.

Where is donald?

I walked to the kitchen, and he was there, looking as handsome as ever.

I leaned at the door, drooling.

“stop drooling”,he said to my surprise..

“am…not…am….not drooling”,I defended, and he turned with a smirk on his face.

“yeah you are, don’t deny it”,he said.

“alright fine, you caught me”,I said, and he smiled.

“lemme take it from here”,I said and entered the kitchen.

I stood in front of him, and continued cutting the vegetables.

He held me from behind, and I rested on him.

“i love you”,he whispered to my ear, and I smiled.

I turned to him and wrapped my arms around his neck

“well for your information, am in love with someone else”,I replied, and he stated at me in shock.

“who?”,he asked, as jealousy formed in his eyes.

“am in love with……my boss”,I replied and he smiled

“naughty girl”,he said playfully.

I hugged him tight.


It feels good to be loved and to be in love.


I can’t wait for nelson to finally propose to me.

I think its now!

He called me, and I picked.

He asked me to come to a park.

I got there, and he waved at me.

“hi”,I greeted.

“hi, how are you?”.

“am fine thank you”.

I sat down besides him.

We chatted and played like kids, and it was so much fun, but the sad part is, he didn’t propose to me.

Anyways, I pray it occurs soon.

By the ways, Vanessa’s wedding is coming up in a week’s time.

I can’t wait.


✍️Written by princess✍️

🔞Episode twenty nine🔞


Even though I have fallen in love with cherry, I don’t know how to ask her out.

I mean, she’s cool and sweet.


I heard a lot of disapproving things about her, but she hasn’t done any of those as far as am concerned.

For example, I heard she demands s*x from any guy she likes.

Or is it that she doesn’t like me?

No, she definitely does!

I drove her back to her apparent, and i alighted and open the door for her.

“bye”,she said, as she came down.


I stared at her for a moment, and my eyes darted ro her pinky puffy lips.

I pulled her by the waist, and planted a kiss on her lips.

She reciprocated, and then released softly.

She stared at me for a while, and left.

Hope I didn’t mess up!


I can’t believe he kissed me.

I mean, he really likes.

Pls lord, let him propose to me soon.


I took nessa put on a date, and we had so much fun.

We went to the beach and had a lot of fun, but I was upset, so I frowned all through.

“whats wrong, you have been frowning ever since”,she said, touching my cheeks.

“why do you have to brings the kids?”,I asked childishly.

“cause I love them more”,she replied.

She has come with her prank again.

I laid on the sand, and she tried pulling me up, but instead, I dragged her down.

“i planted a kiss on her forehead.

“don’t say that, I know you love me more”,he replied.

We had a lot of fun.


Donald and I were having a lot of fun, that we didn’t realise the kids were to where to be seen.

“donald the kids”,I said worriedly.

“they must be around”,he replied, patting my hair.

“no donald, they are not here. Come on, let’s search for them”,I said, and we searched the whole beach, but they were no where to be seen.

We asked people, and they said they saw them playing, until we met a man and asked him.

“i saw them, two men took them away. I didn’t say anything cause I thought they can with them”,the man said.

We searched around.

“donald the tracker”,I remembered.

We put trackers on their watches, so as long as the watch is with them, we can trace where they are.

He checked, and they were moving, that means they are in a car.

We followed immediately, and it landed in an abandoned building.

We slowly peeped, and saw our kids tied up.

No one was there.

We walked in, and untied them.

“hands in the air now”,a familiar voice said

We looked and



“you again, I should have known better, that people like you can never change”,donald said.

“well, it seems you guys forgot me so soon”,he said, and u spar out.

He orders his men to tie us up, which they did.


I called nessa to share the good new with her, but she wasn’t picking her calls.

That strange, she always picks.

She picked after the twenty call, but then just a muffed sound, and it hung up.

Something is not right, I tracked down the number through the cops, and they found it.

I took the cops there, and found that bastard, Richard.

He was arrested and put behind bars, but we later got news that he tried to escape, so he was shot dead.

Well, it serves him right!


✍️Written by princess✍️

🔞Episode thirty🔞


After that kiss, I am finally ready to confess my feelings before it would be too late

I bought the ring, decorated a restaurant and bought the whole restaurant for a day.

I called cherry over, to meet me at the restaurant.

She came looking beautiful as ever.


I got to the restaurant, and I saw nelson who signalled me to come.

I walked over to where he sat.

Seems he bought the restaurant for a day.

Maybe he will pro….lemme not get my hopes up.

As a perfect gentleman, he dragged out a chair for me to seat, which I did.

We ate and drank, seems he wanna say something, but he can’t.

“what do you wanna say?”,I asked, holding his hands.

“he knelt down before me.

“Vanessa, I love you and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?”,he asked.

I can’t believe this!

“yes nelson, I will definitely you”,I replied, and hugged him happily.

He put the ring on my finger.


He held me close, and crashed his lips on mine.

We kissed deeply, seems two wedding are going to hold on the same day.

🌹The D-day🌹

We all got to the church, the priest adjoined us.

“you may now bride”>kiss the brides”.the priest said, and we kissed.

The wedding was over, and we went for our honey moon in las Vegas.

🌺Five years later🌺


I gave birth to a girl and a boy, and maned them after my parents.

Rosa and kelvin, we sent them to a boarding school to further their education.

Donald and j lived happily ever after.

(See them, jealousy🤣)

We have finally come to the end of this heart thrilling story, and I will quickly begin another

Heart pounding story.

Expect the new one soon

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